Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday #6


Tonight is the Battle of Britain celebration!  If you don't know what that is, don't feel bad, cause I didn't either, but really, its a UK thing.  The Battle of Britain was one of the largest and most sustained aerial bombings in history.  The goal during the battle was for Germany to destroy Britain's air defenses, but Britain was like NO BITCHES!  So Germany didn't win, and it was a significant turning point for the European front of WW2.  Obviously this is a good military campaign to celebrate.  But why is it happening in America?  Because VX-1 hosts several British military personnel and they always like a good reason to have a party!

Honestly, preparing for this party for me has been a significant battle.  It was decided Teh Bear and I would be going a week ago, at which point we had to start finding our "40s costumes."  This was easier for Teh Bear than myself.  After spending an entire day on Ebay searching for the perfect dress, Teh Bear liked one more than the others, and it was approved by others, so I purchased it right before walking out the door to head to DC for last weekend's color run.  It didn't arrive until Thursday afternoon.  STRESSFUL.  When I tried it on, it was a TENT!  I was immediately disappointed, but then went to the closet to see if I owned anything that would suffice.  Teh Bear wasn't a fan of the options, even though I was fine with them and he suggested going shopping to see if there were any options at all. 

After spending 3 hours, we came home successful... more than successful actually.  Now I have 3 options and I have no idea which to choose!  Which is more "40's"??

First world problems.  I know!


This morning I did my best run to date.  Longest time, longest distance, and best average pace.  I was thinking about my running problem, ya know, since I had an hour to think about whatever, and I realized that when I got Phil, my working out abilities have greatly improved.  It used to be hard to just run 1/8th of a mile of the 1 mile trek I used to take Phil on.  Then it wasn't so hard and I made it 1/4 of a mile, and eventually worked up to a 1/2 mile, then I could run the WHOLE MILE!  Yeah, it wasn't my favorite thing, and since I was doing this with Phil, we had specific stopping points we always stopped at for business, so there were breaks, but running a whole mile was a big deal to me. 

Yeah, I'm in the Navy and we have our physical readiness tests, but I always opt to swim mine instead of running, or going the way of using a machine. 

I think the biggest thing that changed for me was when I downloaded the RunKeeper app and it was like all the things clicked.  I could now track my distance, my time, my calories, I could SEE improvement!!!  At first this was a struggle because I wanted to use my iPod, which just wasn't ready to handle that kind of pressure.  Once I just succumbed to using my cell phone, it was easy peasy.

Ok, actually that's a lie.  The biggest thing that changed running for me was buying NEW SHOES.  I purchased new shoes when Teh Sister and I went to the NY wedding in June and it was like a magical healing.  My back stopped hurting all the time!  It was like FREEDOM!  I've been excited to go workout now since I know I'm not going to end up feeling like I've been hit by a car each time I work out.

This morning I ran almost SEVEN MILES.  Last year I was proud that I was running a SINGLE mile.  Yes, sometimes my back still hurts and I power through it.  I definitely believe in mind over body, so even when it hurts I still workout, unless I feel like its only going to hurt me more, then I will probably just do a lighter workout instead of not going (unless I'm feeling particularly unmotivated).  TAKE THAT BODY!  I WIN!


I've felt like a bad blogger recently.  I forgot that last Friday was Friday due to the dress hunt.  Oops.  I really enjoy writing weekend wrap up posts, except that by Sunday night, I'm usually exhausted.  It also doesn't help that Teh Bear's thing is watching TV, which is supppppppper distracting to me.  I blame it on the fact that I didn't watch much TV when I was growing up so when the TV was on, my attention was 100% on the TV.  That habit still continues today, when the TV is on, I struggle to focus on anything other than the TV.  ANDDDDD, more Teh Bear blame, he has me watching Breaking Bad and Sherlock, which are awesome shows (I'm pained to admit), so I actually want to pay attention to those shows.  Additionally, there's the looming paper that I need to write for my class, but haven't even started yet.  Oops.


Speaking of class.  I signed up for my 2nd and 3rd masters classes.  Strategic Intelligence and Human Resources Management.  My first class didn't have a book, which was delightful.  Unfortunately, these classes both have books.  BOO.  I didn't miss textbook prices.  Also, price gouging because the word "management" is in the title should be illegal.

Left: $104 (which didn't come with the 3-ring binder it suggests)
Right: $34 (completely bound)


NJ this weekend for Baby Boomkin-Voices's baptism!  Not only do I get to hang out with Mr. Voices and Mrs. Boomkin, I will obtain a delicious cannoli!!!  WOO!  NOMNOMNOM!  Also this weekend, I have fingers crossed that Roof-a-doofs gets adopted.  Not that she isn't adorable, just we aren't her Forever Family (although Teh Bear would happily foster fail with her I think).


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  1. what a sweet puppy! mine loves to sit in the sun all day! :) what a life!

    xo, sarah grace

  2. Since you asked and said in the blog you were going for a 40's look, I say go with the dress on the right.


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