Thursday, August 1, 2013


I moved into this place in February and put a rainbow (Christmas) jingle bell wreath on the sliding glass door so the dogs wouldn't run into the door.  When spring started rolling around, I had hummingbirds that would see the colors in the wreath and mistake it for a flower so they would come up to the glass door and start pecking.  I felt horribly guilty about fakin' out the hummingbirds.  So I purchased a hummingbird feeder.

I made the food for the hummingbirds.. as in, boil the water and the sugar.  Then I waited on it to cool.  Then I found a container for the extra juice to put in the fridge.  I even lovingly washed all the parts to the feeder.  I put some effort into this for sure.  Then I put the filled feeder outside and waited... and waited.. and waited.  The hummingbirds didn't like me.

They liked my neighbor though.  They had a feeder along the fence and I could see the hummingbirds going to.. but they were protesting mine.  I couldn't figure it out.  I was sad.  But I was determined.  I wanted hummingbirds in my yard, dammit!

Going to NY as a kid to visit Teh Grandparents, they had a hummingbird feeder right outside the kitchen window.  We used to watch the hummingbirds as we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It was kinda Teh Gram's thing.  Now that Teh Gram is gone, hummingbirds have always made me think of her since.

As spring turned to summer, I would catch a hummingbird every few weeks at the feeder.  I was still changing the food and cleaning the feeder every week so it wouldn't get moldy.  I was putting in all this effort with very little return and I was getting depressed.

As summer started, I noticed more regular customers.  Not a lot, but at least one a few times a week.  THEN, the tables turned!  My neighbors with the feeder moved out!  I HAZ ALL THE HUMMINGBIRDS!!!!

Hummingbirds have been flocking to the feeder!  They are fighting over the feeder (I'm not sure why since there's 6 holes, but Teh Bear did some research that says they tend to be a bit possessive)!  It's glorious!  All the hummingbirds!  Teh Florida Greyhound Lady came over to let Phil out on Wednesday when I'd went to Norfolk for a meeting and she said she watched the hummingbirds flit around for about 30 minutes.

On Saturday morning, Phil was whining to go out around 0620.  I was NOT pleased since Saturday was my only sleep in day that weekend.  Probably due to his extra lunch he had on Friday when he got into Teh Sister's dog's food while we were at lunch...  Jerk dog.  His intelligence and ability to get into things, despite how much I try to thwart him is really appalling.

After Phil went business and came in for breakfast, I was debating going back to bed and I passed by the door and there were 3-5 hummingbirds vying over the feeder that was empty.  Apparently, these little guys have been very thirsty this week.  So I refilled the feeder and came back inside intending to head back to bed.  I thought how awesome it would be to get some photos up close of the hummingbirds and instead of waiting till "next time", so instead of bed, I sucked it up and pulled out my camera and tripod.  At first I was set up on the patio area.  Then I moved into the yard.  Then I moved closer.  Finally, I ended up standing about 5 feet from the feeder, being as still as possible.

I was very pleased with the outcome!  Even though one little vicious jerk actually tried to dive at ME!  I guess I was a threat to the feeder?  I was close enough to hear their wings beating when they would fly by and since I was in their "play" area, I was actually afraid they were going to slam into me eventually, which thankfully didn't happen.

On to the photos!

The first photo is the only one where I could catch more than one at the feeder.

NOMNOMNOM sugar water straight from the fridge!

This one wasn't sure about me standing there.

Now you see me, now you don't!

Such fast wings!

They would land in the trees and wait for the other hummingbirds to come around so they could dive at each other.
I'm still not sure if it's fun or territorial.

I can't even explain to you how excited I was to get this shot!

Dear Neighbors,
I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy me out in my backyard in only my pj shirt, my undies, and some sexy crocs.  I often forget about having neighbors since the yard is fenced in and you can't see me right?  Wrong.  You can see me from upstairs.. My bad.  I promise I wasn't trying to impress you with my white legs.  I was on a mission.
-Your (raised in the country) Neighbor

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