Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday #2

Dear Friday,
I never thought you would get here.  Maybe it's that this week it was July AND August and that kinda threw me.  Maybe it was the fact that I was totally over July due to it's 4.5 weeks (ain't nobody got time for that).  Maybe I just want it to be August 14th already (the day I'm flying down to Orlando to fetch Teh Bear)?  Maybe its because I had anticipated Teh Sister being here through the week and she wasn't.  Nonetheless, damn I'm glad you're here.  BFFs, k?

Dear phone,
I hate when you outshine my other electronics because so often you disappoint me.  Like this morning when we went on our first run together and you showed me that my iTouch is actually a piece of crap and that I'm actually waaaaayyyyy better at running than I evvvvvvvvvver thought was possible.  I mean, I thought I just got out there and did my thing and told myself "I'm lapping all those people on the couch!"  I tried not to care about pace and steps and calories and distance and stuff.  And then I had to start caring and that's just been an uphill battle.  But, phone, I think with your help, the war is over.  I finally have a peace treaty.  You + RunKeeper + Slacker Radio BPM workout station - Phil = 10:34 min/mile pace.  If I wouldn't have walked that one part, I bet it could have been even better.  But you know what, always gotta leave room for improvement.

Dear iTouch,
Despite my love and devotion for you, you've burned me.  You tried to tell me that I was walking when I was running and at a 20 minute mile pace at that!  You cut me deep, iTouch, you cut me deep.  I was a little sad this morning when I left you in the car, but it was worth it in the end.  You'll always be there for my long car trips and maybe one day before the year ends (can't set my goals too lofty) I'll put new musics on you, maybe.

Dear Weekend,
You don't even know how glad I am you're here.  Even if I have watch on Sunday, I don't even care.  Something about the prospect of sleeping in on Saturday morning, or at least no alarm clock going off at 0521 to give me the option to get up and workout, is going to be deeeeelightful.  The real question for the weekend is, am I going to clean or am I going to wait till NEXT weekend?

Dear Week,
You've actually not been so bad.  There have definitely been infuriating parts, like when we tried to go to lunch Wednesday and waited over 30 minutes on our food from Noodles and Company and eventually just got a refund and went back to Mission BBQ, where we had left to begin with because the line was too long, or when another important computer bit the dust in the office, or when it was confirmed that my FMV class for the end of August was definitely not getting funded, or when my Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) was turned down by my Chief because my time in Bahrain was "weak" for volunteer work and the instruction says "continued service" despite having volunteered over THREE THOUSAND (3000 just wasn't strong enough) hours in the last year and a half since being in America.  While he understands that there were limited opportunities in Bahrain, it still doesn't show "continued service", but I should definitely be able to get it before I leave VX-1.......................  Ok, Week, you've been pretty shitty, I'm glad your time is over.  Next week let's get it together, eh?


Dear Teh Bear,
Despite your lack of outward stress about this impending relocation, its still a big deal and you don't have to be all "cool guy" about it (I refuse to use the term "Joe Cool" for you, you know why).  Or maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this than necessary, which is perfectly normal for me.  Nonetheless, I'm excited you're coming, coupled with a sense of dread about having to refine all my bad habits like...  yeah, I don't have bad habits, ha!  Ok, maybe I'll try to be better about cleaning the bathrooms.  I'll also try to be better about not parking in both parking spots so you have a place to park Lionel Richie.  I call dibs on the NOT under the tree spot, but I'd be willing to share on like an every other week rotation maybe.  We'll see.  I also promise to try not to fill your free time with all the activities and people.  I can also promise that I will not eat the last of "your" cereal, if you have one eventually.  I promise to at least listen, maybe even consider, your opinion on the layout of the living room/other spaces.  I promise that Philbo-Baggy-Pants will love you more than me if you feed him and take him on walks and maybe give him treats sometimes, the way to his heart is through his stomach for sure.

I'm excited about our east coast excursion and I plan to bring my earplugs so I can endure that weird stuff you listen to by sleeping through it.  13 days!

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