Monday, August 12, 2013

Last weekend living solo..

For my last weekend living alone, I partied it up. Haha, that's funny. I didn't actually party, but I did have a great weekend.

Somethings should just be left to the internet.

Friday evening started with meeting a friend at Target who had brought Phil to a doctor appointment to get his blood tested to see if he could be a blood donor.  Due to having to do homework, I missed out on girls night.  From the photographic evidence, they had a blast.  I was really sad about missing out on that good time.  On the other hand, something finally clicked and I was able to accomplish my homework and bypass the wall I'd been hitting all week.

After the thunderstorm rolled through, Teh FL Greyhound Lady came over to hang out and take a nap until it was time for us to leave to go pick up new greyhounds at 3am.  This is really one of the most rewarding things I think I do with GEGR.  More so than the blogs and the meet and greets.

Project Racing Home is located in Greensboro, NC.
It's about the halfway point of the journey for these pups.

Since they were loaded into the hauler early, everyone has to go business before we load up again to head to S.MD.

Bella and Esme were picked up at twilight.  They found pumping gas very intriguing.

After dropping the dogs off at Greyhound Central and socializing for a few minutes, we decided to head home.  But first, we did this:

Yes, we stole 3 ears of corn.

I made a quick pitstop at Kohl's because I finally decided to let my dedicated and faithful toaster oven retire.  Armed with Kohl's cash and coupons, I walked in and practically stole a pair of shoes for how much money I saved on the toaster oven AND a pair of new shoes.

Wooo Kohl's!

Old Whitey has been a faithful toaster oven since August 2004, when I left for college.
Yes, that is a food pyramid on her roof.  Pirate Gone Marine apparently didn't realize that taking the loaf of bread off the top of the toaster oven was a good idea before using it.  It's also dented from so many moves.  In the end it was her heating elements that finally started giving out.  You've been a good toaster oven.  Rest in peace.

YELLOW.  Not sure if I like these, but we'll see.

After Kohls, Teh FL Greyhound Lady headed home and it was naptime for Teh Megan.  When I woke back up it was cleanin' time.  I finally accomplished the bathrooms, which have been irritating me for some time, but I was trying to wait till closer to Teh Bear's arrival so they were clean when he arrived.  I also re-vacuumed the house and finally vacuumed the stairs.

After all the cleaning, I finally tossed some brownies in the oven to bring to Teh Monopoly's house as a dinner contribution.  I finally got to play Cards Against Humanity, which was such a fun time.  There was so much cackles.

I also got to try hard root beer.
It was pretty good.

I headed home around 2230 since it felt like midnight.  Sleeping less than 6 hours can kinda do that to you.

Sunday morning was church, where I think I did much better at the slides, with the exception of not having the scripture due to not being in the know about the pastors being on vacation.  Communication fail.  After church, Teh Bear and I had some Skype time before he left to go do activities and I decided to finally dust and clean the floors, the last of my to-do items on my list.  Right as I finished the cleaning, Teh Greyhound Neighbor asked if we wanted to go on a walk and I was happy to say yes since Phil had been being pretty spastic all day.  To include some crazy drama about not being able to walk on the slippery floors to get his dinner since I was washing the rugs.

Don't question greyhound comfort.
Especially since Phil has $80 dog beds.  He'd rather hang out of his crate.

still being [molly]


  1. I was wondering what happened with the Scripture. :) I thought it worked out well though. Sometimes it's nice for people to just hear it instead of read along, ya know?

  2. My dog does the exact same thing. He will lay with his head under the bed, body out. Head on floor, body on pillow. Head inside, body outside (when door is left open). I don't get it, but now I know he's not alone.


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