Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Review {5/18}


Since I had Meri with me at work on Friday, I had to go straight home after work instead of straight to the gym.  What this really meant was that laziness ensued and after watching Grey's episodes 22/23 and 24, it was a battle to talk myself into working out.  I should have went on a run because it was pretty cool (only 80 degrees) and I know that "cool" days are limited and Southern summer is going to hit soon and being outside isn't going to be an option.  Instead, I drove my happy ass all the way to the smelly gym. 

One of the things that I procrastinated with was looking up gym options.  I really have a strong disdain for the base gym.  Not because of lack of machines/weights/etc but because of 2 significant factors: the SMELL and all the bros.  And these aren't cool bros who could kick your ass like Kathy, these are nerd bros who think that big biceps are gonna get them laid (which is possible for some of them, until they start to speak and then all hope is lost).  I cut some slack for the smell, but the fact that check-in desk is in the weight room means that the first thing you smell is sweaty bro.. doesn't matter if it's 8 in the morning or 5 in the afternoon, it stinks so unbearably bad that I hold my breath for as long as possible and usually have a nasty face before I can escape.  My strong sense of smell has become a thing after starting to use Astelin nose spray, which makes my life better.. except for when things stink.  You win some and you lose some I guess.

After getting home from the gym, I showered and fed the beasts and debate on a dinner plan.  There was chicken thawed, but my desire to cook was at it's regular low, but coupled with having eaten at home all week, I was ready for a change.  Mr Scrooge didn't end up getting home till right after 7:30 (have I mentioned lately how over his big work event thingy I am?) and I was sitting in Yurtle about to pull out of the garage when I noticed him coming down the street.  I had decided on going to Sesame for dinner, had Mr. Scrooge not pulled up right then, I would have brought him something home (the night before he didn't get home until 8:30, so I figured I had some time).  Since he came home just in time, I gave him a few minutes to change out of his uniform and then we went to dinner.

In bad blogger form, I didn't take a photo, but I got blackened catfish over grits with a sauce thing and Mr. Scrooge got a burger.  I wasn't able to eat all the grits, so we brought them home to use for breakfast on Saturday. 

When we got home, Mr. Scrooge wanted to "unwind" (/rolleyes at the obvious "I want to stay up and drink and watch TV because it's Friday night") and I was ready for bed.  Here's why I like going to bed at the same time as the person who sleeps beside me: I dislike greatly being woken up at 1am or 2am or whatever fucking am they decide to come to bed that is after I'm already asleep.  NO ME GUSTA.  I've explained that to Mr. Scrooge and he always insists he will be quiet.  Well, quiet isn't the problem.  It's the lights that blind me or when he lays down beside me and wants to cuddle but ends up laying on my hair, which yanks my head, which definitely wakes me up.  Friday night was no exception... except I got an apology Saturday morning for him punching me in the boob because he just wanted to hold me.  Do I need to be held at 130am?  NO.  I need to be left alone... especially if I'm asleep.  Your attempts at affection are lost on me if I'm not aware that it's happening.  Sorry.


I got up at some point to feed the dogs and went back to bed.  I had considered a run, but then reassessed that plan in hopes of ...other activities.. which didn't end up happening (queue the rage).  Mr. Scrooge got up and showered and made breakfast and then went out and mowed the lawn.  I had a less vigorous plan of action.  I ate breakfast and as soon as Mr. Scrooge went out to mow the lawn I turned on the last episode of Grey's that was on the DVR. 

Side rant: I fucking hate Comcast/xfinity.  With my entire being, I hate them. 

I was about halfway through the episode and I was fast forwarding through the commericals, because that's why people DVR shit, when I started to experience errors and the box wouldn't respond.  So I turn to the internet because I'm resourceful.  I go to download the episode so I can watch it uninterrupted and the file was downloading at 5kb/sec.  Sooooo.. my episode was downloading at 1999 speeds.  I didn't have the patience for that, so I cancelled it and went to the ABC webpage to watch it.  Problem: if the DVR is having issues, that usually indicates there are other service provider issues... like INTERNET issues.  So twice during the last 30 minutes, I had to refresh the page when it couldn't load. 

