Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Review {4/20}


I had planned on leaving work by noon to get to Durham in time for packet pick up for my 10-miler.  I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.  The ONE time I tell my boss that I'm flexing my hours and leaving early, is the ONE time he needs me to stay to work on something.  I tried not to be impatient, but I could FEEL the minute slipping by and my rush getting worse and worse.  He had asked me to wait until 1 to leave, which really would have put me in a bind and I explained to him that I wasn't just leaving to leave, I had to pick up my packet and I was already only giving myself an hour of leeway.  With him finally understand that I wasn't just trying to be a slacker, he was more willing to work with me, thankfully.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?  I love my job.

I'm a good planner, so I was able to leave striaght from work instead of having to go home for anything.  I'm super glad I added some extra time for travel because I had to detour off 95 to avoid construction in northern SC.  It was kind of a win though because where the detour met the interstate again, gas was only $2.09.  This is relevant because last Tuesday, gas was $2.04, then on Thursday it was $2.17, then on Friday morning it was $2.23... so a HUGE jump!  No me gusta!  I got gas there and then got back on 95.  I stopped in Fayettenam at Teh Sister's house to drop off a desk since Teh Utah Specialist is going to start taking classes and expressed interest in having a desk and I happened to have one just sitting in the garage... 

I didn't get to stay long, but I did stay long enough for my neph-dogs to thoroughly clean every orfice in my face with their tongues.  It might have been face rape.  But they are my neph-dogs and as long as there's no penises in my face, we're good.  I can deal with a solid.. tongue lashing.  bahah.

I took back roads to Chapel Hill from Fayettenam and, of course, I hit construction during Friday rush hour traffic.  That was a delight.  Despite all the set backs, I still managed to make it a little after 6 to packet pickup.  I got my bib and t-shirt and picked up a gel and a crash the party shirt (because no self-respecting NC State grad tolerates wearing Carolina blue when they have an option not to).

Solo photobooth time?  YES PLEASE.

I had been in contact with Lara throughout the day and after getting all my stuffs, we met for dinner at Bocci's.  Shrimp, scallops, and calamari in risotto?  Count me in.  I wish I would have asked for a white sauce, but it is what it is.  Of course, I had to end with a cannoli.  Lara got the cheesecake and we were both in awe over the strawberry swan.

After dinner and chatting about running and life and work and all the Carolina Douche* in our lives, it was time to call it a night. 

I made it to Teh Advising Sister's house with no issues, showered, called Mr. Scrooge to chat for a bit, then it was time to crash.

*Carolina Douche is the new official term that Lara and her husband coined for dudes who wear "Southern" styles.  To include pants with embroidery or pants in weird colors (like salmon or pastels), bowties, cheap sunglasses that kinda look like Ray-Bans, and anything seersucker.  These individuals can often be found at your local fraternity and will commonly refer to each other as "bro." 


Saturday morning started early but I was able to get to Chapel Hill with no issues and only minimal traffic hassles.  BTW, the only time I will ever admit to following a crowd is when I have no idea where I'm going and I know that all the people in my vicinity are going to the same place as me.  I did stop following the crowd when I noticed that most people were turning to find parking and there was a sign that indicated there was more parking straight ahead.  Being the genius I am, I didn't go with the crowd.  I arrived at a parking garage and the kid directing traffic was doing a piss poor job and instead of going with everyone else and turning left, I went straight since the kid wasn't paying attention (and I didn't know not to).  I heard his whistle blaring as I went up the ramp and I slowed down, but since no one was coming after me, I continued on.  I was easily able to find parking in all the open spots! 

Lara had gotten stuck in traffic, so I waited in Yurtle for a bit, then decided to make my way down to the start area.  Again, I had no idea where I was going, so I just followed all the other people with bibs on.  Because packet pickup was stupid and stretched across the mall, I didn't pick up any safety pins and Lara had brought some for me.  I took some selfies in the stadium and stretched while I was waiting on her.

It was my first time ever in the UNC stadium.  I was horrible at being in college.

Blogger selfies!  We failed at getting a photo together Friday night.

The Tarheel 10-Miler was pretty awesome... if you don't count mile 9, which was the Laurel Hill challenge.  I knew there was a challenge hill.  I knew it would be steep.  I knew it would be difficult.  I didn't know it was going to be at MILE LAST FREAKIN ONE or that it was the ENTIRE mile or that it was THAT difficult.  Holy Hera, I wanted to dieeeeee.  My pace had been awesome up to that point and I started running up and not even 15 seconds into the hill I was all NOPE, F that and started walking.  I was still trying to push myself because I knew how good my pace had been and I didn't want to loose that progress and my goal was to finish under 1:40.  I had made sure to open up my pace during the downhills as much as possible.  But the last quarter mile, I got a stitch in my side and I was having to walk when I would have normally been able to sprint out the end.  Death would have been preferable.  Nonetheless, I finished.

That last mile.. UGGGHHHHH.  And at least half of mile 7 was a pretty steep downhill, it was all the awesomes.

I plan to do a review of the race in a different post.  There were good and bad things and sadly most of the bad things were after the race finished.  To include only having 1 place to get water and that was immediately after you finished the race, that I could find. 

