Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Confessions {4/29}

-When I eat dinner alone, I usually eat most, if not all, of my meal standing in the kitchen.  #singlegirlbehaviors

-I started watching Silicon Valley last week since we have HBOgo.  I think I'm going to like it.  #selfproclaimednerd #cantfightit

-I'm so glad the internet is over that Lily Poopoohead collection being at Target. #stufalready

-Mr. Scrooge made asparagus on the grill recently and it tasted like he'd poured an entire bottle of smoke flavor on them, which I know didn't happen because we don't own fake smoke flavor.  I dislike the taste of char/smoke greatly.  This is a problem since we have a charcoal grill.  #nomegusta  #mypeeisgoingtosmellfunny

-Despite how much I fight the IT2 title, it just seeps out of me.  I belong to a few groups on FB where many users try to share their photos and most of us end up with the "Attachment Unavailable" message because of their privacy settings.  I got tired of seeing this error so I finally posted in one of the groups about people needing to make their photos public to share to page or upload them directly to the group.  #techsupport #computersarehard

-How to know someone with a Florida tag is a displaced yankee: They use the left lane for passing and get back in the right lane after they finish passing slower vehicles.  #driveontherightpassontheleft #floridaisfullofdisplacedyankees

-Meri was probably the cutest dog at GIG.  I might be biased, but probably not based on the amount of compliments we got on her.  #mydogisthebestest #merimeriquitecontrary

-I felt guilty that Meri got all the attention and Phil barely got any, but Phil was almost always with me, where Meri was almost always with Mr. Scrooge.  Maybe my full attention made up for it?  #parentingwoes

-When we got home on Sunday from our drive from Gettysburg, PA, I got a trust lesson with Phil as I got to chase him around the neighborhood after he decided he didn't want to go in the house.  He KNEW to be just a wee bit faster than me not to get caught.  I KNOW that he let me catch him and he proudly walked home with me holding his martingale like, "Look at me, walking my human, haha."  He might not be able to run with me for 10 miles, but that asshole can run faster than me in short sprints forever.  #retiredracer #45mphcouchpotato #philalicious

-My dogs have their own hashtags. #hashtag #philalicious #merimeriquitecontrary #notsorry

-I can't get enough Kodaline in my life.  I first heard them when I watched The Fault in Our Stars and no matter how you feel on the book/movie, I think we should all get behind this Irish band (yay accents!).  I feel like the new album sounds like a break up album, which goes well with my current repeat repeat repeat playlist.  But seriously, Honest and Better are pretty much everything I don't say...  #listentomysongstoknowhowIfeel

-I am part of the Greyhounds in Gettysburg FB group and people keep complaining about those individuals who didn't pick up their dog's poop.  Well, Mr. Scrooge was one of those people who didn't pick up poops "since they were too runny."  I feel ALL THE GUILT about this.  I tried to tell him to pick up what he could, even if that meant just smearing it on the grass and only getting a little in the bag.  He didn't.  He made the choice not to even bother.  Not only do I feel guilty about it, I'm also frustrated about Mr. Scrooge's lack of concern regarding the situation.  #responsibledogowner #catholicguilt

-When we got home on Sunday, Mr. Scrooge was SUPER upset that a majority of the grass in the front yard was dead.  After he unloaded Yurtle, he spent the next hour watering the dead grass.  Later, when he came in he told me he had figured out WHY the grass was dead.  Because I care so much, I said, "Please, Mr. Detective, tell me!"  Apparently, he had sprayed bug spray on the grass and it had killed the grass.  I was so thrilled he had solved this mystery, obviously.  #brownthumb #idgafaboutthegrass

-I wish there was a miracle way to get rid of my belly flab.  I am sometimes very self-conscious of the way my flab looks when I wear dresses because it kinda looks like I'm pregnant and NO.  Last summer when I was training for my half marathon, I was starting to look pretty good (and feeling really good about how I looked because sometimes I am vein about myself and I only allow myself to wear certain clothes when my flab isn't the most prominently displayed thing on my body) then I ran the half and promptly stopped running and gained a not very subtle 15 lbs which has now morphed into 20 on a bad day.  When I feel my belly fat sitting on my thighs I get grossed out by my own body.  I'm always pulling the waist up on my pants so that it "conceals" the flab.  #foodbaby #vanity

-Since I'm being vein, I will tell you that my face and back EXPLODED with acne while we were in PA and it's soooo horrible and unattractive and I'm 95% sure it's because I didn't bring my facewash with us and packed Mr. Scrooge's instead, which is Neutrogena, but has salicylic acid, unlike mine.  My face is just so angry and it makes me so sad.  I also think stress could have something to do with it.  Ughhh.  #adultacnewoes

-One of the things I am most proud of is the fact that I've had ZERO pregnancy scares since being sexually active.  You're welcome, Teh Parents, if you're reading this.  I'm not sure if this is because I've been very adamant about birth control or because I'm infertile, only time will tell, but either way zero scares!  #birthcontrolrocks

