Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday #4

It's 4 day weekend Friday!!!!  WOOOOOO!!!!

I can't even tell you how unbearable excited I was when I heard we were getting a (much needed) 4 day weekend...  Truly.  I even commented to my Chief that I needed a break and he suggested I take leave and I had to remind him I took 2 days in August to help Teh Bear move up, although everyone else in my office has taken 2 weeks of leave each.  I'm hoping this weekend will leave me refreshed and ready to get back into the groove of things at work.

Onto my 5 things!


I got my hair did yesterday.  I LOVE IT!  Post to come on that adventure.  The ladies at the salon thought I was nuts with all my photos looking ridiculous.  I kept trying to explain that I was going to blog about it, but I'm not sure they understood me.  PS, perms hurt.

The grunting hedgehog is her fave.


We got a foster dog last Sunday who's name is Ruthie, but I call her Roofie because I kept accidentally calling her Rudy.  Most dogs that come into Casa de Teh Megan usually end up with several nicknames...  Not that I expect her to answer, but I often refer to her as Date Rape when she's not paying me attention cause it makes me giggle to call a dog that, then when I really want her attention, I'll say Ruthie, but most often, it's Roofie.


I really need to be doing homework right now, but I'm blogging instead.  Yeah... That open word document is glaring at me from the taskbar but it's not tempting me to actually write the 5-8 page literature review.  Reading the literature is so much better than writing about it.


The dogs really need to go on a walk.  Maybe I should do that before I write my paper.. hehehe.  I can always find a million things that need to be instead of doing homework, I forgot I had that skill.


Teh Bear and I are considering going to Annapolis/DC/Baltimore this weekend.  I have no idea what we're going to do, but I know if I don't actually plan something we're not going to go and then we're going to be disappointed we didn't go and we'll say we'll go another weekend, but this whole cycle will just repeat itself..  It's just nasty.  Any suggestions for what we could do in Annapolis (since neither of us have been there)??

Alright, it's paper time!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Notes #6

Dear Teh Bear,
On Sunday, I came home from church and you had: emptied the dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, vacuumed upstairs AND downstairs, AND gave Phil a bath.  THEN, you suggested going out for lunch instead of eating leftovers or making something.  THEN, we went and ran errands and YOU did the fetching of items while I stood guard over the buggy (yes, the buggy).  You're #1 in my book, even if you think there are "shopping carts" at stores.

This is my "they are NOT called 'shopping carts'" face.

Dear Airplay thingy+speakers+Teh Bear's iTunes,
I really enjoy how much boom the muzaks in my living room have now.  It's pretty much a jam session all the time now.  But really the most appreciation goes to Teh Bear for setting up his airplay, despite the complications.  So maybe part of it was self-serving, Teh Bear almost always has muzaks on, buttttt I've benefitted too.  Sunday, I got to listen to the new OneRepublic album, start to finish, on not-laptop speakers while I was putting away all the items from our errands.

Dear OneRepublic,
Between you and Lifehouse, it's a contest who I could listen to on repeat for longer.  When Teh Bear turned you off, I was legitimately disappointed.  I later realized that he could have played his video game with the music still playing, but I'll save that point for another day.

Dear Downy Orchid Allure fabric softener,
Since GTMO we've been BFFs.  There was that time in Bahrain where I had to use other stuff, but as soon as I could find you again, we were tighter than ever before.  After looking at 2 stores, you were not to be found.  I was so disappointed.  Truly.  Pouty face and everything.  This time I went with Snuggle's Wild Orchid and Vanilla, which Teh Bear helped pick out, so I guess it worked out.  PS.  I already miss you.


Dear Walmart,
I hadn't been into your local store in months and it was delightful.  I didn't miss the long checkout lines, the being out of items I need, etc...  Yet, you proved people shop there for a reason...  Walmart has all the things!  Dishwasher magnet that displays clean/dirty, a key duplicator (which they didn't actually have my key, so this doesn't really count), cheap ironing boards, a puncture can opener.. the list could probably go on.  The other beneficial part of going to Walmart is getting to see S.MD's finest..  Just driving through the parking lot we were privy to a woman's thong.  Coming out of the parking lot.. I found this:


Dear cupcakes in ice cream cones,
You are infinitely cuter and more delicious than normal cupcakes.  Make it funfetti cake and it's like an ice cream party but not in my mouth.  Also, you are way less mess than regular cupcakes..  Usually.  I brought you to two events this weekend.  I feel like it was my last summer cooking hoorah.

Teh Bear picked chocolate icing over purple icing.
I was disappointed, but since I had asked him, I went with his choice.

Dear pumpkin spice lattes,

Dear last Friday night guests,
It was really great having you all over!  Even if the girls lost at Cranium..  Next time we're playing a game I can definitely win.

