Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DC Harbor Cruise

When Teh Sister was here, we decided to finally cash in my DC Harbor Cruise I had originally purchased for Teh Bear and I to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom.  Due to the weather and timing and a host of other things, the cruise never happened.  I didn't want the $14 to go to waste, so we made it a sister-date.

The tour started at the Georgetown Harbor.

Important bridge with the name of a person.

Teh Sister enjoying the scenery.

Sometimes I'm quite perplexed at how/why people feel the need to write all over everything.

Cell phone camera is slow.  Bleh.
Plane taking off over the Washington Memorial.

Jefferson Memorial (the only big memorial I've never been to)

Lincoln Memorial

Slow No Wake

The Lincoln Memorial with the bridges on both side with their gold plated statues.

JFK Center

JFK Center (I'll go there one day)

A sweet ass yacht that was chillin' at the harbor.  If this person is looking for a friend, I'm down.

There weren't super awesome photos because I failed at bringing a real camera.  My Droid 4 camera is really a POS, so I was doing the best I could with my limited resources.

We enjoyed the tour very much.  The instructional tour guide was also helpful and we actually learned stuff!  Like how Italy donated the marble for the JFK Center and some other valuable information I seem to have forgotten.  I think Teh Bear would have enjoyed it.

Maybe next year we'll be able to catch the cherry blossoms????

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  1. Hubs & I have been meaning to get to DC ever since coming back to the East Coast. Debating on waiting until Spring for the cherry blossoms...but really, when would be a *bad* time for DC?


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