Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Confessions {5/27}

-How the fuck is it already May 27th?  I know how much I refuse to acknowledge the month of May, but usually it's way more painful than this.  #soconfused  #thatwaseasy

-I ordered a villains mystery pack from and it was kinda expensive but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.  I got the Maleficent, Red Queen, and Ursula shirts.   #runninghabitsareexpensive #worthit #Disneyaddict

-Remember last week when I said I was sad about one of my quadrant-mates leaving Company and how it was making me wonder what other jobs were out there for me?  Well, it goes hand-in-hand with the fact that sometimes, I miss "the fight."  I miss the mission of the military and no, it's not like we always did good things, but there was always something going on.  That thing last week with China and the US surveillance aircraft (P-8 Poseidon)?  I was stationed at VX-1 with a guy on that flight.  I actually flew in the P-8 to Scotland.  I miss discovering new places overseas and being the first to know something. #missthemission

-Why is it that a majority of the free e-books are erotic fiction?  I never realized that literary porn (literally) was a huge market.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good smut book every now and then, but it's just overwhelming.  #pornistakingovertheworld

-There's a girl who I grew up with, she's a few years older than me, but I've seen her in the photos of SEVERAL dude FB friends over the years (in what insinuated more than just a friendship relationship (yes I'm judging)).  In addition to the knowledge of all the dudes she dated while we were in middle/high school, it's just overwhelming that I know so many people she's dated.  Have I ever told you about how glad I am that I no longer live in Home, Home?  #smalltownlife #everybodyknowseverything

-I almost got hit by a kid on a bike on my run yesterday morning because the fool was staring at a cell phone instead of paying attention to where he/she (couldn't tell it was dark and so were they..) was going.  They were weaving all over the sidewalk and I knew what would happen if I didn't say something.  I said, PLEASE look up! as I approached them and they barely registered anything in the half second it took me to say it, so I followed it with a, "HEY!" at which point their head jolted up and they barely avoided hitting me as the bike wobbled under them.  WTF people.  LOOK UP FROM YOUR FUCKING SCREENS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!  Not only is it courteous, it helps you do things.. like pay attention to your surroundings.  #lookup #runnerproblems

-Before a meeting, my boss was telling us that his daughter came home from college wearing a 2004 Reggae concert shirt and he was all WTF? to her.  She explained that she got it at Goodwill.  One coworker commented, "I hope she washed it before she wore it."  Boss said, "Hopefully at least twice."  At which point, another coworker chimed in, "Tide doesn't wash away shame."  #mycoworkersareawesome #tidedoesntwashawayshame

-Sometimes before my afternoon workouts, I am super exhausted.  So... I'll take a quick nap in my car prior to going on a run or going into the gym.  #sleepfuelsme

-I'm calling my new plan to run in the mornings and go to the gym in the afternoons Project Flab Extermination.  #Ishouldhashtagthat 

-The first day of Project Flab Extermination, I was within .2 miles of my house after a 4 mile run and had a flooring realization that I had left the dogs loose in the house and the garbage can had pork roast scraps/fat in it.  The prayers were quick and fervent that Phil hadn't gotten into the trashcan (as he is known to do).  I was expecting the worst.  When I came inside, the trashcan was unscathed and my dogs were innocent.  It was proof that miracles happen. #blessed

-It was a good weekend, but I didn't feel like blogging about it, so I didn't.  Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist came  to Charleston with my Nephdogs to visit and it was good.  We took the dogs to the beach the day they left and I almost thought my dogs were dead after we got home when they didn't move or beg for our food in anyway because they were passed out during human dinner time.  Then Monday was spent cleaning/doing yard stuffs and watching Game of Thrones and going over to a neighbor's house for dinner and listening to Marine sea-stories.  #whyisnteveryweekend3days

WTF?  Seriously.

-I'm having all the struggles with the last 2 episodes of GoT due to the Sansa storyline, and not in a good way.  #isGeorgeRMartindeadyet? #istheseriesevergoingtoend?

-I'm ordering a medal rack for my race medals and I'm choosing fonts and the struggle is real.  There are 13 different font options and I want to use 3 different fonts and ALL THE CHOICES!  Fortunately, the seller is known for being awesome and super helpful when it comes to previewing what you're getting.  I messaged them and asked for previews for 5 different font combinations.  Hopefully I'll have a new rack (hehehe) soon!  #boobjokesmakemelaugh

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. dude. teenagers are the worst kind of people. they make me crazy. I'm assuming it was teenagers who almost ran you over with their bike. because I refuse to acknowledge humans under the age of 13 with cell phones. even though I know they exist.

  2. I think the military thing is totally understandable, & common, but for some reason never comes up.

    And so true about the free e-books...I mean sure, read that...but most of them are just terrible (but the fact that 50 Shades was so popular clearly illustrates that writing is not a priority I guess).

    You shouldn't be moving and looking at a tiny screen. Under no circumstance. I mean, I *guess* if you are a car passenger, but that's about it.

  3. JT is so creepy looking in that video.

  4. Your villains mystery pack sounds super fun. And I was laughing SO HARD at Tide doesn't wash away shame. So true. So true. Why are people texting and riding bikes??? I cant promise that I would have thrown something in front of them to spin out on. Idiots.

  5. Those shirts are giving me life right now! I NEED them! Seriously is everyone attached to their phones at every moment? I can't walk and look at it let alone ride a freakin bike...

  6. Poor Sansa, she has suffered so much. The last two episodes have been difficult to watch.

  7. I haven't watched all of this season of GoT. They seem to be trying harder and harder to shock people. I read the first book; I might finish them all before catching up on the show.


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