Dear yard pumpkins,
I see you out there, turning orange!  Teh Bear says we can't eat you because of all the doggy "waste".. but doesn't that make you organic pumpkins?  Especially after how much I pay for Phil's food.. you'd think that kind of "manure" would the best kind.  IDK.  Even if there is no homemade pumpkin pie at Teh Megan's house OUR house, we'll at least have home grown pumpkins to decorate for Halloween!

That vine is out.of.control.  I'm going to be very excited to finally get it out of my yard.
My landlord was quite impressed by it though!

Dear S.MD,
I've actually been here long enough that often when I go to town, I seem to recognize someone I know.  It's strange and cool at the same time.

Dear Cards Against Humanity,
I love how hilarious you are, but I wish that we weren't always so into the game your players make silent agreements to go through the ENTIRE box PLUS 2 expansions in one night...  Holy moly.

Dear Teh Bear,
We're almost 2 weeks in and I'm still glad you're here.  That's a good sign, right?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #20

Teh Bear is such a good sport for my blogging priorities.

I think the beard actually adds something...
even though he's still making his pirate face..........

I just can't put my finger on it.


Monday, August 26, 2013

1 whole week of One Day.

Teh Bear has officially been here for a week!  It's been glorious.  So much more dishes and laundry to wash, more foods to prepare, more snuggles, and significant lack of desire to get out of bed in the mornings...

Monday was Teh Bear's first day at his new job.  The entire week consisted of training, so he claims its been rather boring, yet informative.  That morning, I didn't manage to get a run in, but I did do a video workout before work, in addition to physical therapy later.  I paid for that until Wednesday night....  ouch.  Monday night, we made our first One Day dinner together.  I had purchased some homemade garlic and basil noodles from someone at work and had definitely plans to pair it with alfredo sauce and chicken.  It was absolutely deeeeeeeeelightful.

homemade noodles, homemade alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and chicken.


Tuesday was another day, got my AM run in, which included Praise Team practice and I brought Phil along with me!  He was a hit, while being a distraction at first, and then once he settled down, he was good.  He's never been in a carpeted area that large so at first he was just running back and forth, enjoying the freedom.  Then he started sniffing at all the doors, like there were more interesting things to investigate, but he was stuck in the fellowship hall.  He attempted to get on the stage a few times, but was always too chicken to actually jump up.  I knew that since the stage was "slippery lava floor" he wouldn't actually get up there, but he did surprise me at the end of practice by walking up the steps onto the stage.. at which point he froze and started shaking, so I had to pull him off.  Silly Phil.

Hai, guys!  Can I play??

Dead Phil?  Nahhh.. he was just tired from all his sniffing/running around.

Wednesday morning, I got in my AM run, and after work, Teh Bear asked if I wanted to be "good" or "bad" and I said good, then changed my mind and we went out and got ice cream at Sweet Frogs.  I wasn't super impressed.  Yeah, they have lots of toppings and lots of flavors, but there were no recipe suggestions posted anywhere on what delicious treats to make, which was overwhelming for me.  I like to have a suggested action plan.  Additionally, when I told them that the chocolate ice cream was out/not working, instead of responding to me, the 2 girls standing there had a conversation amongst themselves instead of explaining to me that the machine was just trying to make some more ice cream, which I only learned via my bionic hearing.  I was NOT impressed with the customer service, needless to say.  I compare Sweet Frogs to Rita's, mostly because that is my other go-to ice cream place in S.MD, and I'd choose to go to Rita's over Sweet Frogs.  Additionally, going to Rita's means that Phil gets to go and he gets a free doggy cone there!  Phil treats always win my heart over.  Phil is the key to my heart.. I'm a sucker.

Early runs are beneficial for my sunrise catching.

Thursday morning came early, because Yurtle had to be dropped off at the Kia dealership in Waldorf, which is 45 minutes away.  Fortunately (for me) one of my coworkers lives in Waldorf, so she met me at the dealership and drove us to work.  They figured out what was causing Yurtle's weird noise, but the part wasn't going to come in until Monday, so I was able to pick up Yurtle after work (only to get to go through this again on Monday morning).  After I got back from Waldorf, Teh Bear and I had dinner and then went over to Teh Greyhound Neighbor's house to say bye to Miley whose owner was finally coming back to get her after being away for 7 months.  I'm going to miss that girl.  She's such a lover.

Olive thinks that her sister, Zoe, is a nice butt cushion.

