Monday, August 19, 2013

Teh Bear relocates!

On Wednesday, I hitched a ride with Teh FL Greyhound Lady to DCA.  We might have had a snafu where I was going to show her the proper exit to take to get back to S.MD and accidentally landed us on 395 during DC rush hour..  Fortunately, we were about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, so it all worked out.  Since I knew that this was going to be a blog worth weekend, I did a pretty good job of getting photographic evidence!

Teh Megan: Hey look horse poops!  The only poops around here bigger than Phil's poops!

TGI Friday's Strawberry Mash.  It's a good thing it was delicious since this sucker cost $10!

TGI Friday's Tennessee Whiskey Cake.  It had toffee, so I was hoping it was going to be similar to sticky toffee pudding.  I was disappointed.

The pink shoe family loaded the plane before me.

A Carolina Panthers plane.


Leaving DC.  I had a pretty good shot of the Washington Monument and Capital Hill, but the flash went off... :(

I don't often get to see sunsets!

Red sun

I landed in Orlando around 10pm and Teh Bear was waiting on me in the airport.  Hopefully it was the last time either of us have to meet in the airport again!  We headed back to his house and it was bedtime.

Thursday morning, I decided to go on a run around Teh Bear's neighborhood and he said there was a 1 mile loop if I went "that" way (and he gestured in the direction).  Despite his superb directions, I managed to take a wrong turn and my 20 minute run turned into a 3 mile, unplanned, excursion.  Fortunately, it was only 75°F with 94% humidity, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been outside.

After a shower, it was time to meet Teh Bear's friend for breakfast/lunch at First Watch.

YAY First Watch!
 After foods, we headed back to Teh Bear's house to finish packing up the car and to finally hit the road.

East Coast road trip!!

Domo had never been on a trip like this...

Welcome to Georgia!

Disney Sing-Along?  Road trip complete.

Teh Bear was in awe of seeing an actual phone booth.

"Hey look, car condoms."

Rain, toes, HP #5.. 

Welcome to SC!

It may look sketchy, but this trail mix was surprisingly delicious and accurately flavored.


Two Notch Rd must have come before Three Notch Rd.
 We stopped at Chili's for dinner.

Hello very large chili pepper.
Chili's are you trying to make up for something?
I didn't get a photo of the NC sign since it was dark out.  We stopped in Charlotte for the night because Teh Dad was there for training and his hotel gave him a 2 room suite.  SWEET!  Yay for free lodging and finally being able to give Teh Dad his father day present.

Teh Megan's first time making a belgian waffle.


Welcome to VA!
Domo was carrying on.

Mexuscan...  way to be North American.

I love the Appalachians!

The factory at the Nice Bridge on 301 from VA to MD.

Welcome to MD!

We're home!

The weekend consisted of unpacking and being lazy.  Yurtle got a bath from the Chief Selects and we accomplished errand running on Saturday.  In the afternoon, we went to a "going away" party for a guy who recently got out of the Navy.

Sunday was a relaxing day as well, which consisted to finally finishing the laundry, church, and dinner and hanging out with Teh Singing Cat Lady and Teh Singing Podcaster in the evening.


still being [molly]


  1. I think I would be in awe of seeing a phone booth in real life, too! It's been a while...

    Also, your feet on the dashboard photo made me shudder. I know people do it all the time but every time I see it I just think of what would happen if they were in an accident with their feet like that. Ahhhhh stop thinking about it.... Blah!

  2. I LOOOOVEEE your pictures, what a fun freaking weekend!


  3. So much WIN in one post- Road trip, whiskey cake (OMG I must try this)...oh yeah, & no more long distance!


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