Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday #5


WOAH short week!  I seriously thought Tuesday was Monday and when Wednesday night rolled around and I hadn't even thought about doing my forum post for my class until I was laying in bed and I'm pretty sure Teh Bear was already asleep when I let out a quiet, "Oh shit."  Good times.  How is today even Friday?  Mind=blown.
PS.  This is NOT me complaining!


I took my advancement exam yesterday.  We'll see if PO1 is in the near future or the distant future...  When I was going through it for the first time I was feeling pretty craptastic about it, but when I went back to answer the questions I hadn't known the first time though I had a bit more confidence.  After talking to Miss Reflective later, who agreed that the images used couldn't have possibly been worse, I felt better.  I miss my community.  Always.  Even if we are an annoying, potentially nerd, mostly assholic group of people, I miss ya'll.


Teh Bear and I are going out for First Friday in Leonardtown tonight with Teh FL Greyhound husband/wife.  I'm kinda excited because we're doing something new together... and if we can't find anything in the downtown area to eat, we're already in the vicinity of Salsa's...  YAY for fallback dinner plans!


My big blue chair has been revived as my homework area.  It seriously feels like I'm back at NC State again.  Too bad I can't go to Cookout tomorrow for a milkshake.. BLEH, MD u so disappointing.

Don't judge the out of control, post-swim, post-run hair..


Shopping for groceries for more than just myself (and Phil, the infamous bread eater) is expensive!  Nonetheless, still glad Teh Bear is here.

Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRIIIIIDAY:

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