Honestly, all I can remember thinking about the episode was, "Please don't be setting up for a 12th season."  I read during my last refresh that season 12 has already been confirmed.  Le sigh.  I think I didn't enjoy it as much because of all my technical difficulties.. and because I'm over it.  This really isn't Grey's Anatomy anymore.  You've got 4 members of the original cast that remain and the show has become completely predictable (if you're me).  There's always going to be a tragedy/major event/something that can span several episodes to create an arc about mid-season.  The season will always end in either a tragedy involving the characters or some kind of emotional cliff, sometimes both, but not often.  Also, I'm pretty sure that one of the Jackson/April episodes didn't have Meredith in it at all.  Additionally, the new sister just .. bleh.

After the episode, I headed to the store to pick up some items since Mr. Scrooge required milk for Sunday morning because he had to work.  In true asshole fashion, I made the cashier ring up my 15-ish items twice after she failed to ask me for my rewards card and instead used her own (which was nice) because not using my card meant that I wouldn't get my Ibotta rewards since Food Lion is linked with the rewards card and I don't have to upload the receipt.  Not using my card meant that I wouldn't have gotten $5 back.  Yep, I'm that lady.  If it had been a buggy full of items, it wouldn't have been worth it, but because there wasn't anyone behind me (when she started to rescan the items) and I only had a handful of items, it wasn't that big of a deal.  It was when the cashier started to get an attitude that I stopped feeling bad for her.  #sorrynotsorry

After getting home, I called the motorcycle shop to see if Mike was fixed or not.  They said yes, but they weren't able to get the lights on the gauges to work (something about a panel which transferred into "it would have been too much work so I didn't bother").  I said it was fine since we had more daylight now and Mr. Scrooge and I went to pick up Mike soon after. 

So Mike and I are reunited.  Mike still has some issues that need to be fixed, but for now he's ride-able.

Mr. Scrooge had all the panic attacks following me home from the motorcycle shop.  I'm not really sure why, I was fine, but he was overly worried.  After we got home, Mr. Scrooge replaced the seat on Clifford (his bike) and we decided to ride to the outlets so he could find a new pair of sunglasses (since he's lost/broken all 3 sets that he has/had).  On our way to the outlets, we had to stop on base so Mr. Scrooge could pick up his ID at work (it really is good that I still have an ID for base access).  While he ran inside, I was riding around practicing my turns (ya know, my motorcycle nemisis).  I was doing pretty good and was on my way back to his building when I looked up and saw him and got distracted and ended up doing some off roading.  I wasn't going very fast, so I was able to maintain control and just coast to a stop.  It didn't help that I was being tailgated (is that still the right term if I'm on the motorcycle?) by some asshole.  Mr. Scrooge was so scared that the first thing he did was (I was still stopped on the side of the road, waiting to see if he was going to slow down and wait on me to catch up or stop) stop and get off his bike and hug me.  He was super worried about me. 

We got back on the road since all was good and headed to the outlets.  Why the hell are sunglasses so expensive?  Seriously?  It's completely unnecessary.  Mr. Scrooge found a pair that he liked and then we had to go back home to feed the dogs.  After the dogs were fed, we headed over to Teh Architect and Teh SC House Finder's house for a dinner gathering.  I've definitely been missing their company in the last few months (considering we were gathering every weekend for several months).

We rode Mike and Clifford over, so we left right before 9 so we could have a little bit of daylight left to get home (since Mike's gauge lights still aren't working (arggh)).  There's just something about riding in the dark which is infinitely worse for me than riding in the daylight.  My confidence suffers and I think I'm extra paranoid about the turns and people not seeing me.

