Friday, July 8, 2016

Five on Friday #88


After dealing with a fairly horrendous sunburn from Monday's outside activities for the entire week, I am happy to report that I have survived!  Teh German and I discussed my sunburn and how if he had been the one to get burnt like I am, he wouldn't have survived.  He wouldn't have been able to function at all.  He'd have laid in bed and demanded things for sustainment until the sunburn didn't hurt anymore.  Nonetheless, every time Teh German sees my back he comments on how much it much hurt.  At least he's sympathetic.  Also he has been helpful in putting several coats of lotion on my back multiple times a day.  #bestboyfriendever

Fortunately for everyone, I was able to function, despite the pain.  Yes, it still hurts to move certain ways and if we didn't wear clothes I'd be a much happier person.  Extra good luck for me is that the strap lines on my shoulders match where my bra straps normally fall AND I wear the same type of bra every day, otherwise, I might have died.

A small peek at the deep red that is my upper back...

look at that sexy brick edging and those awesome flowers!



A super handy coworker is upcycling a dresser for us.  I'm super pumped... except about the part where I have to commit to colors.  Teh German and I automatically default to grey, but everything will be grey if we continue to being noncommittal.  I did buy blue numbers for the house and 2 different blue drawer pulls for the dresser bench.  We'll prob end up with some type of grey distress for the outsides, then blue distress for the drawers and inside of the bench.  Any color advice would be appreciated.  I've already told the coworker that if Teh German wasn't there to reign me in, it'd end up being a rainbow of colors.  She said, "Like a pride bench?"  I told her not to tease. 

Pinterest inspiration (photo from Pinterest)

in progress!


I'm having a reading dilemma.  I really want to get started on my book challenge books.. except that I'm in the middle of reading Walk in the Woods and listening to Outlander (which I'm enjoying).  I did start How to Start a Fire and Kindle says I only have 3 more hours left of reading, which is questionable since Kindle's reading estimator is usually off.  I have The Nightingale on audiobook, but I would really like to finish listening to Outlander first, except that I have 12 more hours left and that's approximately a mabillionty years in audiobook time.  If I was running, this wouldn't be such an issue because I'd be listening to audiobooks, but due to sunburn and the temperature being that of the sun, running hasn't happened.  I do have intentions to run though.  I'm so fucked if I don't get on top of my game before Disneyland with no one to blame but myself.  Audiobooks = a more consistent pace than music.

I never plan to win the book challenge, but I would like to finish all my books before Oct 31st, when the challenge ends.  Also, I want to show Goodreads what a bitch they are being by telling me I'm 4 books behind schedule.  #dontjudgeme


Things from around the internet:

If boob problems were balls problems.  (I can't find the video from Blogger in YouTube.. sorry you'll have to click the link to watch #firstworldproblems)

Weird things girls do with their boobs.  (Another video I can't find from Blogger)

Some of these Women's Logic memes are accurate.

This chart about women's clothing sizes explains the disparity.. and why Marilyn Monroe was a size 8 (ps. She wasn't by today's standards).

A blog from Oxford Dictionaries explains swearing and using fuck, without saying fuck.  I was impressed.

I made this recipe for pizza meatloaf (not as weird as it sounds) that someone on FB shared and holy moly we'll be having it again.

When we were in Germany, I found out that Teh German loves lentils.  This recipe will happen in the near future.

From my experience with my MOH dress, this article speaks all the truths.

You might be a homeowner when articles from Southern Living about properly watering your yard are interesting...


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Teh German being willing to put lotion on my overly sensitive back.
  2. Delicious dinner on Wednesday night.
  3. BBQ leftovers that I was able to freeze from the party.
  4. Clearance flowers at Lowe's.
  5. Mailing off packages (a sold textbook, Teh MD-AR's birfday package, Mrs. Reflective's redirected package)
  6. The Builder coming by the house while the oven repair guy was there to "suggest" to him what was wrong and the repair guy not even bothering to test the oven  Instead, he just put in an order for replacement parts.  #ittakesapenistomakepeoplelisten #apparently
  7. The significant decrease of pain of my sunburn on Thursday morning.
  8. Bagels for breakfast instead of smoothies (so much less prep!).
  9. My Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify
  10. Listening to Teh German tell Meri and Phil good night before he comes to bed.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Too many books overwhelm me....that's why I've decided to slow my roll when it comes to reading and only put on hold one or two books, not a million like I usually do (then they all come in at once and I have to rush to finish reading them!)

  2. Audiobooks of been my saving grace lately. It's the only way I can get through a whole book because I have so much going on and I know I can at least listen while doing the dishes or laundry. I am so sorry about the sunburn that is just terrible! I've only had a bad burn once and it was painful enough that I still remember how bad it was. And it takes a lot for me to burn I normally just turn a darker shade of tan. The flowers look amazing though!

  3. Glad the sunburn is disappearing!

    I think gray would be perfect...I also love gray though. But if you add he blue drawer pulls and then blue or white/blue cushion for the bench it wouldn't be solid gray & all of the colors would work together.

    I am also fluent in all of those languages...I wonder if I can put that on my resume...??

  4. mmmm i love lentils so i will be checking that recipe out.

    sunburn is the worst. i got a bit sunburned on the cruise and i was such a baby about it, especially when sleeping.

    i am the worst with colours. i would choose a similar colour to the pinterest inspiration because i am good at copying but not thinking on my own.

    as for books, i am so glad you are liking outlander! i couldn't commit to the audiobook because of aforementioned mabillionty hours, but i did listen to the nightingale on audiobook... which i won't say anything more about but i did love it! love love love. i only listen when working out or driving, never at home or anything. too easily distracted.

  5. Pizza meatloaf? Those are two foods I have never though to combine! Sunburn is the worst! Even with reapplying my 50 SPF multiple times per day, I managed to burn some of my chest. The most random spots too. Silly sun. Stop trying to kill me!

  6. Omg I can relate with the sunburn. I'm battling a brutal sunburn on my back and Jeff grazed his elbow on my back this morning in bed at 6 am, which caused me to jump out of bed and into the bathroom to quietly cry as to not wake him. Then he later scratched my burn with his nail rubbing lotion in. Holy shitballs. He's lucky I love him.
    Love the last meme! Hope you're doing well :-) :-) From sunny Barbados xo

  7. Flower beds look awesome!!! How about white with gray trim on the bench? It's mid century!


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