Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Weekend Review {7/23}


I had planned to go to school to take my Calc quiz at 0930, but downtown was flooded and traffic was fucked up and I was worried about getting from school to the airport so I emailed my instructor and asked to take the quiz on Monday morning instead.  She finally responded at 7:30PM... (I had emailed her at 8am) so 12 hours later....  /facepalm.

I also had a work call at 0800 for my "transitioning off" project, during which I texted my former PM to clarify that I was fired for miscommunication, after participants on the call kept apologizing for not making the requests for work cleara.  Yep, glad I was the problem.  Fucker.

Since I wasn't going to school, I packed after finishing the laundry and headed to Teh German's work early so he could drop me off at the airport.  I got to my gate and found a spot to plop with my breakfast and laptop.  Rather than doing homework, I decided to blog.  Honestly, I was super wound up from the stress of the night before and morning and I needed some Megan time so that's what I did.

My flight was delayed because of weather, which meant that I could have went to class, but oh well.  I did eventually make it to Chicago where Teh Running Bestie was waiting on me.  We were texting and agreed to meet at the baggage claim since my bag had gotten checked at the gate.  We couldn't find each other so we agreed to meet at the train area.  We still couldn't find each other.. at which point we realized that Teh Running Bestie was at Midway and I was at O'Hare.  FMMMLLL.

I had her birthday present out and ready to give to her too...
I was disappointed to have to pack it back away.

Rather than deal with the trains and having to navigate the city with my luggage, I called for a Lyft.  Brian my Lyft driver was awesome, which was good since we spent an hour and 30 minutes together trying to get to downtown.  Our ride even included stopping at the train tracks for THREE trains to pass, one of went all the way forward and then back ALL THE WAY back.  I cannot make this shit up people.  This is why I hate trains.

Fucking trains.

Finally, I made it to the hotel and Teh Kiawah Running Friend (who I'm going to start calling Matilda) and Teh Running Bestie jumped in the car with us and Brian took us to the Expo so we could pick up our bibs.

After the Expo, we headed back to the room to drop off my luggage and then went back out to pick up pizza at Lou Malrati's for dinner.  We brought the pizza back to the room since the wait for a table was almost an hour and a half.  After changing into stretchy pants, we devoured our pizza and soon after it was sleepy time.


A 0630 alarm was set for race day.  Teh Running Bestie and I signed up for the 5k on Saturday and the 10k on Sunday so we would qualify for the Remix Challenge to get the extra medal, #priorities.  We made it to the start line in record time since our hotel was close by the park where the race started.  Due to being Gimps, we had already decided to walk both races.  It was predicted to rain, but we were fortunate that the rain mostly held off until we crossed the finish line.  We made stops at the medical tent for ice (not for me, fret not) and then the merchandise tent.  Matilda had found us along the course a few times and then right before the finish line.  She stayed back cheering the people at the end of the race.

When we all met back up, we finally agreed to walk back to the hotel in the rain.  We took quick showers and then headed downstairs for the breakfast buffet, which was ON POINT.  After breakfast, we headed back upstairs to post-run/brunch naps.

When we finally woke up by 2, we agreed to go be tourists.  We made a pit stop at Kilwin's to grab ice cream, went into Walgreen's for some water/supplies, then went into Millennium Park to see the different art pieces and The Bean.  After, we walked to the Navy Pier, where we sat and enjoyed the break in the clouds for a bit.  Eventually, we decided to head back towards the hotel and find dinner.  I found a place called Remington close to our hotel that did just the trick.

After we were all stuffed to the gills, we practically rolled back to the hotel.  We lounged around for a little bit, I FaceTimed with Teh German, I started this post, and we watched the Navy Pier fireworks from our bed and then it was bedtime.


We were up at 0530 for our 10k race. 

Snow plows to block the road make me LOL.
Great use of the trucks in the off-season, if you ask me.

Waiting to start.

Start line!

I ran into a little snafu before we started when I realized that my bib said corral 17 instead of corral <5, which Teh Running Bestie and I had both just assumed.  Oops.  While we were waiting to start after we got into the groups, I just kept my bib covered over the corral number in case someone was going to call me out.  17 was the last corral and I just could not with that.  AND I realized it right as we were about to start and I wasn't going to fight my way to the back corrals after having just fought my way to corral 5.  Nope.  #ALittleBitSorry

There were some great views along the way.  I also learned that my super awesome Google phone takes garbage panoramic photos.  /facepalm.

It rained on and off throughout the entire race.  It took us a little under 2 hours to walk a 10k.  Honestly, I feel like walking was harder than running because Teh Running Bestie and I were both just wanting to take off.  In fact, we ran through the start chute, despite my grumblings at Teh Running Bestie that she shouldn't be.