Before we left for the dinner gathering, I finally had to have a talkin' to with Mr. Scrooge.  His paranoia over me riding again was really starting to affect my confidence.  He just kept telling me how worried he was about all the things blah blah blah and I couldn't handle it anymore.  I was completely confident about getting back on Mike.  It wasn't a choice for me, I knew I would ride again.  I would be more cautious and I wasn't going to feel pressured to go faster than I was comfortable with.  I don't ride to impress people or do crazy stunts.  I ride because it's fun and it's different than in a car and it's a slight challenge (and it's a little dangerous).  I told him that his fear was really starting to fuck with my head and my confidence and I needed him to have a little faith in me that I'd be ok and that things would be ok when we were riding. 

That said, I did say something about making a sign that says "STUDENT" on it to pin on my backpack/back when I'm riding so assholes stop riding my ass.  Just because I'm on a motorcycle doesn't meant that I need to go fast.  Seriously people.  Get off me.


Mr. Scrooge had to work (seriously over this audit thing) and he was concerned for my ability to entertain myself while he was gone.. bahahahaha.  Silly.  When he left, I got up and got ready to go on a run.  I figured 4ish miles since it was the weekend and it was only 70 degrees and Teh MD Adult Roomie was running her half marathon at the same time, so it'd be like we were running together in spirit!  Yeah, I didn't make it .75 miles before I had to turn around and go home because I have a bump in my leg crack (where your leg and torso meet) that is completely rubbed raw and enduring that searing pain for almost an hour probably would have killed me, not made me stronger.  So I turned around and limped home.  No me gusta.  Also, can we just get a fuck you to Hidradenitis suppurativa?

Side lesson: Don't google images of Hidradenitis suppurativa.  Essentially, it's lumps/cysts that form under the skin, usually in the armpits/under butt cheeks/leg cracks that come up and eventually drain.  If the condition gets really bad, the cysts/lumps can form tunnels under the skin.  It's pretty gnarly AND NOT AN STD.  Because of where mine is (leg crack), my navy doc actually called it the Herpaderp and you can imagine my outrage when I noticed that shit in my medical record.  PS.  There's no actual cure.  There's ways to mitigate symptoms, but no way to prevent.  It's fucking grand.  I thought it was just a reoccurring ingrown hair for many, many years and we (Teh Sister and I) refer to it as the BJB (big junk bump (due to location)).  It's kinda funny now, but still embarrassing, which is of course why I put it all out there on Teh Blog for strangers to read.  You're welcome, Gentle Readers.

Instead of running, since I was already kinda sweaty (yeah, it's Charleston, it didn't take much) and I saw one of the neighbor's cleaning his vehicles, I got motivated to wash Yurtle.  THEN.. oh then.. I was almost home and it was like God was speaking to me.  He said, "Megan, you should wash Yurtle and here's why... there's a spigot on the side of the garage!"  You see, what had happened was, when we moved in, Mr. Scrooge assessed that there was only a SINGLE spigot on the opposite side of the house as the garage, which meant having to use TWO hoses to wash the cards and running those across the yard and that was too much of a commitment for me.... thus Yurtle's state of nastiness (unless Mr. Scrooge washed her).  A spigot so close to the cars meant that I only had to use ONE hose and I was totally ok with that.  So Yurtle AND Grey Cloud got baths.  I made sure to show him evidence of said spigot later and explain just how cute he was... but sometimes.. he was a little too "nukey" for me and he should take that down a few levels.  He's the one that's always in the yard.. HOW DID HE MISS THIS!?  Whatevs.

After accomplishing clean vehicles, I went inside and continued my motivated streak.  Several weeks months ago, I ordered 2 more chairs for when we have gatherings, bringing the chair total up to 8.  WOOT.  Well, they had been sitting in their boxes in the entryway since they were delivered.  I already told Mr. Scrooge he was NOT building them (I just didn't want to have to deal with that drama llama).  So I finally opened the boxes and dumped a chair on the floor to be built.  I also turned on Silicon Valley.  I didn't even get through a whole episode before I got distracted and checked FB and Mr. Scrooge asked if I wanted to ride to Sullivan's Island and go to Poe's for lunch.  Well, yes please.  I told him I needed to shower, but I'd bring him clothes to change into so he didn't have to come all the way home.  I showered and headed to base... and proceeded to wait on him for almost an hour in the cell phone trailer they have in the parking lot at his work (since it was the only shady area nearby).  Also, can we note how creepy it is to be the girl sitting in the cell phone trailer for an hour as people come in/leave the parking lot?  VERY.

