Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday #3

Numero Uno.
I finally started my graduate class.  Finally.  Less than a week in I'm already finding miraculous things on the internet during homework time..  at least some things never change.  I have made fun of my classmates for their introduction posts being like eharmony ads, I have lost a 300+ word post when I timed out of the site (at which point I learned to create posts in Word), I have submitted 2 250+ word forum posts and 1 acknowledgement post, I have responded to enough forum posts (probably more than enough actually), I have lulled myself to sleep at work reading the homework, I have spent too many hours trying to figure out what I want to research for this class (it really shouldn't be this hard)...  Mostly, I have enjoyed the feeling of being a student again, even if its just online.  That feeling that you actually do have something you could probably be doing in those bored moments is ironically satisfactory.

Numero Dos.
Less than ONE WEEK till I go down to FL for the fetchin' of Teh Bear.  He has identified a place that has cannolis, which is good because I had a meltdown when he told me the pizza place with the absolutely most delicious cannolis ever closed.  Literally, meltdown.  He thought I was joking when I told him he had to find another place with a cannoli.. our love depended on it.  After talking about "One Day" for a very long time, it's finally upon us and I'm really just trying not to focus on it too much.  Mostly because I'm a stresser-outer--er.  Then there'd be those pesky expectations.  It's really just best if I ignore the problem until it goes away, in a until he's actually here kind of way.  I'm just sticking with being excited.

Numero Tres.
This week felt like it took forever.  Maybe its because the past 7 months flew by, ask anyone, they'll tell you.  August is just c.r.e.e.p.i.n.' along.  Maybe its because I've been working out on not normal workout days, which means waking up extra early and then getting to work at regular time, instead of late like on PT days, making the days seem extra long.  Whatever it is, I'm glad Frrrrriiiiday is here!

Numero Quatro.
It's going to be a dog weekend!  Krazy Kody came to stay Monday night.  I've never been more glad to have a dog on a work day when he started pretending to be my alarm barking 5 minutes before my alarm went off.  He does this on the weekends too, which makes watching him on weekdays infinitely better.  Saturday at 0300, Teh FL Greyhound Lady and I will be headed to meet the dog hauler to get some new greyhounds!  Even though its ridiculously early, meeting the hauler and seeing those pups for the first time and knowing they will be adopted soon is such a rewarding experience.  Finally, I'm ending the weekend with Buddy and Gracie (Teh FL Greyhound Lady/Dude's dogs), who are coming to stay while their parents are out of town.  Gracie loves Phil and Buddy always loves attention, so it's a win-win.

Numero Cinco.
Nature has been kind this week.  We're still experiencing some delightfully low temps for this time of year.  Truly, I remember being miserable last year from the end of June until mid-September.  I'm hoping that with this mild summer we will have a particularly cold and snowy winter (or at least cold to kill off all the bugs).  Earlier this summer, I noticed a plant growing in my yard.  I had no idea what type of plant it was, but I knew it was of the edible/vegetable/garden type and I assumed it came from my neighbor's box garden they built this spring.  Either way, I've been letting it grow.  When I had to weed eat the yard a few weeks ago, I had to relocate the vine that was growing across my yard, to grown down my yard.  Well, it's out of control now, but the mystery of what type of plant it is has been solved, FINALLY!!

This bee was hard at work!  I was moving the leaves and flowers and he was still at it.


Vine, you're drunk, go home.
(I'm actually planning on running the vine back up the yard since it's now 1/2 way across again)

Afternoon walk with Kody and Phil.  Beautiful blue skies, freshly cut grass, temps in the low 80°Fs.


  1. Yay! Happy to see another blogger out there with greyhounds :o)

    Good luck with your class!


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