Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Review {4/13}


Since I rode Mike to work, I decided to take a small detour on the way home and went on a solo ride which included riding by the place that I normally run in the afternoons.. and man it's much faster to drive than run.  On my way back home, I hit traffic which was horrible since it was so hot outside and I was wearing all the clothes.  I definitely could have ran that length of road faster than I was able to drive it...

Eventually, I made it home and warned Mr. Scrooge not to come home that way (because I'm a good person, if you had forgotten) and laid down.  The dogs (Meri and Xero) to be exact weren't having any of that.  They insisted on playing in the bedroom with all the toys that still squeak and with each other, and all the growling and pawing, and noise, oh my.

Eventually, Mr. Scrooge came home.  I wasn't really in the mood to make dinner (because it was so hot and I was going to have to use the oven) so I suggested we go out.  Mr. Scrooge suggested we ride out, so I agreed.  We ended up going to Early Bird Diner, which we've been to before with Teh Architect and Teh SC House Finder.  My criteria for dinner was that it be somewhere absolutely delicious.  We had went to a super crappy Mexican place for dinner on Thursday night and then I had left my lunch at home on Friday (faiiiiiilllll) so I went to Sesame and was super disappointed by my Turkey Club.

Side note: when we went to the brewery meet and greet last month, they had art hanging on the walls and I had meant to purchase one but ended up forgetting before we left.  I had been thinking about going back and picking it up off and on and when we went to Early Bird, they had the artist on display too!  It was fate, so I bought 2.  I didn't take a picture but it's a critter drawn with a monocle and mustache and it's so adorable I HAD TO HAVVZZZZ ITS..

In other sweet finds at Early Bird, I found some Disney books for Teh Sister's bouquet for the wedding.  I might have stole these books and I only feel moderately guilty since these books are GOLD.

Country fried chicken and collard greens for Mr. Scrooge and chicken and waffles for me.  NOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Oatmeal Cream Pie ice cream, which I had to message Teh SC House Finder to make sure this was the most delicious flavor over Cheerwine.

Teh Architect got a photo of Mike and Clifford in action!

It was a rough drive home because Mike's displays don't light up.  It's difficult when you can't HEAR the engine (earplugs+helmet) and you can't see the RPMs to change gears at the right times, so getting out of first gear was the worst.  Getting out of the parking lot was worse than the entire motorcycle safety course I took last fall.

We did make it home though and then it was bedtime.


Saturday it was supposed to rain, so we didn't plan on going on a ride.  Since I have the 10 miler next week, and I hadn't ran on Friday (since it was miserably hot), I vowed to run at least 8.5 miles Saturday morning.  It was a slow start getting out of the bed, but I did run.  I could have added the additional quarter mile to make it 10 miles even, but I forced myself to "save my legs."  Generally after 5 miles, I get in a groove and want to add additional distance because "it's not that bad" which is completely ridiculous. 

I knew it was supposed to rain, but I had anticipated it starting later than it did.  It didn't really matter much to me because running in the rain (when it isn't cold) is one of my favorite things.  I'm sure all the people that passed the crazy dripping wet girl who was smiling from ear to ear were a little freaked out, but seriously, running in the rain is one of my favorite things.  It might also have something to do with how much I hate running when it's hot out and that one year I got 3.5 days of rain in 402 days.  It's a thing.

After my run, I came home and stretched and gave the puppies lovins.  Mr. Scrooge had taken the dogs on a walk while I was out running, which was awesome.  I showered and got ready to head out since I needed to make a store run.  Mr. Scrooge confirmed that he was going with me and I set the ground rules.  I explained to him that I had to go to Walmart and it's a Saturday and that I was in NO rush and it was going to be busy and if he came with me, he wouldn't flip out about stupid people doing stupid shit and he'd be patient.  Then I had to go to the grocery store, then the butcher.

Mr. Scrooge agreed to my stipulations of him joining me and he did a very good job of being patient.  He got a little antsy towards the end of our Walmart visit and had he been able to make a decision about citronella candles we would have been able to leave about 15 minute sooner.  We ended up getting one of each to "test" to see which one was best since he couldn't decide.  I'm pretty sure we spent over $25 on bug be gone crap and I giggled when we set it up on the belt and the girl was scanning it and told her we obviously have a SERIOUS bug problem. 

