Monday, August 26, 2013

1 whole week of One Day.

Teh Bear has officially been here for a week!  It's been glorious.  So much more dishes and laundry to wash, more foods to prepare, more snuggles, and significant lack of desire to get out of bed in the mornings...

Monday was Teh Bear's first day at his new job.  The entire week consisted of training, so he claims its been rather boring, yet informative.  That morning, I didn't manage to get a run in, but I did do a video workout before work, in addition to physical therapy later.  I paid for that until Wednesday night....  ouch.  Monday night, we made our first One Day dinner together.  I had purchased some homemade garlic and basil noodles from someone at work and had definitely plans to pair it with alfredo sauce and chicken.  It was absolutely deeeeeeeeelightful.

homemade noodles, homemade alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and chicken.


Tuesday was another day, got my AM run in, which included Praise Team practice and I brought Phil along with me!  He was a hit, while being a distraction at first, and then once he settled down, he was good.  He's never been in a carpeted area that large so at first he was just running back and forth, enjoying the freedom.  Then he started sniffing at all the doors, like there were more interesting things to investigate, but he was stuck in the fellowship hall.  He attempted to get on the stage a few times, but was always too chicken to actually jump up.  I knew that since the stage was "slippery lava floor" he wouldn't actually get up there, but he did surprise me at the end of practice by walking up the steps onto the stage.. at which point he froze and started shaking, so I had to pull him off.  Silly Phil.

Hai, guys!  Can I play??

Dead Phil?  Nahhh.. he was just tired from all his sniffing/running around.

Wednesday morning, I got in my AM run, and after work, Teh Bear asked if I wanted to be "good" or "bad" and I said good, then changed my mind and we went out and got ice cream at Sweet Frogs.  I wasn't super impressed.  Yeah, they have lots of toppings and lots of flavors, but there were no recipe suggestions posted anywhere on what delicious treats to make, which was overwhelming for me.  I like to have a suggested action plan.  Additionally, when I told them that the chocolate ice cream was out/not working, instead of responding to me, the 2 girls standing there had a conversation amongst themselves instead of explaining to me that the machine was just trying to make some more ice cream, which I only learned via my bionic hearing.  I was NOT impressed with the customer service, needless to say.  I compare Sweet Frogs to Rita's, mostly because that is my other go-to ice cream place in S.MD, and I'd choose to go to Rita's over Sweet Frogs.  Additionally, going to Rita's means that Phil gets to go and he gets a free doggy cone there!  Phil treats always win my heart over.  Phil is the key to my heart.. I'm a sucker.

Early runs are beneficial for my sunrise catching.

Thursday morning came early, because Yurtle had to be dropped off at the Kia dealership in Waldorf, which is 45 minutes away.  Fortunately (for me) one of my coworkers lives in Waldorf, so she met me at the dealership and drove us to work.  They figured out what was causing Yurtle's weird noise, but the part wasn't going to come in until Monday, so I was able to pick up Yurtle after work (only to get to go through this again on Monday morning).  After I got back from Waldorf, Teh Bear and I had dinner and then went over to Teh Greyhound Neighbor's house to say bye to Miley whose owner was finally coming back to get her after being away for 7 months.  I'm going to miss that girl.  She's such a lover.

Olive thinks that her sister, Zoe, is a nice butt cushion.

Friday I was lucky and we got a half day at work, which was delightful.  I made it to the commissary to gather supplies for the party later that night and came home to work on homework.  Guests started to arrive a little before 6.  I hadn't picked up the pizza yet, so I had to run out and pick up the pizza and a bag of ice, which was way more difficult than anticipated.  When I arrived back home, more guests had arrived and business was in full swing.  After everyone had eaten, we started up a game of Turbo Cranium, boys against girls.  The boys ended up winning, but the girls were close.  After the game ended, most of the guests went home, and I proceeded to keep drinking.  The evening was lots of fun, even though I was ADD for most of the game with my heckling and bartending services and Phil pettins.

Saturday morning, Phil woke us up around 0630 with the delightful sounds of regurgitation.  Teh Bear and I both got up.  My head was pounding due to my inability to breathe.  That was slightly concerning, and quite painful, so I took a super strength sudafed, fed Phil, and went back to bed.  When I woke back up at 0830, I felt significantly better and was actually able to breathe again.  Teh Bear and I finally got up and started cleaning up the house and doing laundry.  I finally finished my homework for the week and Teh Singing Podcaster came over to hang out with Teh Bear.  That evening Teh Bear and I went over to Teh Monopoly's house to hang out and play Cards Against Humanity...  Finally, a little after 2300 we had went through ALL of the white cards.. That would be the base game plus TWO expansions....  Holy moly.

Sunday morning, I got up and fed Philbo and played on the internet.. until 09.. which incidentally is about 7 minutes prior to when I need to leave to get to church on time.  I ran upstairs to let Teh Bear know that it was my fault I was waking him up late, and understood if he didn't want to accompany me to church.  It was good he decided not to go with me, because the service was a disaster.  At least from a technical point of view.  Singers couldn't be heard, microphones were dying, the sound board guy kept changing all the levels, I wasn't ready to start when the band started (because I was getting the scripture ready for the service), the projector wasn't on, I was extremely flustered for most of the service because I was trying to help the soundboard guy and still try to not mess up the slides (which I wasn't successful at either)...  Then I wasn't able to upload the sermon to the internet..  But when I got home, Philbo had gotten a bath, the whole house had been vacuumed, the dishes had been put away and the dishwasher reloaded, and something from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack was playing from Teh Bear's computer when I walked in.  True lub.  We had lunch at Panera and ran our errands.  Coming home for a little bit was relax (and blog) time and I made ice cream cone cupcakes for our afternoon adventures with Teh Humanitarian, Teh Coast Guardian, and Teh FL Greyhound Wife/Husband.  We played pool volleyball for about 2 hours, then finally everyone's sore arms got the best of them and we called it quits.  Ok, fine MY sore arms got the best of me, and it was getting late so everyone agreed to be finished.  I think in the end the teams tied, with Teh Humanitarian and Teh FL Greyhound Wife quitting before we were even halfway through.

Teh Bear threatened not to love me if I ever iced cupcakes prior to transport again..
Mostly due to the fact that I covered the cupcake tin with a huge piece of tinfoil and some saran wrap for transport..
And they all proceeded to fall over and roll around.  Deeeelightful.... 

I got out of the pool and was filled with sudden dread, because I had been expecting a call... which I had missed.  Fortunately, it wasn't a big deal.  We headed back home around 8:15p and then Teh Bear and I waited on another call to say it was time to go meet our foster dog halfway.  Around 9:15p, we met our new foster and started the return drive home.  Phil, who was locked in doggy jail due to his renewed inability to resist getting in the trash, seemed ok with tolerating our new guest for the next few weeks.  Exhausted, Teh Bear and I crashed into bed.

I miss amazing sunsets....

Meet Ruthy (fka TJ's Ruthless)!
She's a super soft, little girl who is ready for some permanent lovin's.

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  1. Again, I'm so sorry that the service was stressful for you yesterday. But... I must say, despite your technical hiccups you did a great job (you not the sound guy lol). I hope you know how much we appreciate you and that you are a much needed asset to our worship team!!

  2. my goodness... I love cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. that was always one of my favorite things as a kid! sounds like an eventful week. hope everything goes smoothly next week!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  3. That alfredo and mushrooms looks amaaazing, and I love Cards Against Humanity! So inappropriate, yet absolutely fabulous.

  4. I love alfredo! And homemade is even better! Yum! And that picture of Olive sitting on Zoe? TOO CUTE!


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