Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Confessions {4/15}

-The new lady who was just hired wears white New Balance trainers every day with cargo pants and a t-shirt and a fleece Columbia jacket.  She makes me feel overdressed.  I judge her and I can't help it.  I've never even spoken to her other than our introduction and she seems like a nice person.. but seriously?  Cubs t-shirts (almost) every day?  Also, who still wears their keys (complete with several grocery cards and a janitor amount of keys) on their belt loop?  Is someone at work going to steal your keys?  No.  #icanttakeyouseriouslywhenyouredressedlikethat

-Sometimes when I comment on FB posts from friends that Teh Bear and I share, I check to see if he has liked it or not.  #itsnotstalking

-There are modifications I'd like to make to Mike, but ugh dollas spent on my little beater bike wasn't something I was prepared to do.  But seriously, Mike's eye (headlight) points to the ground, not straight in front of me and I'm not sure what decision making went into the after-market rear signal lights, but it was poor since you can barely see them.  Finally, Mike doesn't have lit gauges which means that rides have to be completed before sunset for maximum safety (the irony isn't lost on me, Padre). I don't wanna talk about it.  #fml

-I called Teh Dad and Teh Mom before posting on FB about wrecking Mike.  See, I AM a good kid!  #justcallyourparents

-I have a playlist call "For Repeating" that I sometimes just have a few songs on that I listen to over and over and over and over and.. you get it.  Recently it's been breakup songs.
Let It Go by James Bay
Withdrawal - Tyler Farr
Slow Me Down - Sara Evans
Cut Your Teeth - Kyla La Grange

-I have taught myself to turn my space heater up/down with my toes which saves me from having to go under my desk and mess with it.  Greatly reducing the risk of me hitting my head on my desk on the way back up and eliminating the possible comments that I always think that no one else says about being under the desk.  #fingertoes

-I'm still dealing with realizations and haven't done anything about said realizations.  Because I'm a fucking moron mostly, that's really the only reason I have assessed for having done nothing.  I'm full of excuses though.. FULL UP TO MY EARS with excuses.  #excusesfordays

-I sent Teh Sister an article about baby names and her immediate response was, "WHHHHY are you looking at this page?"  I had to explain to her that I've always been fascinated by names and naming kids and popular names and the history/use of names, etc.  It was only awkward for a minute...  #sometimesmyinterestsareembarrassing

-I was listening to the radio (by accident) Monday morning and heard a lady say something about how she loves multimedia and technology as a reasoning behind her mother-in-law finding out about the birth of the grandchild via social media (she had tried to call but MIL was unavailable for an extended period of time).  My reaction was, "She loves VCRs and DVD players and computers and tvs and telephones?"  I think she meant to say SOCIAL MEDIA, but failed.  As a media major, this is a thing for me.  Social media is not the same as multimedia.  I have also been known to say "social mediums" in reference to multiple social media sites (i.e. The Twitter, Facebooks, Googly+, Tumblr, Reddit as ONE thing).  #bigwordsdontmakeyousoundsmarter

-When there is a Woot Off, I may or may not sit on Woot all day refreshing it.  I announce to my friends and coworkers when something good gets posted.  For instance, Teh MD Adult Roomie bought new phone chargers today.  #yesiamanenabler #themoreyoubuythemorewootsthereare

-I signed up for the Beat the Blerch virtual race.  It's the race that the guy who writes The Oatmeal puts on/does/whatever IDK.  Knowing that I won't be able to actually run in any of the locations AND knowing that the Navy-Air Force race is the weekend before the NJ run made it easy to just sign up for the virtual run.  #givemeyourmedals

-I signed up for the Navy-Air Force half marathon.  It will be the 1 year anniversary of mine and Ms. Motivator's first half-marathon.  I was hesitant about signing up at first because that means taking time off and getting to DC and running 13.1 miles again and training during the summer.. again, uuugghhh.  I knew when I saw open registration I was going to do it and I should have just signed up then and saved myself $10.  #atwhatpointdoihaveanaddiction

-I forgot my hydration belt for my Monday run and my shorts didn't have any pockets so I had to carry my phone for 4 miles without dropping it.  I was successful, but holy moly stressful!  #runnerproblems

-I finally broke down and bought 2 new sports bras from Victoria's Secret since I had a $20 rebate thingy and there were some good coupons.  Mr. Scrooge happened to be sitting nearby when I loaded the site and he happened to see the price and he was all WTF $60!?!  Yeah, welcome to the world of tit-hood, MFer.  #boobssuck

-I'm ready for my 10-miler on Saturday with Lara!  I can't even wait.  I'm so ridiculously excited.  #bloggerfriendsmeetinginreallife

-Sometimes when I buy new things I can't help myself and often give them a "test run" before actually starting to use them regularly, which is what happened Monday.  Mostly this applies to hygiene items like body wash and shampoo/conditioner.  I've never been more excited to run out of shampoo as I was yesterday.  Washing my hair with the Organix tsubaki blossom shampoo/conditioner made my morning.  I even wore my hair down again just so I could sit and sniff my hair all day long.  I want to walk up to random people and tell them to smell my hair because it smells so amazing.  I don't do sponsored posts, but if Organix wanted to give me free bottles of this stuff, I'd totally take it.  #Ismellamazing

-My money spending has been out of control this week.  I'm really mourning Mike and not dealing with other issues, oh so well.  Several times I've been "window shopping" online (woot is the devil) and started strongly considering buying items and then I just have to close out all of the tabs because poor-dom sucks.

-Yesterday I was totally looking forward to my meatloaf leftovers for lunch.  I also brought hominy, so it was going to be delicious.  First off, my hominy had leaked all over my lunchbox AND me when I pulled it out.  THEN when I opened the containers to heat the leftovers up, I realized I had brought the steak leftovers instead of meatloaf and I decided instead to just go out for lunch.  All that said, I'm SUPER pumped about my meatloaf for lunch today that I triple checked before I left home.  #firstworldproblems 

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  1. I feel you on the window shopping! I have been doing that all week...I love Woot and Dealnews! I do the baby name thing too!! Seriously WAY before I was pregnant I looked up names just because it is fun!! Also boobs do suck. #ididntchoosethebooblifeitchoseme

  2. I think it is fun to look up names and hear the history behind them and such too. I just know better to send them to any family and friends with out getting the OMG what are you trying to say response :P haha :)

    Why are you listening to break up songs? I love Let it Go by James Bay!!! It made my Friday post a few weeks back. I used to religiously check Woot every day but I haven't been on in months. Ooops. I think my husband still checks it though. He loves a Woot Off!


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