Note: Really the problem is Mr. Scrooge wanting to spray everything with bug spray (like the kind for bodies) and by everything I mean the door frames and himself and the screened in porch (which he used the outside bug spray for).. he just can't accept that we live in SC and our yard is pretty much a breeding ground for bugs since it's so wet all the time.  Sometimes, the CA boy in him just seeps out and I don't know how to handle it so I just ignore it until it costs me too much money...  Because I'm not sure if you've purchased bug spray or not recently, but that shit ain't cheep yall.

After Walmart, we went to Bilo to get the food items on the list (I try to avoid the grocery side of Walmart as often as possible since it's the worst and we get gas rewards for shopping at Bilo).  Having Mr. Scrooge with me meant not going up and down the aisles, which was good and bad for me.  Bad because sometimes I think of things that I aren't on my list, good because saved dollas!  We then headed to the butcher because Mr. Scrooge informed me that me buying ribeyes when they are on sale and freezing them wasn't acceptable (not his exact words, but he insisted "they taste funny" and I didn't get it, but whatevs, the butcher is literally a mile down the road (in fact, I ran by it earlier) so it's not that big of a deal and they are cheaper than the grocery stores). 

After all of that, we headed home.  I had a headache brewing (probably from dehydration and the pressure change) so I laid down while Mr. Scrooge decided to make Mike and Clifford pretty.  Eventually, I got up and started meatloaf for dinner.  As it was finishing up, Mr. Scrooge called me out to look at the new and improved Mike.  He looked almost brand new!  Soooo shinyyyyyyy.

Also, why is it a thing to make herb/seasoning shakers without the little plastic grate thingy with the holes in it?  Ugh.  I added an exorbitant amount of thyme to the water to steam the broccoli because the grate thingy was missing.. and by missing I mean it was never there.  WTF?  Fortunately, it was just the water, but the broccoli definitely had that thyme taste to it.  Subtle it was not.

After dinner I spent some time snuggling the puppers and getting selfies with Xero and taking photos of my one true love, Phil because he was just so handsome and cute.

I was exhausted, so it was bedtime soon after.


Mr. Scrooge and I had agreed to ride to Edisto beach on Sunday since it wasn't supposed to rain.  We semi-struggled getting out of the bed, but eventually we got up and were out the door.  The trip there is about an hour.  We stopped at a gas station to fill up before getting on the back roads since Mr. Scrooge said that gas was going to be expensive at our destination.

The back roads were curvy and Mr. Scrooge had warned me that I should probably go the suggested speeds.  At one curve though, there was no suggested speed.  Additionally, Mr. Scrooge was behind me and I couldn't tell how far behind me he was.  I ended up going into the curve too fast and I didn't lean far enough to get the bike to turn.  Since Mr. Scrooge was behind me, I didn't want to go down on the road and ended up going off road.  The side of the road was covered in leaves and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to stop or keep Mike upright to slow down enough to just not crash.  Since I knew Mike was going down, I made it a point to NOT be under Mike when he stopped.  We went sliding and ended up twisting around before finally stopping.  The only part of me under Mike when we stopped was my calf and my first thought was, "I HAVE A 10 MILER TO RUN NEXT WEEK!" 

It seemed like it took Mr. Scrooge forever to get off his bike.  He had managed to stop in the curve.  It took me 2 times of screaming at him, "GET IT OFF MY LEG!" before he realized I was stuck.  It didn't really hurt, but I couldn't lift it off to slide out from underneath due to the way I was sitting.  He lifted Mike enough for me to slide out and as I stood up, 2 people on Harleys and 1 person on a trike stopped to see if everything was ok.  I was ready to get back on Mike and keep going, but then Mr. Scrooge stood Mike up and I noticed that during our slip and slide one of Mike's handle bars had completely broken off.. in addition to his mirror and he was kinda bent..

While the ladies were chatting with me and making sure I was ok, Mr. Scrooge and the guy lead Mike off the side of the road behind the trees nearby.  The lady who owned the property had seen what happened and explained that this happened all the time since it was a tricky curve. 

Mr. Scrooge was then sent on a mission to go back home and get the truck and the brand new ramp I bought last week (which was delivered Friday, so I probably jinxed myself).  I ended up going to lunch with the Harley crew instead of sitting in a field by the side of the road reading for 2 hours.  I rode on the trike with the craziest lady, but it was a nice ride since I got to look around.  Additionally, riding a trike is boring. 

