Monday, September 2, 2013

Extra long weekends make me happy!

My weekend started early on Thurs after the VX-1 Change of Command.  Apparently, it was considered a good idea to let all the VX-1 military stand for the entire ceremony.  I definitely appreciated that test of endurance, although there were 4 others that didn't appreciate the test so much.  After grabbing some munchies, I headed home to change and wait for my hair appointment.  After 2.5 hours, I had curly hair!  That evening, I attempted to write my paper that was due, but Teh Bear made it impossible by watching the worlds most ridiculous crap on Netflix.

Friday morning, Teh Bear went to work and I spent most of the day finishing my literature review.  After finally completing it, I headed to Walmart to pick up a rotisserie chicken for chicken and gnocci soup.  After getting home from my errands, I took the pups on a walk/run and then returned home as Teh Bear arrived home.  I started on the soup right away, but it took a little longer the recipe indicated, but it worked out ok since it was absolutely fabulous...  I mean, I ate it for breakfast on Saturday morning and Teh Bear wanted make sure there was still some leftovers for him to bring to work on Tuesday so all his co-workers would be jealous of his lunch...  DEEEELICIOUS.  After we had our dinner, it was time to go to Teh Singing Cat Lady and Teh Singing Podcaster's house for yard games and dessert and puppy snuggles.  After a few rounds of ladder golf, which I proved to be absolutely terrible at, we headed inside for ice cream sundaes.  As the evening wound down, we headed back home and crashed.  Writing 7 pages of literature review is exhausting work!

Chicken and gnocci soup, NOMNOMNOM...

Ladder golf in the yard!  Teh Singing Cat Lady was very excited since Teh Singing Podcaster had just scored!


Saturday morning, we had vowed to do go and see something, DC/Annapolis/Baltimore, and after breakfast (of gnocchi soup), we showered and headed out to Annapolis.  I made a poor clothing choice and wore pants, so I was pretty miserable the entire time we were there.  Additionally, I chose to carry around my purse and camera bag and I was one miserable Teh Megan.  We had El Toro Bravo for lunch, which I wasn't super impressed with (we should have just went to the Irish Pub that Teh Greyhound Neighbors had recommended, but I smelled the mexican first).  After lunch, it was time to walk around town and do some picture-takin'.  It was weird seeing lots of Midshipmen just hanging around in their uniforms.  I know it's what they do, but it was strange seeing kids, literally, that were set to graduate from the Academy in 2017 (its really too bad 2017 is already in caps, or I'd caps lock it for you).  As in, these kids are freshman... babies!  And for once, I felt validated in the thought that they were just military babies, like I was at one point.  After seeing the capitol building and turning down a tour of a garden with no flowers, we headed towards the Naval Academy to walk around.  We toured Preble Hall first off, to enjoy the, much needed, air conditioning.  After checking out the museum, we headed towards the chapel, which was beautiful.  After we toured the crypt of John Paul Jones, we decided to head back to Yurtle go to home.  As we walked back, we found an ice cream shop, where the temptation was too strong for me to fight.  Ice cream was a great distraction for the rest of the walk to Yurtle.  We stopped at Texas Roadhouse on the way home for dinner, which was a much desired craving I'd been having for a while, then we went home to feed the pups dinner.  Saturday night we started watching Sherlock, and by we, I mean me, since this is Teh Bear's 2nd time watching.

Douches with balls on their trucks are douches.

Representing the NC STATE on the first day of college football for 2013.

TRH rolls are the best.. dipped in ranch dressed and washed down with sweet tea?  NIRVANA!