Friday I was lucky and we got a half day at work, which was delightful.  I made it to the commissary to gather supplies for the party later that night and came home to work on homework.  Guests started to arrive a little before 6.  I hadn't picked up the pizza yet, so I had to run out and pick up the pizza and a bag of ice, which was way more difficult than anticipated.  When I arrived back home, more guests had arrived and business was in full swing.  After everyone had eaten, we started up a game of Turbo Cranium, boys against girls.  The boys ended up winning, but the girls were close.  After the game ended, most of the guests went home, and I proceeded to keep drinking.  The evening was lots of fun, even though I was ADD for most of the game with my heckling and bartending services and Phil pettins.

Saturday morning, Phil woke us up around 0630 with the delightful sounds of regurgitation.  Teh Bear and I both got up.  My head was pounding due to my inability to breathe.  That was slightly concerning, and quite painful, so I took a super strength sudafed, fed Phil, and went back to bed.  When I woke back up at 0830, I felt significantly better and was actually able to breathe again.  Teh Bear and I finally got up and started cleaning up the house and doing laundry.  I finally finished my homework for the week and Teh Singing Podcaster came over to hang out with Teh Bear.  That evening Teh Bear and I went over to Teh Monopoly's house to hang out and play Cards Against Humanity...  Finally, a little after 2300 we had went through ALL of the white cards.. That would be the base game plus TWO expansions....  Holy moly.

Sunday morning, I got up and fed Philbo and played on the internet.. until 09.. which incidentally is about 7 minutes prior to when I need to leave to get to church on time.  I ran upstairs to let Teh Bear know that it was my fault I was waking him up late, and understood if he didn't want to accompany me to church.  It was good he decided not to go with me, because the service was a disaster.  At least from a technical point of view.  Singers couldn't be heard, microphones were dying, the sound board guy kept changing all the levels, I wasn't ready to start when the band started (because I was getting the scripture ready for the service), the projector wasn't on, I was extremely flustered for most of the service because I was trying to help the soundboard guy and still try to not mess up the slides (which I wasn't successful at either)...  Then I wasn't able to upload the sermon to the internet..  But when I got home, Philbo had gotten a bath, the whole house had been vacuumed, the dishes had been put away and the dishwasher reloaded, and something from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack was playing from Teh Bear's computer when I walked in.  True lub.  We had lunch at Panera and ran our errands.  Coming home for a little bit was relax (and blog) time and I made ice cream cone cupcakes for our afternoon adventures with Teh Humanitarian, Teh Coast Guardian, and Teh FL Greyhound Wife/Husband.  We played pool volleyball for about 2 hours, then finally everyone's sore arms got the best of them and we called it quits.  Ok, fine MY sore arms got the best of me, and it was getting late so everyone agreed to be finished.  I think in the end the teams tied, with Teh Humanitarian and Teh FL Greyhound Wife quitting before we were even halfway through.

Teh Bear threatened not to love me if I ever iced cupcakes prior to transport again..
Mostly due to the fact that I covered the cupcake tin with a huge piece of tinfoil and some saran wrap for transport..
And they all proceeded to fall over and roll around.  Deeeelightful.... 

I got out of the pool and was filled with sudden dread, because I had been expecting a call... which I had missed.  Fortunately, it wasn't a big deal.  We headed back home around 8:15p and then Teh Bear and I waited on another call to say it was time to go meet our foster dog halfway.  Around 9:15p, we met our new foster and started the return drive home.  Phil, who was locked in doggy jail due to his renewed inability to resist getting in the trash, seemed ok with tolerating our new guest for the next few weeks.  Exhausted, Teh Bear and I crashed into bed.

I miss amazing sunsets....

Meet Ruthy (fka TJ's Ruthless)!
She's a super soft, little girl who is ready for some permanent lovin's.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

On going back to school.

I ran away from the academic world after I graduated NC State. Literally. Teh Mom asked about graduate school, my LPOs and Chiefs and occifers asked me about continuing my education.. and I was like, kthxNO for about... uuuhhh.. Dec 2007 until July 2013. Math is hard.

I've only been in class for a week now and I'm extremely critical of all things. I don't remember being this critical when I was doing my undergrad. I took everything at face value. The students, the teachers, the lessons. I probably could have been radicalized in my time at NC State and not even realized it. Ok, maybe that's extreme, but you get it.

Not only have I been super critical of my current classmates (not really anything personal, I just hope your grade reflects your inability to follow directions and that includes making significant typos in your posts and in ability to hit the word count), but I'm also super critical of the lessons. I found this gem while studying:

"OK, I know it's a convoluted, awkward and formalistic way to ask research questions. But it encompasses a long tradition in statistics called the hypothetical-deductive model, and sometimes we just have to do things because they're traditions. And anyway, if all of this hypothesis testing was easy enough so anybody could understand it, how do you think statisticians would stay employed?" -William M.K. Trochim (source)

You've got to be kidding me.  After reading an entire page devoted to different types of hypotheses, the guy is like, yeah we know its redundant and stupid, but we do it because its tradition... Are you fucking kidding me?  Traditions change!  People get over it.  If he would have said, this method is tried and true and it ALWAYS works, I would have been sold, but he practically admitted this wasn't the best way to do research.  /wrist.

