Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Review


Friday night, we hit up First Friday in Leonardtown and Salsa's with Teh FL Greyhound Wife/Husband.  First Friday wasn't a bit disappointing compared to our First Friday in Denver.  I did see several people I know from work, which is always a fun time, Teh FL GH Wife bought some stuff at a salon and we both got gift bags.  I found some pretty ridiculous sunglasses at that salon, so my time waiting on her was not wasted...  After a delicious dinner at Salsa's, we came home and did some online shopping.  We purchased new flatware, a new bookcase, and a desk from Target, and a color-theme coordinating chair from Walmart.
I found this.. so that counts for something, right?

Showing off my new lip gloss (from my free bag of goodies from the salon) to Teh Bear.


Originally, we considered going to the MD Renaissance Faire on Saturday, but after finally making the decision to go, I changed my mind since it was already 11am, knowing we wouldn't get there till after lunchtime, and we wouldn't be able to make it a group event, because coordinating that trip with everyone would take too long..  Instead, we went to lunch at the ever-classy Chickfila, then headed to Target where we bought a different bookshelf.  Afterwards, we headed to base to see if we could find polarized sunglasses for me, since Teh Bear felt that my non-polarized were a detrimental safety risk.  After successfully finding sunglasses and perusing the entire NEX, it was time to head home.

These exist IRL.

I was kind and let Teh Bear watch football as he built the bookcase that we purchased.  When I moved in February, the movers pretty much demolished my cheapo bookcase that I had (that I built with a towel rack holder, if you don't remember... I used the towel holder base to hammer nails in).  I put Baby in the corner since that was the safest place since it could be supported by both walls.  After I rearranged the living room a few months ago, I wanted to move the bookcase, but I had been putting it off.  Before Teh Bear arrived, I decided to finally move it and I just wasn't comfortable putting it in the new location with how wobbly it was. I broke the bookcase apart and vowed to replace it soon after stacking all my books in the closet.   I was extremely glad to finally have a bookcase again.   The only problem now is that the papasan chair that I acquired from Miss Difficult Last Name might be getting shunned due to lack of space, which crushes me.  I love that chair!  When the desk arrives, unless I take down the dog crate, the chair will be sent away from the island.  We will see.

Later in the evening I saw a status update from Teh FL Greyhound-ers that said they had went to one of the local state parks with the dogs.  Teh Bear and I took that as a great idea and loaded up Phil and Roofie in Yurtle and headed out there for a walk as well!  Genius idea!  It was gorgeous out!  The pups were exhausted after our 2.5 miles, and so were the humans, so it was a lazy night for Casa de Teh Megan+Teh Bear.  We had dinner and drinks and watched Sherlock.


Sunday morning we skipped church and headed towards Annapolis with Teh Monopoly and (Teh Kilt Husband) to the MD Renn Faire.   As I am a snob, I prefer Renn Faires with permanent structures, so the MD faire met that criteria...  actually the grounds were HUGE.  Soooo much vendors, which was exciting and sad all at the same time!  This past weekend was pirate weekend, so I knew that we were in for all the visual treats with people dressed up.  The MD faire doesn't seem to be as hardcore as NC.  Pirate weekend in NC is  SOOOOO many pirates in all the places.  MD seems to have a "looser" definition of "pirate", from my observation.  Also, I still don't understand the furry tails.. or the little shoulder critters that attendees like to have.  It's been explained to me, but I just don't get it.  Also, it's a renaissance festival.. not a steampunk festival... or a "gentleman's club".. dress appropriately. kthx.

I could be biased when I announce that I prefer the NC faire over the MD faire.  Mostly based off the 3.5 shows that we watched.  NC is dirtier and funnier, what I've come to expect from a renn faire.  Yet, the MD fair had SOOOOOO many food options!  As in, I had to look hard for a soup bowl, which isn't even what I ended up getting for lunch.  They had crepes.. WITH NUTELLA AND BANANAS AND WHIPPED CREAM!!  So on the Food scale, MD won.  Shopping wise, MD also won due to all the options.  It was almost overwhelming.  If you're looking for something, the MD renn faire has it.  If they don't, they know someone that does.  It is also fortunate that more and more vendors are with the times and they are accepting cards without tacking on a credit card fee.  I appreciated that.

This faire I noticed ALL.THE.GREYHOUND.THINGS!!!

The Crafty Celts

Sighthound quilt!
Gryffin Designs

Gryffin Designs

What happens at the Renn Faire, stays at the Renn Faire?

Crab Pretzel..  NOMNOMNOM.

Teh Bear's first turkey leg.
He ate the whole thing, so I'd say he enjoyed it.

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow

I've read enough Harry Potter to think this is funny.

Teh Bear with a bear.

Teh Megan with a bear just my size.

Peg-leg cow.  Yes.


Haha, they have puns.

Really, horse head?

Dusty pretzel??  Only $2.

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