After we got our medals and some ice for Teh Running Bestie's ankle, we picked up our Remix medal (the bonus medal for running 2 events in the same weekend) and then headed to pick up coffee for me.  After acquiring caffeine, we headed back to the course so we could wait on Teh Kiawah Running Friend and cheer her on.  Unfortunately, it started raining BUCKETS and we were wet and cold and we opted to go back to the hotel instead of waiting the 30-45 minutes for her to come by. 

After showers, Teh Kiawah Running Friend made it back to the hotel.  We stretched and chatted and then, sadly, Teh Running Bestie and I had to depart to head to the airport.  We took a Lyft instead of walking through the rain with our luggage to get to the train, despite Teh Running Bestie's desire to ride the L.  Hopefully, her 10k medal of the L made up for it?

After getting to the airport, we made it through security (I didn't have to take my shoes off and I went through non-TSA-precheck security and I was confused, but not complaining), grabbed something for lunch, then headed to my gate to wait for my flight since I departed first.  Teh Running Bestie turned on her hotspot for me to try and get some homework accomplished, but due to my Java ineptitude, it didn't really happen.

Sadly, the time came for me to board and we had to part ways.  While I waited on the plane to take off, I did some Java research.  After we took off, I tried to read the Java stuff that I had opened, but it was putting me to sleep, so I took a nap instead... Which is my airplane specialty.

Teh German picked me up from the airport and we agreed to do Mexican for dinner.  After dinner, we headed home for me to spend the rest of the night beating my head against the Java wall.  Teh German ended up going to bed well before me.

And just like that, the weekend was over.


I had a super fun fantastic weekend with my Running Homies.  But I won't lie to you.. if the trip hadn't already been planned and paid for, I wouldn't have went.  I had fun while I was there, but I was just putting off the stress of everything I had going on, which didn't cause me to relax more.  Additionally, there was a black cloud over me all weekend.  It was exhausting.  Not just to me, but for everyone.  I hate when that happens because I know that when I'm annoying myself, I'm also annoying everyone around me.

Thankfully, the mood finally broke Monday evening and Teh German was quite surprised when I got home on Monday evening in a rather chipper, upbeat mood.  I still had studying to accomplish on Monday, but I wasn't as frustrated as I'd been on Sunday, which always helps. 

Teh Running Bestie pushed me to hire a tutor for Calc 2, so I've finally done it.  Today I spent ~2.5 hours with a tutor, which has mostly taught me that I know what I'm doing, but I'm fucking up the simple things.  I have a test today, so hopefully the money was well spent.  If not, I'll probably keep spending the money anyways, since there is only one more week left of the summer semester and I really need/want to pass this class.  My current grade is a 73.  It's cutting it close.

As for my CS class.  I've figured out that if I fail it, my schedule, NOR my GPA will be effected, so I'm not overly concerned.  I probably should be, but I needed to prioritize and I can retake the CS class in the spring at the Citadel and it will only be a MWF class, vs if I have to retake Calc 2, that is a 5 day a week class and that's just obnoxious.

If you're still hanging on with me through this rough patch, you're the best.  I have expectations of myself to get back on my blogging schedule as soon as this summer hell semester ends.  I have Honeymoon recaps to write and whatever else I normally do when I'm not in my own personal hell.

Work is work.  Because I spend 95% of my time teleworking, I've been making sure to check in frequently.  I did have the satisfaction of replying to an email from someone on my "transferred" project with my former PM cc-ed that I was no longer involved with the project and maybe the PM could direct him to someone who could tech write his document.  /shrug. 

The only negative thing that has happened is that I discovered something I thought was complete, was NOT.. 2 weeks later.  That doesn't bode well, but I corrected the error and now I'm hoping for the best.  It was an unintentional mistake and it happened after the whole disaster went down, but I know that I'm under a microscope, so we'll see how this plays out.

In all of this, Teh German has been a rock-star.  He ensures that we eat and he does things without me without making me feel like I'm missing out and he checks with me before potentially inviting people over when I could be doing school work.  He's pretty much the best husband ever, which I tell him frequently. 

Oh and finally, the dogs have been extra awesome too.  They both have known that I've needed love but also needed space.  They lay with me in the office while I'm slaving away on my homework in the evenings and studying in the mornings before I leave for school.  They always ensure that I am properly greeted when I arrive home and butt scratches can be administered until I have to eat dinner and go do homework.  Meri has been super snuggly with me in the mornings and Pax has given me his greyhound hugs (he leans on me) frequently.  I love when they know how much I need them.  For that, I give them bully sticks dicks every night and reorder the treats that we are almost out of. 

Gentle Readers, THE END IS NEAR.  Stick with me through this last hell week!!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Five on Friday #157

EINS - Random Shit

-I'm just going to be real.  This has been a shit week.  In terms of school, a week = a month and well... I'm pretty much failing BOTH of my classes right now and all I want to do is pass, but I'm not holding out hope.  I've NEVER done this badly EVER in school, so every moment is anxiety ridden.  I'm back on my 2.5mg of lexapro because otherwise, I wouldn't be able to function.  Last weekend was the kicker when I was awake until 04 and 03 because of insomnia caused my outstanding homework problems.  On the anxiety meds, I sleep hard, sleep through the night, AND I actually fall asleep when I go to bed, vs hours later.  I also can handle all the shit I'm going through.. which I won't lie.. has been EXTREME (and inconvenient) this month.