On to the next one, on to the next one (always rappin', yo)...

The UNnecessary use of necessary:
"You should strive to create a single question as your primary research question, although many research papers will necessarily deal with a number of sub-questions relevant to your inquiries." -Edward J. Hagerty, Ph.D. (I'd link the source, but it's a word document).

No jk, I had to read that sentence several times before I realized once the problem was.  Once I decided to skip the word "necessarily", magic happened in my brain.  I know you've got your Ph.D, but if you actually speak like this IRL, you don't have real friends, dude.  Stop trying to sound smart by using extra words, you have a Ph.D, there's no reason to sound smart, you obviously are.  Unless that is a meritorious Ph.D, then hang it up, buddy, hang it up.


I'm enrolled at AMU, which is an online school.  That doesn't really matter to me, but as I've went through 3 weeks of lessons, they've used other college/university's websites for AMU lessons.  Almost like they are too lazy to make their own lesson pages.  Which I guess I can kinda get, especially if someone else already has the information in a good form, but still.  Seems very unoriginal to just "borrow" some other school's information.  It almost makes AMU less "reputable" in a sense.  Maybe its just me?

I don't think this class is super difficult, but it's been quite difficult to get back into that "student" mindset again.  Maybe with some practice it will get easier?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #19

Who pulls them off better?

The 40's called...

...they want their stuff back.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Teh Bear relocates!

On Wednesday, I hitched a ride with Teh FL Greyhound Lady to DCA.  We might have had a snafu where I was going to show her the proper exit to take to get back to S.MD and accidentally landed us on 395 during DC rush hour..  Fortunately, we were about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, so it all worked out.  Since I knew that this was going to be a blog worth weekend, I did a pretty good job of getting photographic evidence!

Teh Megan: Hey look horse poops!  The only poops around here bigger than Phil's poops!

TGI Friday's Strawberry Mash.  It's a good thing it was delicious since this sucker cost $10!

TGI Friday's Tennessee Whiskey Cake.  It had toffee, so I was hoping it was going to be similar to sticky toffee pudding.  I was disappointed.

The pink shoe family loaded the plane before me.

A Carolina Panthers plane.


Leaving DC.  I had a pretty good shot of the Washington Monument and Capital Hill, but the flash went off... :(

I don't often get to see sunsets!

Red sun

I landed in Orlando around 10pm and Teh Bear was waiting on me in the airport.  Hopefully it was the last time either of us have to meet in the airport again!  We headed back to his house and it was bedtime.

Thursday morning, I decided to go on a run around Teh Bear's neighborhood and he said there was a 1 mile loop if I went "that" way (and he gestured in the direction).  Despite his superb directions, I managed to take a wrong turn and my 20 minute run turned into a 3 mile, unplanned, excursion.  Fortunately, it was only 75°F with 94% humidity, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been outside.

After a shower, it was time to meet Teh Bear's friend for breakfast/lunch at First Watch.

YAY First Watch!
 After foods, we headed back to Teh Bear's house to finish packing up the car and to finally hit the road.

East Coast road trip!!

Domo had never been on a trip like this...

Welcome to Georgia!

Disney Sing-Along?  Road trip complete.

Teh Bear was in awe of seeing an actual phone booth.

"Hey look, car condoms."

Rain, toes, HP #5.. 

Welcome to SC!

It may look sketchy, but this trail mix was surprisingly delicious and accurately flavored.


Two Notch Rd must have come before Three Notch Rd.
 We stopped at Chili's for dinner.

Hello very large chili pepper.
Chili's are you trying to make up for something?
I didn't get a photo of the NC sign since it was dark out.  We stopped in Charlotte for the night because Teh Dad was there for training and his hotel gave him a 2 room suite.  SWEET!  Yay for free lodging and finally being able to give Teh Dad his father day present.

Teh Megan's first time making a belgian waffle.


Welcome to VA!
Domo was carrying on.

Mexuscan...  way to be North American.

I love the Appalachians!

The factory at the Nice Bridge on 301 from VA to MD.

Welcome to MD!

We're home!

The weekend consisted of unpacking and being lazy.  Yurtle got a bath from the Chief Selects and we accomplished errand running on Saturday.  In the afternoon, we went to a "going away" party for a guy who recently got out of the Navy.

Sunday was a relaxing day as well, which consisted to finally finishing the laundry, church, and dinner and hanging out with Teh Singing Cat Lady and Teh Singing Podcaster in the evening.


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