Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Review {5/11}

Weekend Goal: Laziness


  • Left work early and went on a run for the 2nd day in a row.  Ugh kill me.  It was so humid.  Did I mention that living in Charleston is pretty much like living in GTMO except with more live and leafy vegetation and a distinct swampy smell?  Seriously.  There's a reason people in the South do things.. like not go outside all summer long unless they are lounging by a body of water.
  • Went home and showered and hung out with the dogs (who were well aware of the drama going on between Mr. Scrooge and I) and watched Grey's while I finished working on some documentation.
  • Mr. Scrooge came home and it wasn't as awkward as I anticipated, although still a little awkward due to Thursday night's conversation.  
  • There was a dinner debacle and we ended up having pizza because neither of us could make a decision on food and I finally got fed up (and hangry enough) to just throw the pizza in the oven...  I just really didn't want to have to make the decision and Mr. Scrooge didn't believe me when I told him I didn't care where/what we ate.
  • We were lazy and watched TV all evening.  I think I probably retreated to the bedroom to watch Grey's while he continued channel flipping, I can't even remember because Friday was so long ago.
  • I ended up falling asleep before Mr. Scrooge came to bed.  The last time I cared to pay attention to what he was doing, it was 11:30 and he was playing Skyrim.  Do not care, sleeps more important.

Phil snuggling with me while I was working.


  •  I got up early-ish to get to the store before the Saturday madness began.  I hadn't been since the weekend before my 10-miler and that was almost a month ago, so I had a pretty long list of things to get.
  • I only spent 45 minutes in Target, which is pretty good considering I had a deodorant debacle when I couldn't remember which type of deodorant Mr. Scrooge preferred (stick or gel) AND I had to pick out 3 mother's day cards and a birthday card, 2 of those for Mr. Scrooge's family, which is a lot of pressure if you're me and one of your life skills is picking out the perfect card.
  • I only spent an hour at the commissary, which wasn't bad considering we needed all the things and my buggy was almost completely full.  I was anticipating at least $200.  Yay for ALL THE COUPONS! (most of which I found in the store, woot!) $170 later I walked out stocked for the month-ish.  I picked up lots of fresh veggies and some meat, which was most of the expense. 
  • I only spent 20 minutes in Walmart, which I hadn't really wanted to do, but Target didn't have Nexium and the commissary didn't have some items that I was looking for, so it was good that I saved Walmart for last.. with the exception of the fact that I arrived around 1230, which meant that all the people had finally come out, bleh.  
  • $400 later, I made it home and Mr. Scrooge helped me unload Yurtle since he had just returned from his ride right as I came home.  Woot on good timing.
  • Mr. Scrooge announced after we finished putting everything away that he wanted to go watch Age of Ultron.  After he ate a late lunch, we headed to the theater for the 2:30 show.  It was a good movie and of course I noticed that the Red Man was Jeffery Chaucer from A Knight's Tale.  This conversation happened as we were leaving the theather:
Mr. Scrooge: What did you think?
Teh Megan: It could have been better.
Mr. Scrooge: How?
Teh Megan: More Loki.
  • When we came home, Mr. Scrooge cooked the chicken that had been marinading for several days and roasted some veggies while I vacuumed half of the house.
  • We ate dinner and I debated finishing the vacuuming (nope) and instead retreated to the bedroom to watch more Grey's.
  • Mr. Scrooge came in after a while and we went to bed.  My new "thing" is asking heart-to-heart question/conversation things after Mr. Scrooge turns off the light, meaning literally right before sleepytime.  It's kind of annoying because we both want to go to sleep, but I have this thing where I become stupidly clairvoyant right before I go to sleep.  My question to Mr. Scrooge was something to the effect of why doesn't he just decide to love me since he can't figure it out one way or the other.


  • Breakthrough morning where the celibacy streak was broken (not really TMI since I already told my parents about the entire situation and if they can handle it, so can you)... FINALLY.
  • Because it was Mother's Day, we saved going out to eat for dinner instead of brunch.  
  • Mr. Scrooge went out on a ride while I returned the deodorant I bought him (I chose poorly during the debacle) and picked up the ingredients to make panna cotta.
  • I picked up a cookout milkshake and sweet tea on my way home because I deserved it for being awesome.
  • I got home and put everything away and failed at making panna cotta and instead sat on the couch with Phil and watched Grey's.  Season 11 has been kicking me in the feelz all the day long.  I know it's going to get worse from spoilers, but I'm enjoying the roller coaster and I'm glad I waited until the end to catch up becuase if I had to wait a week between episodes, I might go crazy.  Also, just a note about how the music has been on point this season.
  • When Mr. Scrooge got home, he said he wanted to clean the bike.  I joined him outside and vacuumed Yurtle and he wiped her insides down with armor all (it really makes my hands itch, so I don't really like doing it) then I (poorly, so I discovered this morning) washed my windows.  I had planned on also vacuuming out and doing the windows in Grey Cloud (Mr. Scrooge's truck), but we decided we should head out to dinner instead.
  • Went to Basil for dinner and it was delicious.  I was really craving the soup.  Additionally, we happened to be at Basil the night that my relationship started to take a turn for the worst when I discovered somethings on Mr. Scrooge's phone that shouldn't have been there, completely by accident (which is how I usually discover things on his phone) so hopefully going back will end that rough streak?  mmmkay.
  • Came home and finished up laundry and watched another episode of Grey's and finally it was bedtime after we finished watching the Caps/Rangers game (PS. We're rooting for the Caps round here (my team preferences in order: Hurricanes. Capitals, Devils)).

Here's to a excellently lazy weekend and relationship things getting better from here.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. I love having a lazy weekend.

  2. Pizza is ALWAYS the answer. I mean, even if you DO know what you want... the answer should always be pizza. Duh??? ;P

  3. I hope everything gets better between you and Mr. Scrooge soon...hopefully this will just be a distant memory someday!


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