Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Confessions {4/1}

-April Fools always makes me think of the worst April Fools Joke ever played on me EVER by anyone... Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover (WJL).  You see, in college, Teh WJL decided America wasn't good enough for her Jesus-loving self and she was going to Venezuela to love Jesus better.  She had been waiting on the final yes/no determination of being able to go be a missionary overseas and she found out on April 1st.  At which point she called me to tell me that she HAS NOT been accepted and I told her I was sorry but YYYAAAYYY!!!! and then she said, "APRIL FOOLS!"  and I said, "I hate you and I'm going to cry."  Seriously, best worst April Fools Joke ever.  #stillbitter

-There's a magnification mirror in the bathroom at work and the bathroom has "dressing room" lights and I could totally stand in the bathroom and pick at my face all the day long. #poresarestupid #adultacnewoes

-I am very self-conscious about wearing sleeveless anything at work and always bring a sweater to wear and I've only ever taken it off once in the handful of times I've worn a sleeveless top.  And for those of you that know me too well, yes that one time I took off my sweater I had shaven my arm pits. #ishavedforthis

-Our snack/candy basket is out of control.  Will I get judged if I bring in Christmas candy to work for everyone else to eat, mostly so I don't have to eat it AND so it won't be in my house anymore?  #oldcandyisgoodtoo

-Fb has annoyed me for the last week (ok way longer than that really) because they modified something and now my most recent contacts aren't at the top of my chat bar (that I hate), which means I have to start typing in their name to get my recent contacts to show up.  I know, I know, #firstworldproblem but really #facebooksucks and I don't ever chat with any of those people at the top of my chat list, as in EVER.. and maybe I like their statues once a blue moon, but can't I just get my frequent contacts back at the top, kthx.

-Several people at work are having to deal with eQIP and I was able to instruct them on what to do like a boss because you never forget the torment of the security world having to deal with eQIP and dealing with people trying to renew their security clearances and not being able to answer straight-forward questions.  #itsnotrocketsciencepeople

-I send out a daily email and sometimes I want to say funny things or attach silly images, but I don't think that would be very professional and it wouldn't be appreciated, which gives me the sads.

-I didn't join the Hangout for the Cyber Book of the Month club because I opted to do puzzle with Teh MD Adult Roomie instead.  She tried to encourage me to attend the book club and I had it up and just needed to click join, but I really wanted to spend my last evening with her, WITH her.  It was a good sacrifice.  #worthit  Maybe next month?

-I found out that there's a Sweet Tea Half Marathon in November outside of Charleston and I want to do it, even though it's a half marathon and I'm ridiculous and I have a running medal addiction.

-Death Cab for Cutie released their new album yesterday and listening to it brings me back to 2009/2010, being in GTMO.  #myplaycountisembarrassing

-Cards Against Humanity released 2 more expansions and I had to fight myself not to immediately go to the site and buy them.  While I want to support CAH, I also love my free shipping that Amazon gives me.  #iamahorribleperson

-Disney redoing all of the animated movies as live-action films makes me want to punch a baby.  Hollywood sucks!  Creating NEW CONTENT is completely acceptable!  #letsnotdigupthepast #letitgo #NOTalwaysaboutthebenjamins

-I brought my magic rolly stick to work with me.  Shin splints are real.  I think my new running shoes are NOT helping because every step I took on my run Monday was painful.  I'm wondering if inserts would help, but being so close to the 10 miler, I'm just looking for a minimal amount to NO pain.  I'm hitting the pavement again today, but I'm going back to my former shoes, so we'll see what happens.  I've been stretching, but it's not really helping much.  #shinsplintsarethedevil

-I went on bloglovin' the other day and added some subscriptions (even though I use Feedly and not bloglovin') and I searched Teh Blog, because duh, and when Kathy's blog came up as a similar blog, I felt like I'd gotten the blogger pat on the back.  #bloggerproblems

-I hate when you have life realizations and changes need to be made, but they just suck and you're not interested, but you know it needs to happen.  #vaguebook

-The Tarheel 10 Miler is going to be my first solo run/race but I really still want to find someone that isn't a stranger to run it with me.  #whycantwebefriends


-I watched 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight's Tale yesterday night after seeing something on FB about 10 Things and since Mr. Scrooge went out on a motorcycle ride, it was kinda perfect.  I finished my puzzle and watched movie and it was delightful... until Mr. Scrooge came home and snarked the end of Knight's Tale.  Yes, I was actually aware that all that modern music wasn't the music of the time and yes I know his bloody shirt is incorrect in a few shots.  I just met his snark with silence and glares knowing that if I said something, it would only fuel the fire (and because I totally snark everything he puts on the TV, I can't help it).  #heathledgerisdead

-I still tear up when Kat reads the poem at the end.  #allthefeels

-If Stand By Me was an indicator of the male psyche, Kat's character in 10 Things I Hate About You tells you everything you need to know about my brain.  We're practically the same person except she has athletic skills and the best hair and her musical abilities... ok by practically the same I mean snarky and mean is only a defense mechanism not to let people get too close but secretly I'm a sap at heart.  Also, I never realized how quicly they fell for each other AND can we just talk about how I'm still looking for that balloon paint place.  #90smoviesrock

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  1. Hollywood is alllllllllll about the $$$ these days and I guess princess characters are doin' it for people right now! (I do have to admit, I'm dying to see Cinderella!)
    I finally threw away the rest of our Christmas and Valentine's candy to make room for all the Easter crap. Easter candy is my favorite!

  2. The live action Disney stuff is making me crazy. CRAZY.

    10 Things I Hate About You is a great movie and I adore Kat's bitchiness because I completely relate.

  3. I freaking love 10 Things I Hate About You and Knights Tale!!! I need to see them both now too, damn you!!!! The fact that you can keep candy around your house for more than a few weeks is impressive. You wont find Christmas candy, or even valentines candy around our house because I have no self control and must eat it so that it isn't around tempting me because that is totally legit.


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