After a pretty horrible lunch, based on food quality, not company, Mr. Scrooge finally returned to fetch me from the strangers who hadn't killed me.  Not that I was worried, but you never know with people.  It turns out that the less crazy woman is a leader of women's motorcycle rides and also coordinates escorting veteran funerals.  She did tell some crazy stories about families who found out about their person's OTHER family.. and their mistress.. when they all showed up at the funeral.  Soap opera.

After getting Mike loaded up in Mr. Scrooge's truck, we headed back home.  We unloaded Mike and put him back in the garage, looking like a stroke victim.  Then Mr. Scrooge cleaned out the back of his truck since Mike had leaked gas since he was laying over (his tears). 

Since Mr. Scrooge hadn't eaten lunch, we immediately started dinner when we got settled inside.  Mr. Scrooge had marinaded the steaks after we got home on Saturday, so they were tasty and delicious.  He also grilled corn and I made baked microwaved potatoes.

While getting dinner ready, I called Teh Mom and Teh Dad to tell them about Mike and I potentially breaking up before I posted it on FB.  While we ate dinner, I checked my insurance coverage and yay for having signed up for comprehensive coverage with a $100 deductible!  The only issue I'm going to run into now is that Mike still isn't registered in my name, but I do have the title.  It needs to be assessed if Mike is totaled or not before I go register him because if he's totaled, there's no point in wasting the money.  I also kinda worry about what kind of hike my insurance is going to take if I claim Mike.  All the things, ugh.

Most importantly though, I wasn't hurt.  The Harley lady kept telling me how lucky I was that I wasn't hurt.  She said I was lucky I was wearing a full face helmet because of all the stick in the grass and that my jacket had good padding.  I finally just told her, "Wearing protective gear came with riding a motorcycle.  There was never an option.  I wear a helmet and a jacket and gloves because I want to keep as little of me off the road as possible in situations like this."  I was dirty, which was fine, I kept pulling dirt out of my pockets and from the folds of my shirts and my jacket for the rest of the day until I got home and changed. 

The evening was lazy and I finally got my ID photos together for a post that you can expect in the near future.  Mr. Scrooge and I were going to watch a movie, but I lost interest after I mentioned several that he passed up and when he asked me 20 minutes later what I wanted to watch I told him that I didn't care because it had taken him too long to make a decision.

Mr. Scrooge expressed several times how much it had scared him to see my accident happen.  He and I agreed that he was actually more shaken up about it than I was.  Some of that has to do with him feeling like he pressured me into going too fast and going on roads that were above my skill level.  I also know that I should have slowed down and not felt pressured.  So it's 2-fold and the lesson was learned. 

I'm not done riding a motorcycle, but this does put a hindrance on getting to ride together.  Now I get to start the process of doing the insurance claim, which is just going to royally suck hairy monkey balls (I get an image of 2 monkeys wearing crowns with SUPER hairy testicles when I say that, which makes me giggle).  Depending on the insurance claim, I will either be shopping again or getting Mike fixed and based on some initial assessments, we're leaning towards Mike being totaled since the front is twisted.

Completely unrelated, I picked up new shampoo and conditioner this weekend and I LOVE how good it smells.  I had been using Herbal Essences Naked and it was ok, but Organix Tsubaki Blossom might be my new love.  I just keep sniffing my hair and I may or may not have purposely worn it down today so I could sniff it at will.  Mmmmm..


Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Bugs are the worst. We have a horrible black fly problem and it's so bad, you can't even go outside.

    Sorry to hear your dining experiences have been less than stellar but I'll still take bad restaurant food over grocery shopping at Walmart on a Saturday any time. Any. Time.

  2. I have never had chicken and waffles but I sort of kind of think I want to sometime. And are you talking about Cheerwine as in the soda??? Because I love Cheerwine soda and I had some on Saturday night. Yum!I love the picture of the snoozing dog! EEE :) And Organix Tsubaki Blossom packaging is pretty! I will have to give it a sniff next time I am out. Have a great week!

  3. I am so glad that you are ok!! I worked at Harley for awhile and the stories of crashes...ugh. Your pups are so stinking cute! I will have to try that shampoo, I have been using the Kukui nut one and love the way it makes my hair feel!


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