Dogs that use the wall as pillows are adorable.. especially if their mouths are hanging open.
Sunday morning, I got up and reviewed my literature review and submitted it.  Then we got ready for church and when we arrived at church, I got a surprise, I didn't have to run the slides, I got to sit in the congregation with Teh Bear.  After church, we made plans with Teh Singing Family (Cat Lady and Podcaster) for lunch.  They had made bbq, so they were going to bring the meats and we were going to supply the buns and mac and cheese.  After hanging out for a bit, it was time for Teh Bear and I to take the doggies for a walk, so Teh Singing Family left and we packed Phil and Roofie into the car and headed to St. Mary's River State Park.  We only went to the first mile marker and turned around, which with the hills and roots and terrain was a sufficient effort for all parties.  We stopped 2x on the way back to Yurtle for the pups to get in the water and cool down a bit.  We headed home and the dogs got soaped up and rinsed off and then fed dinner.  We had leftovers and continued watching Sherlock until it was bedtime.

New puppy = Shelly.
Phil is really a horse, I know it.

Hai!!!  I'm widdle and adorable!
Mom, we lub you cause you're gonna take us on a walks!

Dis water is nice, fanks Mom. -Phil

These facial expressions accurately represent our feelings on this walk.

Monday morning we actually slept in.  I got up to let the pups out and then forced everyone back upstairs for naptime.  I couldn't seem to get comfortable at first, and then Teh Bear was like, snuggle with me (and I don't mean bow-chicka-wow-wow snuggling, pervs, this blog is mostly PG-13 rated), at which point I finally got comfortable and passed out for another hour and a half.  It was delightful, since I rarely sleep in much anymore.  I've learned that I can get SOOOOO much accomplished if I just start my day when I get up to feed the beasts than if I go back to bed and re-wake up.  Teh Bear and I had discussed going adventuring again Sunday night, but we hadn't decided on anything by Monday morning.  While we were discussing breakfast options, Teh Bear announced that we should go to DC to visit the Natural History Museum.  I concurred with the plan and we got ready and headed up to DC.  We decided to take the Metro into the city instead of driving in, so we parked at Branch Ave.* and headed towards the National Mall.  We toured Natural History Museum, saw some rocks and fossils and genetics stuff and gems and crystals and the Hope Diamond.  Then since we still had some time before we needed to start heading home, we went to the Art Museum to look at old paintings.  We stopped to check out the food trucks to see if anything good was there and I wasn't impressed.  After we finished at the Art museum, we went to Starbucks so I could finally fulfill my pumpkin spice latte craving.  I went with a pumpkin spice frappuccino instead, but craving fulfilled.  Starbucks in hand, we headed back to the Metro to get to Yurtle and go home.  When we arrived home, we had 2 very excited pups.  After feeding them dinner, Teh Bear washed Lionel Richie and Yurtle and I did laundry and dishes and prepared leftovers for dinner.  We ended the evening with Sherlock and football.  One of these things was more exciting than the other.

*taking the Metro is like going into Wal-Mart.  Holy Moly.  I couldn't take photos of all the ridiculous things we saw without it getting awkward, but I'd encourage you to ride the Metro yourself.  Not only will you be in DC and get to see awesome things, but you'll get so much horrific entertainment.

Teh Bear called this his "Doppler" shoes, after I referred to them as his Hurricane Katrina shoes.

DIREWOLVES ARE REAL!!!  George R. R. Martin wasn't lying!

Hope Diamond, IRL.

This definitely makes me want to go diving again.

Bear paws.

Crazy hats.

Capitol Hill looks much better without all the construction in front of it!

Food trucks at the National Mall.

Please notice the dogs in the background......
Painting by: Aelbert Cuyp

Horse, you are drunk, go home.
Painting by: Piero Di Cosimo

Pumpkin Spice in my belly!!!

The closest Phil has allowed Roofie to lay near him since she moved in.

YAY much needed long weekends make me happy!!!!!  Boooo work on Tuesday!  YAY for a short week!!

PS.  Yes I know I didn't post Annapolis pics.  Expect a post in the near-ish future.. and by near-ish I mean, eventually.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad we got to spend time with you guys this weekend! I love the pictures you posted of Shelley. =) Also, you made me really excited to go to the Natural History Museum next week. And I'm glad you finally got your PSL! I almost got one yesterday, but I was still too full from breakfast and didn't feel like spending the money...


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