Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Confessions {5/6}

-I've given up on the Confessions linkup, but because this is my Wednesday routine, let's get to it.  We still have the #hashtag linkup!!  Woot!  #bloggermotivation

-After realizing last week that I started this blog in April and it was an anniversary of some sort round these parts, I started self-stalking.  #blogaversary
1.  I started this blog on April 26, 2011.  That makes can I decide another day? 5 years old.  We have passed the toddler stages, Gentle Readers.. and for those of you who have been around for a majority of those years, you da best!
2.  I've been blogging for a lot longer than 5 years.  Back to the days when it was called online journaling (which spell check says isn't a word but did suggest LiveJournal, kthxno) and kids didn't worry about being internet stalked.  I went back and reread some of my old Xanga posts, the first being on March 14, 2004.  I'm not sure if I was posting on Myspace at that time or not, but I have kept paper journals since I was a kid.  The years after I stopped writing publicly and started writing here were poorly documented.
3.  One of my biggest regrets is not backing up my Myspace "journal" before deleting it.  Years worth of writing GONE.  Sometimes I consider contacting them to see if they can dig it up from the archives, but that was so long ago.. I doubt it.

-Remote connecting to my personal laptop at home from my work laptop is one of my new favorite nerd things.  When I admitted to setting up the remote connection to one of the sysadmins at work, he announced that I was nerdy-er than him.  I should probably just accept that IT title now...  #nerdacceptance

-We got some new computers at work and watching people comprehend Windows 8 is cracking me up.  Mind you, I work at a tech company with programmers and code writers and nerds who know how to manipulate computers and these people are struggling with the OS.  That's how you know it's crap.
Comments so far:
"People should have gotten fired for this!"
"You can get six month free of Windows 10 because Windows 8 is so dicked up."
"Seriously, just download a program to make it look like Windows 7 and your problems will be solved.  Windows 10 is going to look like Windows 7, that's how bad 8 is."
"Windows 8 officially made me a grandpa.  I need a young person to tell me how to use this."

-There is someone related to me with a set of those heinous fake testicles on his truck.  What is the process to go about disowning a cousin?  #nojk #faketesticlesaredouchy

-The sweet cream creamer that I have been forgetting to bring to work for 2 weeks isn't as delicious as I wanted it to be.  I'm all the sads now because the peppermint mocha creamer is definitely going to be out of season and I'll have to find an alternative and it's going to suck.

-I work better from home than I do at work.  At work, my frustrations really hinder progress whereas when I'm at home, I don't feel the need to slam things down until I've been trying to solve a problem (looking at you tables in Microsoft Word) for a few minute with no success.  #caninesarethebestcoworkers

-I don't like Michael Jackson.  I just don't.  His music, his drama, blah blah blah.  #idgaf

-Growing up I listened to whatever Teh Parents listened to.  That happened to be country music 100% of the time.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME (to my recollection).  So it wasn't until I got daring one day and changed the radio station to the pop station, where my hand was promptly smacked and I was told when hell froze over I'd be allowed to listen to that shit (slight paraphrasing, but not really) that I decided it was time to branch out.  This coincided with hitting middle school and making new friends that were interested in doing something besides watching Disney movies (boo/yay).  Believe it or not, they even had music interests!  My world was opened to the realms of rap and pop and that static-y mexican station and Delilah and the Jesus channel and things that weren't country!  Mind = BLOWN.  I developed a taste for 90s rock and I knew all the words to Baby Got Back.  I brought home a cassette tape (yeah I'm that old) of Joan Osborne's What If God Was One of Us? and passed it off as Jesus music (much to Teh Mom's great distaste).  I also brought home a Bone Thugs N Harmony tape with Crossroads on one side and some other song that we never listened to on the other side and we used to loudly sing "heaven" over the parts where they say "hell" because if Teh Mom knew that was the lyric, she would have shut that shit down with a quickness.

All that is to say that I never was really influenced by 80s music so now when 80s bands come on, I happily change the channel to Lithium or Octane or Y2Kountry or The Highway (on Sirius).  The point of all this?  This upsets Mr. Scrooge to no end.  Which leads me to...

-Mr. Scrooge likes to play this stupid game where he's listening to Pandora and he looks at me and asks, "Who is this?"  Meaning, who is the band/artist singing.  98% of the time, I have no fucking idea because he LURVES the 70/80s channels on Pandora.  My default answers are Bon Jovi and AC/DC and Journey and John Denver.  Btw, when I say "stupid game" what I really mean is "stump the chump" and it absolutely infuriates me because it's no secret that I'm not going to know, then he acts all upset because I don't know.  Really?  Finally, I started doing it to him with music that I listen to.  He didn't know 95% of the bands and I felt validated... and soon after "stump the chump" started happening less and less.

-Apparently being more than a week behind on anything in the entertainment world means that its your own fault for finding spoilers where you don't expect them?  My bad.  #queenofpassiveaggressiva

-The new Mumford & Sons album rocks my world.  #onrepeat

-I finally spoke to my realizations.  The change has been nominal.  I'm struggling in a way that I haven't ever (to my recollection).  I feel completely drained and I'm trying to figure out what my next steps are.  Sorry for the vagueness but things are unsettled and I'm not going to say what is going to happen on way or the other because I don't want to jinx it.  But if you wanted to send some positive thoughts/prayers/happiness my way, I'd totally accept that.. also pictures of cute dogs, those always cheer me up.  #vaguebooking #myfacejustlookslikethis

Based on the spoilers I've seen about Grey's, too soon?

-Yes, I totally believe in jinxing something before it happens, not like jinx when you say the same thing at the same time, even though that is totally cool.  #karmaisreal

-I have acquired all the episodes of Grey's that I'm behind on and haven't watched a single episode yet.  #priorities #thePlaneCrashShouldHaveKilledEveryone #Icantquitwatching

-I really wanted to write a weekend review post, but because I was at Home, Home for a funeral I wasn't able to.  Also, can I get a hell yeah for Company being awesome and letting me work remote from NC for 2 days so I could attend the funeral?  WINNNNNNNNN (to the work thing, not the funeral, duh).  #teleworkingrocks

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. Well good luck on your vague thing :) OMG I'm so glad I'm not working where I have to deal with a Windows upgrade. The last one was enough for me, I got so many questions (and I don't do IT). One co-worker we had to do a plug-in to make Excel work like the older version, it was bad.

  2. Ugh Windows. So lame. So so lame. My parents listened to the big hair bands when I was growing up, Poison, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Ozzy. To say they despised my incessant listening to NSYNC in high school in an understatement. Haha.

  3. OH MY GOD MY HUSBAND PLAYS THE "WHO IS THIS GAME" AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO THROAT PUNCH HIM. It's because his parents do it, so when we are all in the car together I just die. 99% of the time I answer Metallica. Just because (it's right about 50% of the time).

    I still have not watched Grey's. Not saying I'm giving up forever, but I just can't atm.

    Prayers/positivity/good vibes for the situation, & I totally get the jinx thing. Guilty myself...although I usually just end up avoiding the blog hehe.

  4. I wonder if guys who put fake testicles on their trucks are the same ones who use pictures of their shirtless chest as their profile pictures.


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