Friday, April 24, 2015

All the faces...

By request... I give you the face of Teh Megan's IDs...  all in one place.

You should know going into this that I make these faces ON PURPOSE.  I imagine the plight of someone checking military IDs all day long gets pretty boring.  My goal is to make those people laugh.  Now that I'm no longer in the military, I still apply these principles when I get a new ID.  

Frocking ID that started it all.

Officially promoted.
I was super disappointed to have lost this ID in Australia on DET.

1st Pax River ID.

It was a tough day when I had to get this ID.  Thus the crazy face.

Last military ID!

No longer Active Duty ID

Dirty Contractor ID face

SC licenses

Visitor badge face for a meeting on base.

Do you make silly faces for your ID photos???


  1. These are amazing! LOL I must try this next time!!

  2. Love this. I never thought to make a funny face on my ID. Great idea.


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