Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday #4

It's 4 day weekend Friday!!!!  WOOOOOO!!!!

I can't even tell you how unbearable excited I was when I heard we were getting a (much needed) 4 day weekend...  Truly.  I even commented to my Chief that I needed a break and he suggested I take leave and I had to remind him I took 2 days in August to help Teh Bear move up, although everyone else in my office has taken 2 weeks of leave each.  I'm hoping this weekend will leave me refreshed and ready to get back into the groove of things at work.

Onto my 5 things!


I got my hair did yesterday.  I LOVE IT!  Post to come on that adventure.  The ladies at the salon thought I was nuts with all my photos looking ridiculous.  I kept trying to explain that I was going to blog about it, but I'm not sure they understood me.  PS, perms hurt.

The grunting hedgehog is her fave.


We got a foster dog last Sunday who's name is Ruthie, but I call her Roofie because I kept accidentally calling her Rudy.  Most dogs that come into Casa de Teh Megan usually end up with several nicknames...  Not that I expect her to answer, but I often refer to her as Date Rape when she's not paying me attention cause it makes me giggle to call a dog that, then when I really want her attention, I'll say Ruthie, but most often, it's Roofie.


I really need to be doing homework right now, but I'm blogging instead.  Yeah... That open word document is glaring at me from the taskbar but it's not tempting me to actually write the 5-8 page literature review.  Reading the literature is so much better than writing about it.


The dogs really need to go on a walk.  Maybe I should do that before I write my paper.. hehehe.  I can always find a million things that need to be instead of doing homework, I forgot I had that skill.


Teh Bear and I are considering going to Annapolis/DC/Baltimore this weekend.  I have no idea what we're going to do, but I know if I don't actually plan something we're not going to go and then we're going to be disappointed we didn't go and we'll say we'll go another weekend, but this whole cycle will just repeat itself..  It's just nasty.  Any suggestions for what we could do in Annapolis (since neither of us have been there)??

Alright, it's paper time!

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