FINALLY, after a million minutes, Mr. Scrooge finally escaped work and we headed out to Poe's.  Traffic was complete shit and it was warm, which made it kinda miserable.  The food was satisfactory, but I think next time we should try another one of the restaurants on that strip.  In more shitty blogger status, I didn't take a photo of my food (the burger with egg and bacon because I'm so predictable), but I did catch this super Carolina Douche and promptly questioned Lara about rankings within the Douchary (I officially deem this a word) category and where seersucker shorts ranked.  Fortunately, this guy had them on with a polo rather than a button up with rolled up sleeves, but seersucker shorts.. SERIOUSLY?

Everything was going well until I looked up after taking a bite of food and our "bro" waitress's armpit was practically touching my nose as she put napkins in the condiment holder as she reached across me and my half eaten plate of food.  I almost lost my shit right then.  Mr. Scrooge saw my face when it happened and I think he was worried I was going to throttle her.  I simmered in rage as I listened to her tell the Bros that were at the table beside us (seersucker shorts and other Carolina Douche company) about how she was a better waitress for men than women because she tended to piss women off and guys didn't have any issues with her waitressing style.  Hrm.. imagine that. 

Dudes have no issue with a lack of personal space from a hot chick.. but I definitely have an issue with you not only reaching over my plate of food, but almost touching my face to your armpit when you could have just went around the other side of me and dropped off said item.  She was incredibly lucky Mr. Scrooge was paying because I definitely would have docked her tip for that mess.  He considers tipping his way of buying his way to heaven, so she got the standard 20% he leaves.  She also didn't drop off his card/receipt until he returned from the bathroom.. also smart because I would have happily signed it for him.  #personalboundaries #getsome

After lunch, we headed back home for evening activities which included me actually building the chairs and watching Silicon Valley and vacuuming the house (finally) and doing laundry.  Mr. Scrooge grilled chicken and corn for dinner while I was doing housework.  I also started sewing up a pillow that has needed help for at least the last 2 years, but decided against it and just tossed it (I ripped it in the washer in MD).  I told Mr. Scrooge between his cooking and my laundry and sewing, we almost made a completely domesticated woman.  I found it more amusing than he did.  Meh. 

After a soak in the bathtub, it was finally bedtime.  I probably could have done with one more day of weekend, but I'll accept this one for being pretty awesome.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. I'm so glad someone other than me is actively identifying Carolina Douches! At my last job, I had a guy would occasionally wear an entire seersucker suit, complete with a bow tie. He was kind of a mess and said it was his wedding suit. I assumed that he only wore it when he ran out of clean clothes.

    And YAY on getting Mike back! Did you end up driving him to work or did you go with the dress?

  2. Mother **** I had two giant paragraphs typed and it disappeared when I hit publish. Grrr.....

    Short version, Dr put me on Dymista nose spray. The old stuff worked better.

    I was once rape hugged by a waitress at a small town diner while Gary and his son laughed at me. We are pretty good tippers since Gary's mom worked as a bartender as he grew up. Normal to for us. Rape hug inducing tip for a crazy waitress! Still haven't been back to that place....

  3. Mother **** I had two giant paragraphs typed and it disappeared when I hit publish. Grrr.....

    Short version, Dr put me on Dymista nose spray. The old stuff worked better.

    I was once rape hugged by a waitress at a small town diner while Gary and his son laughed at me. We are pretty good tippers since Gary's mom worked as a bartender as he grew up. Normal to for us. Rape hug inducing tip for a crazy waitress! Still haven't been back to that place....


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