Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday #fidy


I met the CEO of Company yesterday.  I like to believe that I got extra points because I just so happened to be wearing my Company fleece jacket since I was chilly... or at least that it made up for the potentially bad impression he may have gotten of me...  Let me explain.

After being deeply engrossed in a Reddit article someone on my FB feed had shared for about 30 minutes, I realized that a coworker who shares every.single.thought he has in the group chat (that 99% of doesn't apply to me) was no longer blocked.  I had blocked him 45 minutes prior and it had been working.. but was no longer and I wasn't a fan of this change of events and I was verbalizing that.

As I wrapped up my mini-rant, I was approached by a stranger who introduced himself to me and my quad-mate.  I semi-recognized his name but it took me a few minutes to pinpoint why.  This was the CEO who I had chose not to meet when our office set up a Happy Hour on Tuesday that I didn't attend (because it was far away and from 4-6 and there was no way I was going to get stuck on the wrong side of the bridges to schmooze).  As I'm having this revelation, my coworker doesn't feel me glaring at him to give him the "important person" look and ask, "What projects are you working on?"

Coworker proceeds to get tomato-face as the CEO explains he's kinda on all the projects, but he's the most useless on all of them since he's the CEO.  Coworker quickly recovers but gives me the look like he might die soon.  CEO had barely walked away when we lost our shit and started cackling.  That's what we get for not going to schmooze.


Of 6200 people, I am 2625th in the Moon Jogger rankings.  My goal for this year is 500 miles.  I'm at 214 miles since January 1, 2015.  I have a running problem.  Or maybe it's a medal problem.  Whatevs.  MOUSE BOUND 2016!!!

So can we all just send up a prayer/hopes/good thoughts/positive vibes/whatever you believe in for my NOT getting hurt and having to interrupt my running schedule to recover... mmkayyy thanks.

My favorite thing about today is that I get to hang out in one of my favorite places (Raleigh) AND I get to meet someone new face-to-face AND it's the day before a race, which is always exciting.

Also, I researched the 10k they are doing at home, home on July 4th and turns out they are only giving medals to the winners of each age group.  Meh, not as interested anymore.


 If I was a fashion blogger, I'd totally post some of my outfit selfies here.  I usually just send them to Teh MD Adult Roomie and Teh Soccer Mom Saint.  I will share that I bought these pants yesterday and it was reported to me that Teh MD Adult Roomie actually gasped outloud in horror.

Seriously though, I'm such a hippy at heart and Teh MD Adult Roomie says these aren't work acceptable pants and I'm going to show her.  The Navy taught me that bell bottom pants are perfectly acceptable dress clothes...

Baby Navy Megan (I couldn't find my more updated photos, /tear).  I LOVED the cut of those pants.. nothing else but the cut.

Ok, fine, I'll show you some of outfit selfies.  Please excuse the fact that these were all taken in the bathroom at work.  I have a full-length mirror at home, but the lighting in the bedroom is poor and the mirror isn't that wide.. It's just not a good selfie mirror.

I thought I had more phone selfies, but I guess not.  I even looked in our chat history and couldn't find more than this, even though I know I've sent more photos than this.  Outfit selfie FAILURE.


Let me just share some ridiculous shit from my phone with you because these things need to be shared with the internets..

Fortunately, they were parked before I was, so I just got super close to them.  But seriously Blue Sticker* Person, you've been judged

"Welcome to the cougar den!"  I can't even make that up.  Kudos to Mr. Scrooge for noticing that one.

That is the sun shining like it was a sunny day.. but it was RAINING.  CHS get your shit together.

This is a reaction selfie I took to send to Teh Sister after she told me Teh Mom had pretty much given her permission to cut up and use our Disney books for wedding bouquets and she made fun of my "poof".. at which point I TOLD HER about the fact that my hair was back so I could let it down later so I could get that fresh whiff of my shampoo.  I also have this thing where I pull my hair back and have zero fucks to give about how I look when I'm actually working.  You are welcome, Coworkers.  PS. I'M A UNICORN!

This happens to be some ridiculously AWESOME shit.  Instead of salt life or lake life or whatever other types of lives these Charlestonians live, this one says Walt Life and that's totally a life I can get behind.


I downloaded Evil Apples on Suzy2.5 and I'm addicted.  Mr. Scrooge is the worst at playing (part because he can't have his phone at work and part because he wouldn't judge and chose to watch Chopped instead (which I was relentless about until he finally judged his round)).  Additionally, the first time you try to play on an Android, the game is super buggy.  It's like it has to get warmed up before it can properly function, similar to me in the mornings.

I would love to have more friends that play.. so if you already play or you're interested in playing I'm easily reachable!  email me or message me on Teh FBs.

PS. Evil Apples is the mobile version of Cards Against Humanity, essentially.  It's not made by the same people (their loss), but it's pretty awesome nonetheless.  You can play with randoms for 1 piece cake (or for "free" with your friends) and you get coins for winning rounds and a piece of cake for winning a game.  The same rules apply for when you play with your friends.  Coins can be used to "buy" things in the store (expansion cards, etc) and cake is used to play with more randoms.  Other than the initial buggyness, I'm lovin' it.  JOIN ME!!!

We would be this cool if we were Evil Apple friends.....

*Before military bases decided to smarten up and quit using base stickers (hello OPSEC issues much?), blue stickers were given to officers, red stickers were given to enlisted, and white/green stickers were given to contractors/civilians

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Love the disney bumper sticker. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the bell bottom pants!! I always liked that about the Navy Uniforms! I used to work for a military dress uniform company and would on the regular have embarrassing moments like the one with your CEO. It's awkward as he'll to explain to a general that he has to go up a pant size! I will check out evil apples! Does it work with iPhone I wonder? Have a great weekend!

  3. If I were a fashion blogger I would have 0 followers ha. Congrats on 214 miles so far!

  4. Your selfies are cute! I am feeling super down about my work wardobe- a spree may be in my future!

  5. I still sport around my boot cut and flared pants from time to it is kinda the same thing isnt it? I would be too nervous to take selfies at work for fear someone would catch me doing such haha! That last Disney GIF is epic! Have a great weekend!


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