Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gettin' my hair did...

Last Thursday was a half day at work due to our change of command (YAY!) and Friday was a Pioneer Day and then Monday was Labor day... so 4.5 day weekend?  YES PLEASE!  I also took this as the perfect opportunity to get my hair did.  I'd been considering a drastic change for a while, like I do every few years (the last time was when I got back from Bahrain and I cut all my hair off which definitely confused Teh BFF when she picked me up from the airport)...

This time, I was thinking: CURLZ!

Since it was a long weekend, that made it the perfect time to get a perm, so that way the smell would be gone by the time I went back to work and I wouldn't have to pull my hair up for work so the curls could set.

Of course, I went into this as a blogging adventure, you're welcome, Gentle Readers.  The ladies at the salon thought I was nuts insisting on photos about every step, especially when I was looking my most ridiculous..

On a serious note though, S.MD-ers, Pamela at Haircuts, Inc near Kmart....  She's magical.  I was referred to her by one of the dental hygienists on base (who is also amazing).  I'm extremely leery of going to hair dressers I don't know.. and by that I mean, everyone except for my home, home hairdresser, Paula.  Maybe the P-name should have been a good sign for me?

Onto the photo extravaganza...
Before leaving home.
Not sure why my hair looks so dark..

My old lady hairstyle.. all up in rollers.

Pamela was nice enough to assist with a back photo.

Chemicals added.  MMMMM smells like perm.

I should have had someone taking a photo of my face as they rinsed the wave solution out after 20 minutes.  OUCH!  I forgot that getting a perm hurt.  Not only did the chemical super activate when she was rinsing it and it got hot, but the hair would also curl tighter around the rods when water was applied.. Talk about hair pulling...

After the wave chemical is rinsed, a neutralizer is added and you wait another 5 minutes.  I didn't have my photo to take a photo of that time, but it looked like the photo above, minus the bags.


All the rollers were out (ouch).

The back.

The final product of 2.5 hours of dedication!

and a side view.

Completely happy with my new hair did!!!!!

So despite the smell, I'm 110% satisfied.  Pamela added some product to kinda help reduce the smell and hold the curls before I left, which Teh Bear was grateful for.

PS.  The absolute best part about getting a perm is finally getting to wash your hair after the 48 hour period.. especially when you're a daily washer...
PPS.  I finally figured out how they did the old school orgasmic Herbal Essences commercials.  Don't let a woman wash her hair for a week, then give her this really good smelling shampoo..  Finally let her wash her hair and record it while it happens.  TADA.  Commercial did.

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  1. LOOOOOOOOVES it. Been telling myself to go get mine permed/waved again for months now...maybe this will be the inspiration needed to get my butt in the hairdresser's chair!


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