-I bought the car.    I was reassured at work that my job is safe as long as I don't royally fuck things up, despite the difficulties of last week.

Her name is Willow.  Because apparently Subaru Outbacks are a hippy-lesbian (both of which I've been accused of, one of which is true) car and Willow is a perfect hippy name, and also because DISNEY.  Her full name is Grandmother Willow (yes, from Pocahontas).

-Speaking of my work drama.  I'm not sure if my former PM is genuine or not when he apologizes for what went down or not.  I hate playing professional "games" and this guy is a master at them.  Also, he's slippery enough that I can't pin-point if he's just acting or not, which makes me distrust him more.  It's complicated and I hate even having to worry with it.

Also, I hate that the team wasn't notified that I was off their project.  This means a lot of awkwardness (which is my specialty, but I try to contain that when at work) and me having to speak around the issue.. which meant that this morning I told someone, "No, I am not involved with that," instead of saying, "I guess it's not been reported that I've been fired from your project?"  See, look at me being professional and shit.  It can happen.

-Teh German has been a real saint with me this week/month.  He can tell that I'm stressed and he lets me rant and have mini-meltdowns and huff and puff (aka sigh a lot) about my problems.  I'm trying to make time for us, but it's incredibly difficult and I'm constantly shifting priorities in the moment to ensure that no balls drop.  It's exhausting.

-I feel like this gif describes my life perfectly.  Seriously.

-I didn't blog at all this week.  Teh German's post wasn't complete and it didn't even get posted.  That's where I'm at in life.  Priorities have been made and here we are.  I could have spent my time at the airport starting my next homework for CS, but I needed some ME time.  I'm burning myself out.

-The library took 1984 back before I was done with it (I was at 70%) and there's a 3 week waiting period.  FML.  If it wasn't a challenge book, I would have DNF about 25% in.  Buttttt for a challenge, I'll carry on.  /facepalm

In the meantime, I'm working on The Alice Network and Dark Triumph.  I started reading Neil Patrick Harris's autobiography book with Teh German, but I haven't had a chance to read it outloud before bed because my shitshow life this month. 

-My first cricut creation was a sticker for my water bottle that said "Steminist".  Like feminist with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) theme.  we..  first the s at the end came out so I had "Stemini t."  That was fine.. but when the first t came off and it read "Seminit"... it had to go.  now I just have "emini t".  It's so ridiculous it makes me chuckle.

-When your teacher hates you, you get a lot less partial credit.  In case you have ever wondered.

-Is it socially acceptable to do shots at the airport bar at lunch time?  Asking for a friend.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-I traded in Yurtle for Willow.. so I mean, that's a pretty big money thing..
-Ring Pro doorbell.  It was on sale on Woot.. and then when Prime Day happened, I got $6 refunded since they put it on sale within a week of me purchasing it.  #WIN
-Lunch at Mex 1 on Weds after I didn't have time to make a shake for lunch
-New brushes for Roomy, who works again.  #Praise
-Burger King for 2nd breakfast this morning since idk what time lunch will be.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Goodbye kisses for my sweet Yurtle

and goodbye hugs, despite her being wet.

I let Teh German drive the day after I brought Willow home.

New doorbell.  It's supah cool.

Sweet Frog on Sunday with Teh PT Wife was a much needed treat.

It looks like a monster.
It made me LOL in the midst of calc 2 hell.

When I do math like this, math like 2+2 is no longer simple.

Computer science class.

I've been trying to take the dogs on walks in the AM when I have time.
Meri is constantly no the hunt for cats and bunnies and critters in general while Pax is like, WHY THE FUCCCKKK are we outside and why are you making me do this?.. DESPITE the fact that he, like Phil, loses his GD mind when I grab the leashes.  These damn dogs.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Willow.  Even if change is hard.  Going over bumps no longer makes my tits smack me in the chin.  It's a full win.
  2. Getting ahead on calc homework, or as much as possible.
  3. Acceptance that if I fail my classes, I fail my classes.  I'm trying my hardest and that is all I am going to require of myself.  Perfection is unattainable in this situation.
  4. Free wifi at the airport.
  5. Lint balls.  Keeping me sane all week.
  6. Meri and Pax being extra needy.  They know when I'm struggling and I appreciate that more than I can express to them.
  7. Seeing Teh Running Bestie on her birfday.  Shhhhhh, she'll see this and glare at me for publicly announcing her birthday, but I didn't get restaurant servers to sing to her, so this is my trade off.  :D
  8. My phone's super battery.  
  9. A flight delay that enabled me the extra time to get this post created.
  10. Teh German.  His patience with me.  His sympathy with my situation and his understanding that I'm trying my hardest to do something difficult.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.