Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Confessions {7/27}

-No confessions last week.  I forgot and didn't even have a draft post.  After sharing my crazy, my goal was a quiet week.  #DidAnyoneEvenMissMe

-Riding Mike makes me feel like a badass.  A very sweaty badass.  Why does it have to be so hottttt outside?  #summersucks

-I KEPT A SECRET FROM TEH MD-AR!!!  It was about going to visit her in Raleigh.  It was totally worth keeping the secret.  #masterplanner

-I wasn't willing to let Teh German drive on the way back to CHS because I was behind an SUV that may have resembled a police SUV and people were getting out of their way AND they were going fast so we were making some awesome progress (Hello 25 over the speed limit).  If the SUV would have gotten off the interstate, I would have let Teh German drive.  #muchfastmustgo

-I was pretty harsh with Teh German on Sunday morning because he had a bad attitude mostly from not sleeping well.  Yeah well, I didn't sleep well either and Meri didn't just wake YOU up with her barking and you're not the only one who is hot and tired, so suck it up and "stop taking out your frustrations on me because I didn't do anything to you."  He later apologized while we were driving back home.  Personally, it was already a bit late for that, since his bad attitude and my stress about Phil forced me to rush through campus, but I let it go.  #Imnottheproblem

-I really wanted a new NC State sweatshirt because several reasons.  1.  The one I have is from 2004.  It's not as cozy as it used to be and it's super stained because it is white.  2.  I have a grey one, but it's not my favorite.  I told Teh German I was willing to trade in both NC State hoodies I have for a new one.  Not that he overly care about my clothing situation since closet space is not an issue, but I like to justify myself, just in case. #NCSU #GoPack

-I was very annoyed on Friday when I watched our data climb from 70-75% (in the morning) used to 90% (at bedtime) used.  Teh German had apparently forgotten that we were going out of town over the weekend and we'd need data for GPS and it wouldn't reset until the morning of the 24th.  He might have spent the ENTIRE DAY on Instagram and Facebook on Friday.  I still can't understand how he can blow through data like that.. or how he finds endless shit to look at.  I did also drop the "you're not the only one on this plan" line because I was so annoyed that I'd have to skimp on data use because he has to check his instagram feed no less than 15 times a day and watch every single motorcycle video that he possibly can.  #somuchrage #firstworldproblems #datawoes #sharingiscaring

-The above problem is why I didn't bother to upgrade our data plan when Verizon rolled out new plans.  It doesn't matter how much data we have, Teh German would use it.  Rollover data would just be a challenge for him.  Explaining to him that we don't have to use it?  Fruitless.  #ImissUnlimitedData

-I took a nap in my car before work yesterday morning.  I wish I could figure out why I am so exhausted.  I didn't really sleep, but I was lucid dreaming, which is always creepy/cool.  #sotired

-I had a serious case of the Mondays and then this happened:

If that is too difficult (small) to decipher, I posted: "There are not enough cute dog pics to get through this day. I'm not 100% on that, but it's quite possible."  Then, my awesomest FB friends took it as a challenge and smattered my post with dog pictures.  It was amazing and it definitely helped me tolerate fucktardary at work.

-Running with Teh German is generally more enjoyable than running on my own.  Also, it helps that he makes me feel guilty for laying in bed since accountability is a thing.  #accountabilitypartner

-Despite having this all drafted, I almost forgot to post it because I keep thinking it is Tuesday.  Thank Allah it is not.  I'm ready for this shit week to be over. #whyisntitFriday

-Our office is going out for lunch today.  It's not somewhere I suggested, but it will do.. especially if Company pays.  I was pleased to see that they scheduled it for 1130 instead of 12... or even 1230.  I just can't even with that late lunchtime shit.  #shameless

-Baby Reapy(s) update!  They are going to need to be repotted soon!

-So this happened:

That was originally the lid to my wok.  I think the heat from the crockpot and the coolness of the counter when it slipped from it's perch were too much for it.  It's probably also why I had zero shame tempting Teh German into going to Sesame for dinner last night.  #shattered <
-Our fridge does this annoying thing where if you don't push the handle when you close it, it may not close all the way depending on which door you opened.  This is relevant because yesterday I didn't push the handle after putting away the sandwich stuffs and when I got home, everything in the fridge was dripping or had puddles of water around it.  It is supposed to have an alarm.  It sure as fuck was NOT going off when I got home.  It's a Whirlpool appliance.  Just like the oven that Whirlpool is refusing to exchange.  #fuckWhirlpool


  1. I MISS UNLIMITED DATA TOO. I'm on a train for two hours a day and cannot survive without mindlessly scrolling through my phone - unfortunately I get that stupid message that I've used almost all of my data before the months ends. CURSES!!!!! (PS makes me laugh to read about you & Teh German bickering; #RelationshipProbs)

  2. I am getting so tempted to switch to Tmobile just to get unlimited back.

  3. Sorry you have appliance woes. Have you made any comments on their FB page or emailed corporate? #newthingsshouldwork Sesame? You have mentioned before. We need to come for a foodie visit. LOL

  4. Sorry you have appliance woes. Have you made any comments on their FB page or emailed corporate? #newthingsshouldwork Sesame? You have mentioned before. We need to come for a foodie visit. LOL

  5. I have unlimited data and they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands

  6. Months ago, I switched from a contract/plan to a prepaid. My plan is now just for me and includes enough data plus I get 10 countries that I can call free (well, included in the plan). The USA is one of those countries. So, now, when I call my mom once a week, we can chat all we want without worrying about minutes! It is silly to think a month to month plan offers a better package than a contract, but in this case, it does.
    As for missing you, I've noticed quite a few of my favorite blogger buddies have been fairly inconsistent lately. I just assume living life is more important, and that's totally fine by me.
    I spy Sally & Dolly as puppies :)

  7. use IFTTT ( to automatically switch your data to wifi as soon as you step into your house. it's an app where you can use/create your own "recipes" to trigger certain actions on your phone. i use this so it's a no brainer that when i get to work or home, the recipe kicks in and it turns my data off while turning my wifi on.

  8. OMG yes what is with guys & data?! Hubs is the same way...drives me freakin' batty. Half the time I read just to save the data plan!!!

  9. Ughhhhh data!! Haha! We have been pretty good about not going over but Chris likes to stream Pandora from his phone when he drives. Luckily is commute is way shorter than mine.

  10. Data is the bane of my exsistence. Ours is shared via four people and one person Always uses it up. Like....9.6 of 10 gigs.

    Cute puppies always make the day better.

    I am approximately a million days late on blog reading. So if this comment comes from nowhere I apologize.


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