-I'm considering paying to watch Grey's Season 11 episodes 4, 5, and 6 since I can't find them on the internets and word on the street is that last week's episode was mind blowing because something about Derek and NO SPOILERS!!!!  Teh MD Adult Roomie was awesome and sent me this text:

Have I mentioned lately how awesome Teh MD Adult Roomie is?  Cause seriously, she gets me.  #myperson #greysanatomywoes

-Last night, Mr. Scrooge mowed the grass (yay!) and came inside.  Later, he let the dogs out and then realized about 10 minutes later when he went to check on them/let them back in that they were loose in the neighborhood because he hadn't closed the side gate when he was done mowing the backyard.  Fortunately, Meri came right away when called, Phil on the other hand was no where to be found.  I started the walk around the circle, assuming that he probably hadn't gone far because many people on our little circle leave their garages open and he's really just a nosey old man.  I'm walking around and calling for him and I don't see him anywhere.  Mr. Scrooge had grabbed a super squeaky toy and had gotten in the truck and was driving around squeaking the toy out the window calling for him.  I met Mr. Scrooge on the far side of the circle and he told me to get in the truck.

At which point I broke down bawling.  Seriously.  Twice in 2 days?!  I wasn't even mad at Mr. Scrooge, I was just so unbearably upset that Phil was gone and the possibilities of things that could happen were endless and it's really a sighthound owner's worst nightmare to have a loose dog because they catch sight of something and they are GONE.  And with a trained racing greyhound, it happens faster than I can type fast (which is pretty quick considering my WPM is usually 70-80).

Mr. Scrooge was almost back to our house when he saw Phil 2 doors down from our house, sniffing around the doorway, pissing on their flowerbeds.. not even looking remotely guilty.  I got out and called for him and he started to come towards me and then dodged me (letting me know AGAIN that he would ALLOW me to catch him when he felt like it) and headed back towards the house to smell more things.  I called him again and Mr. Scrooge was squeaking the toy and Phil trotted over to me like, "It's really no big deal, Mom, I was right here the whole time."  Phil and I walked back to the house while Mr. Scrooge parked the truck.

When I came inside, I was still pretty shaken up.  I wasn't mad at Mr. Scrooge for leaving the gate open, and I'm still not.  Accidents happen and this time, the results were ok.  Nonetheless, when I was putting away laundry, Phil came up to me like he was apologizing and I sat down in the floor and hugged him around his neck and started crying again told him that he wasn't allowed to run away cause I needed him.  Mr. Scrooge came in and saw me on the floor and grabbed a tissue then sat on the floor with us and Mr. Scrooge told Phil, "She loves you, you can't run away.  She loves you."  But seriously, I really fucking love that dog.  #iflmydog #unhealthyattachments

-Those Grey's gifs make me want to go back and rewatch from the beginning.. ya know.. back when Grey's was AMAZING..  #greysfanatic

My absolute, most favorite episode.
Dammit... Dammit..

-PS.  When I was looking for Grey's gifs I think I saw a spoiler that I wasn't supposed to see about Derek that Teh MD Adult Roomie was warning me about.  #FML

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloMaking Melissa


  1. My pets have a hashtag too - but only for their combo pics #tedandgunner. And I totally feel you on a) the poop picking up guilt because that would drive me CRAZY and b) the food baby belly situation. Why can't there just be an easy fix for that? Ugh.

  2. I haven't watched last weeks Grey's, because I saw a spoiler and really...I just don't want to see it. It's hanging in my DVR but I don't know if I can take this show anymore.

    I'm so sorry about Phil. That is seriously the worst feeling...damn doggies just don't understand how crazy it makes us wen we can't find them :( So glad he made it home safe though.

  3. Just dont even get me started on Grey's right now. I totally saw the spoiler before I got to watch it and I still cried like a damn baby. And the song they play. OMG!!!!

    I sometimes feel bad if I am giving one of my dogs more attention than the other...or a guest favors one over the other. Because they usually favor Mac because he is an attention whore and ignore my sweet little Gracie and I take it personally. Oops.

  4. Silicon Valley is HILARIOUS! i love that show. Erlich is the funniest character, as is Gilfoy because he just doesn't give a shit!

  5. I am loving all the hashtags lol. I haven't watched Grey's in years. I know what happened, don't worry I won't tell you, but I really thought that was the series finale! I was like "alright, it's over!. I'm gonna go watch the whole series from the beginning again!" Nope, not over...

  6. I don't even watch Grey's, but they announced the spoiler on the radio the very next morning. I still don't understand the Lily obsession, I really don't think it's cute at all. Bloglandia seems to love when any designer makes their stuff available at Target though.

  7. I have the same problem with weight; my extra pounds are mostly around in my stomach and waist, so I look pregnant when I wear dresses.

    I think some of the Lily clothes are cute, but not for the prices. I am not a fashionista type. A $15 dress from Wal-Mart is fine with me.


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