After I walked through the stadium (and rolled at the physical therapy tent, YAY for foam rollers!) I headed back to Yurtle.  Lara had done the 4-miler, so she had finished way before me and headed home, and I didn't blame her.  After going through 3 parking garages, I finally found Yurtle.  I decided at that point that I wasn't going to wear my drenched shirt all the way to Fayettenam.  I pulled it off standing in the parking garage and didn't feel a little bit sorry after seeing all the itty-bitty titty committee members running only in a sports bra and some booty shorts.  I put on another shirt and then decided that I wasn't going to endure my soaking bra for 1.5 hours either, so I took that sucker off and free-boobed it all the way to Fayettenam.  Sadly, I didn't think of changing into my PJ pants for the drive, or I probably would have done that instead of sitting in my swamp ass pants.  Live and learn.

I headed to Teh Sister's house again, but this time for a shower.  I could have went back to Teh Advising Sister's apt, but it was the opposite direction and Teh Sister and I had already agreed to a Red Robin date.  Teh Sister was in class when I got there, but Teh Utah Specialist let me in and my neph-dogs accosted me while I rolled again in the living room floor.  At one point, I put the littlest weenie dog between my legs to keep him from licking my nostrils and Teh Utah Specialist laughed and me and said, "Heheheh, you have a weenie between your legs."  I fell off my roller laughing.

We met Teh Sister at Red Robin after getting ready and I was too hungry to take a photo of my delicious burger and once I realized I was a horrible blogger, my hands were already covered in grease and all sorts of deliciousness and I just couldn't be bothered since I was making sweet eating love to that burger.  I was a much nicer, satisfied person after consuming all those calories. 

I left Fayettenam and headed back to Charleston.  When I arrived, Mr. Scrooge had went on a ride, but when he came home about 30 minutes after I arrived, he came with cannolis in hand, so he was forgiven.  I had planned for Mr. Scrooge to plan dinner since I knew I was going to be too tired.  We ended up going to sushi and it was delicious.  When we went home, I was exhausted so after checking my work email (since I needed to check and see about the Friday tasking thing, which wasn't sent until 3:30, so waiting until 1 would have been a waste anyways) it was bedtime soon after.


Sunday morning Mr. Scrooge woke up at 1am and turned on the lights and I was pretty pissed off then I smelled IT.  The smell of putrid POOPSPLOSION.  It wasn't even worth trying to clean up by hand, so I pulled out the carpet cleaner and just cleaned the carpet.  Mr. Scrooge got dog food ready for breakfast since I had forgotten to do it before going to bed.  I also think I figured out the source of the POOPSPLOSION after seeing how much food he had given the dogs.  Have I mentioned how cute Mr. Scrooge is?  VERY cute.  He had given Meri and Xero the same amount of food as Phil... Let me put that into perspective for you.  The 30 and 40 pound dogs were getting the same amount of food as the 80 pound dog.  When I asked him how much he had given them and he admitted 1 scoop, it all kinda clicked together.  I asked him to fix it and he started putting the extra food in Phil's bowl...  Yeah.. no.  I finally was like, "Please just dump them all out and start again and if it's too much trouble, just leave it and I'll take care of it."  I said this as I was dumping poop water down the drain and cleaning out the scrub brushes, so he was wise to have just went back to the dog food and started over.

Finally, we all went back to bed.  At 6, the dogs woke me up and I fed them breakfast.  Mr. Scrooge had done at good job at measuring out the food this time.  As soon as the dogs were fed and had went business, I washed off their feet (since we have swamp yard again) and we all went back to bed.  Mr. Scrooge actually got up an hour before me, which is strange, but I let it happen so I could enjoy the whole bed.

We eventually decided on going out for lunch and then picking up something at the grocery store to make for dinner.  I finally decided on Hyman's Seafood Company.  It was delicious.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  In addition to the server, the manager and the owner both stopped by our table to make sure everything was ok and to tell us if we didn't like something to speak up.  There wasn't anything not to like.


Fried Green Tomatoes, a free appetizer (yay, Yelp coupons that the server told us we had)

I had their shrimp and grits, which was the best evar and Mr. Scrooge ordered the combo plate.  We had planned to share, but Mr. Scrooge didn't eat his half of my plate, so I brought it with me to work today for lunch.. NOOOOOMMMMM.

After a delicious lunch, we headed to the commissary to pick up something for dinner.  Mr. Scrooge decided to cook ribs, which was fine with me.   While he was cooking the ribs and laying in the hammock being mosquito bait, I was inside scrubbing the bathroom for TWO HOURS.  I think I may have some extreme OCD tendencies when it comes to cleaning.  To the point that I used an old toothbrush to get in the grooves in the shower and scrubbed every single block with the scrubber side of a sponge.  I'm serious business.  It hadn't been super scrubbed in a few months, just kinda wiped down, so it was time for a deep clean.

After I finished cleaning, I helped Mr. Scrooge with the green beans and worked on the laundry.  Finally it was dinner time and it was too delicious to take a photo of, sorry not sorry.  Instead, I will give you a photo of my little girl and her adorable self.

It's a short week here since we're headed to Gettysburg, PA this week for Greyhound in Gettysburg!  I'm super pumped and I don't think Mr. Scrooge is prepared for the cult he's about to encounter.  I already have a super special Friday post scheduled... the long awaited ID photos post.  You should definitely check it out because you'll laugh.  Promise.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. I have been craving calamari like no other. I keep trying to find time to go get some for happy hour. Congrats on the run!

  2. Hahahahahahaha I am laughing at the Carolina Douche because we have those same guys walking around here as well. Yikes! And all of the food. I had another thought until I saw the Sunday food picture and I sort of zoned out. Have fun in PA!!! (My home state!)

  3. Carolina Douche. Love it. I so know those guys. I'm all about "Southern" but not necessarily preppy southern...there is a fine line.

  4. you forgot our 7 minute conversation! arguably the BEST part of any weekend!


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