Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Notes #6

Dear Teh Bear,
On Sunday, I came home from church and you had: emptied the dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, vacuumed upstairs AND downstairs, AND gave Phil a bath.  THEN, you suggested going out for lunch instead of eating leftovers or making something.  THEN, we went and ran errands and YOU did the fetching of items while I stood guard over the buggy (yes, the buggy).  You're #1 in my book, even if you think there are "shopping carts" at stores.

This is my "they are NOT called 'shopping carts'" face.

Dear Airplay thingy+speakers+Teh Bear's iTunes,
I really enjoy how much boom the muzaks in my living room have now.  It's pretty much a jam session all the time now.  But really the most appreciation goes to Teh Bear for setting up his airplay, despite the complications.  So maybe part of it was self-serving, Teh Bear almost always has muzaks on, buttttt I've benefitted too.  Sunday, I got to listen to the new OneRepublic album, start to finish, on not-laptop speakers while I was putting away all the items from our errands.

Dear OneRepublic,
Between you and Lifehouse, it's a contest who I could listen to on repeat for longer.  When Teh Bear turned you off, I was legitimately disappointed.  I later realized that he could have played his video game with the music still playing, but I'll save that point for another day.

Dear Downy Orchid Allure fabric softener,
Since GTMO we've been BFFs.  There was that time in Bahrain where I had to use other stuff, but as soon as I could find you again, we were tighter than ever before.  After looking at 2 stores, you were not to be found.  I was so disappointed.  Truly.  Pouty face and everything.  This time I went with Snuggle's Wild Orchid and Vanilla, which Teh Bear helped pick out, so I guess it worked out.  PS.  I already miss you.


Dear Walmart,
I hadn't been into your local store in months and it was delightful.  I didn't miss the long checkout lines, the being out of items I need, etc...  Yet, you proved people shop there for a reason...  Walmart has all the things!  Dishwasher magnet that displays clean/dirty, a key duplicator (which they didn't actually have my key, so this doesn't really count), cheap ironing boards, a puncture can opener.. the list could probably go on.  The other beneficial part of going to Walmart is getting to see S.MD's finest..  Just driving through the parking lot we were privy to a woman's thong.  Coming out of the parking lot.. I found this:


Dear cupcakes in ice cream cones,
You are infinitely cuter and more delicious than normal cupcakes.  Make it funfetti cake and it's like an ice cream party but not in my mouth.  Also, you are way less mess than regular cupcakes..  Usually.  I brought you to two events this weekend.  I feel like it was my last summer cooking hoorah.

Teh Bear picked chocolate icing over purple icing.
I was disappointed, but since I had asked him, I went with his choice.

Dear pumpkin spice lattes,

Dear last Friday night guests,
It was really great having you all over!  Even if the girls lost at Cranium..  Next time we're playing a game I can definitely win.

Dear yard pumpkins,
I see you out there, turning orange!  Teh Bear says we can't eat you because of all the doggy "waste".. but doesn't that make you organic pumpkins?  Especially after how much I pay for Phil's food.. you'd think that kind of "manure" would the best kind.  IDK.  Even if there is no homemade pumpkin pie at Teh Megan's house OUR house, we'll at least have home grown pumpkins to decorate for Halloween!

That vine is out.of.control.  I'm going to be very excited to finally get it out of my yard.
My landlord was quite impressed by it though!

Dear S.MD,
I've actually been here long enough that often when I go to town, I seem to recognize someone I know.  It's strange and cool at the same time.

Dear Cards Against Humanity,
I love how hilarious you are, but I wish that we weren't always so into the game your players make silent agreements to go through the ENTIRE box PLUS 2 expansions in one night...  Holy moly.

Dear Teh Bear,
We're almost 2 weeks in and I'm still glad you're here.  That's a good sign, right?

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  1. I'm pretty sure the pumpkin spice lattes are out already. I've seen posts about it on facebook already. But maybe they're just not here yet?

    Also, we pretty much decided ourselves not to go to Wal-Mart anymore unless it was essential for something. Best decision, ever.


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