Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Confessions {5/13}

-If last week's confessions post hadn't already been mostly written, I probably wouldn't have posted.  The struggle was real last Wednesday.  #badblogger

-I believe every individually wrapped chocolate should have a message on the inside like some of the Dove chocolates do.  It makes me feel less guilty about all the calories.  #AreDoveChocolateandDoveSoapMadeByTheSameCompany?

-I'm a huge Renaissance Festival nerd and my absolute favorite act is the Tortuga Twins.  Hands down.  My face ALWAYS hurts after watching any of their shows.  Scaramouche Tortuga (not his real name) writes an "advice" column/blog and one of his recent posts about feminism really struck a chord with me.  Go read it for a laugh and a punch to the gut.  #humormakesthingsbetter

-This link about clothes and body sexualization brought great joy to my life because the struggle is real.  I thought I had written an entire blog post about sexual discrimination and the lack of pockets in women's clothing, but all I can find is a confessions post where I bitched about the lack of pockets in women's dress pants.  I feel like that situation and the situation in the link are pretty much the same (except my post would have been significantly shorter because I like to just get to the point).  #canwegetsomepockets

-Reading that January confession post made me sad.  Some of those issues from January are still a thing AND Mr. Scrooge never set up that iPod.  Can I get a serious fuck him (not literally)?  #canIreturnitandgetmymoneybackstill

-I was thrilled when I walked out of the ob/gyn's office last month and didn't have to pay anything since women's wellness exams are covered under ObamaCare (will we still call it that after 2016?).  THRILLED.  Now, 2 weeks later a received a bill from LabCorp (who I should probably own stock in because holy rapage) for $250 for the test they ran on my junk.  It's like reverse prostitution considering the position I was in when they took that sample.  You are welcome for that mental image, Gentle Readers.  #obamacare #papsmearssuck

-After I paid the $250 LabCorp bill with my debit card, I remembered my HSA account with dollas in it from Company to pay for things like... LabCorp bills...  #Meganfail

-I had to work closely with the Milton the KeyMaster (the new person who I've talked about with the all the keys/cards on her key ring that she wear on her belt loop) yesterday and omg I wanted to slay her.  Just imagine working with Milton, except female.  She kept talking to herself and all I needed was some screenshots and clarification for the directions she gave me.  It took me sitting at her desk watching over her shoulder for over 25 hours before I gave up.  I had enough to generate my document to send to our system architect, who I informed of the situation.  I'm pretty sure he owes me.  I'm also pretty sure he questions why he helped hire her since she's pretty much unable to do the job they need her to do.  #howdosomepeoplebreathe

-I consider myself a very intelligent individual but everything about CAC access and digital certs and signatures makes me want to shake a baby.  It really shouldn't be so difficult.  REALLY.  #getyourshittogetherDoD

-I'm over replays and recaps cutting into my Grey's screentime.  I only get 43 minutes, make that shit good bitches.  Don't waste my time showing me things I've already seen as "memories."  #ImissCristina

-I have these phone/messaging rules that my people never figure out.
1.  Don't text me links.  I hate using my phone browser.  Send that shit via FB message so when I sign on FB on the computer I can look at your links.
2.  Don't expect me to answer between 9pm-6am.
3.  #1 is the most important rule about messaging me.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. I go crazy when people text me in the middle of the night. Umm, I'm sleeping!!

  2. Holy crap - I AM A HUGE REN FAIRE NERD TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which one(s) do you go to?

  3. If you like chocolates with messages you should try Bocce's. They are an Italian treat my friend turned me on to. They have a little message inside (on a separate strip kind of like a fortune cookie) and it has a message on it in several different languages. They are my fav!! Also I totally feel your pain on the ObamaCare deal. It's all fun and games and freebies until they have to send something to a lab. I'm cringing inside about my mole testing bill to come. I should have opened a dang HSA account!

  4. AMEN ON THE POCKETS. like I went to an interview the other day in a super nice suit, BUT NO POCKETS. so when I stopped for coffee on my way, I had to hold all my shit, then proceeded to set my cell phone down where some super considerate human had spilled cinnamon, then since I couldn't put my phone in my pocket, I sat it on my lap, and got cinnamon all over myself. I smelled like Christmas for the rest of the day.

    but seriously. men aren't the only ones who need pockets for their shit. thanks.

  5. I have all sorts of text rules too, and phone rules.. like don't call me unless you are dead or dying. Just text me. But not early in the morning, because sleep. And don't say "K". Ever.

  6. This Dove question is now one I must have answered immediately.

    Hubby has a 9 pm rule- anything after 9 pm is ignored. Which is kind of funny because sometimes around 8:45 his phone will start blowing up :)

    I have 1 pair of shorts, because ugh shorts. I want something that doesn't ride up all freakin day (seriously, how is that comfortable?!). And the one pair I have came from Walmart, of all places. Women's clothing is a mess. But I did juts find an ADORABLE slightly retro LC dress at Kohls WITH POCKETS. Surprisingly, she is one of my favorite designers.

    I had to pay for my Pap, which I thought was weird since they were supposedly covered. But I did not have to pay the couple hundred dollars for the blood work done for my miscarriage (something like $380 for 20 minutes & taking 2 vials), so I decided not to push the copay issue.

  7. I will be checking out the Ren Faire link as soon as I get a moment. I totally haven't posted in days because well...I kinda checked out/gave up a little. Oh well. I HATE that yearly exams are so freaking much. Seriously ridiculous. The sexual discrimination thing is so blatant to me yet everyone I talk to about it tells me I'm too sensitive. Sometimes I feel like I live in a time warp here in the good old mid west...

  8. True story, I bought Kev an iPod years ago. Well, I got it for free but I still gave it to him. It's been sitting in a drawer for nearly 5ish years? Maybe 4. Anywho, he said that a better gift would have been if I actually set it up, loaded the songs and gave it to him. Yea, no and it's still in that drawer.


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