Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Confessions {4/22}

-Artists finally getting behind the lyric video trend makes me extremely happy.  I hate giving play counts to hotmama62 when I watched their homemade lyric videos.  #IhumwhenIdontknowthewords

-Often times when I get home from my runs, Mr. Scrooge isn't home yet.  This is only significant because that means I put the dogs out, prepare doggy dinners, then go jump in the shower for concert time.  Since we have a stall shower, everything reverberates and it's so loud and awesome and concert-like and I don't have to worry about Mr. Scrooge's judgement when I don't know all the words and I just mumble through the sounds.  #showerconcerts

-I get lots of satisfaction on paying off my cards each month.. until I see just how sad it makes my checking account.  #dolladollabillyall

-Assholes that decide to pull over IN THE MEDIAN to get ticketed make me irate.  I bet if you just slowed down after you noticed the cop behind you with their lights on and put on your hazards or signal that you were going to turn, they'd probably follow you to a safer place, even if it's a mile down the road.  ANNNNDDD I bet if you decided to pull over in a safer location where the cop doesn't have an 95% chance of getting hit by a car, your rate of getting an actual ticket over a warning would probably decrease significantly.  I don't KNOW these things, but I'd guess these things to be true because that's how I'd operate if I was a cop.  Additionally, you wouldn't back up rush hour traffic with your doucheary, Douche.  #safetyfirst

-I often get behind on reading my blog subscriptions and when I read something in Feedly, I open the blog up in a new tab to comment on it.  If I see the post has more than 15 comments, I question the value of my comment (unless it's super funny), but often leave a comment anyways.  When I see 50+ comments, I'm like yeah, nope, not gonna bother.  #nopenopenope

-Having 50+ comments on a post would blow my mind and I'd probably get annoyed at all the emails (which I get each time someone comments, YAY!) after about 15-20.  I think the most comments a post of my ever received was 20 and that was back when Kathy hosted Humpday Confessions.  This kinda makes me glad I'm not a big time blogger.  #smallbutmighty

-I can barely contain my excitement about going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg (GIG).  I've been obnoxiously worried about how I'm going to fit 2 humans, 3 dogs (1 who REALLY likes his space, 1 who is petrified of life, and 1 who refuses to sleep), assorted dog items (beds, food, 1 crate, baby gate, etc), a suitcase for the humans, and whatever else may need to be transported into Yurtle.  I bit the bullet yesterday morning and called the Kia place and asked about cross bars for Yurtle and scheduled to have them installed today at 1130.  I also picked up a waterproof cargo bag from Walmart yesterday afternoon.  Now instead of worrying how it all will fit, I will just put it ON Yurtle and be done.  And I'll have a roof rack for next time so Phil and Meri won't be crowded, which makes this dog-mama rest easier.  #IlovemySUV #almostsoccermomstatus #GIG2015

-2 of the ladies at work that I want to be friends with noticed that I walked in with a Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) cup yesterday after lunch and they were like, "You didn't invite us?!"  I admitted that I had to invite myself the first time and that they should too.  #strongindependentblackwoman

-I keep telling myself that I'm going to go back and read everyone's book reviews for the linkup, but I have yet to have time.  I did totally clean out my feedly on Monday though.  For those of you who recieved comments from me on your posts that were "old," you're welcome.  Anything older than 10 days, I didn't bother unless it was a really good comment.  #bloggerproblems

-I get it from Teh Dad and everyone in my family knows it... I am the WORST person to have to deal with when it comes to pending trips that I'm in charge of (I'm an excellent traveler once we leave the house).  I was an absolute terror last night.  About 95% of that was because when Mr. Scrooge got home after 6pm and suggested he go on a ride "since I won't get to ride for a while."  (direct quote, no shit, to which I responded, "It's FOUR days!")  I was so angry that I told him to go.  The night before a trip and he decides to do whatever the fuck he wants instead of helping me pack/prep things?  I might have tried to slay him with my eye glare.  He asked me if I was mad at him and I told him that if he was keeping me awake after 10pm because he was packing or fucking around, THEN I would be pissed.  Then I couldn't get the shower head off to put the new shower head on that I just bought, I finally gave up so I didn't strip it, which meant I definitely wasn't giving the dogs a bath (which had been Mr. Scrooge's idea anyways).  I got as much ready as I could.  Today will be the kicker getting everything into the cargo bag on Yurtle... I'm already not looking forward to it.  Oh yeah, he was definitely still up fucking around after 10pm and when I realized he was just checking his FB the rage seeped out of me via very strong peer pressure to the effect of, "BABE it will be there tomorrow!"  "Just turn off the damn light if you're going to spend all fucking night reading FB."  I'm super pleasant when I'm tired.  #oldladystatus

-Xero peed on me yesterday night when I picked him up to bring him to the bathroom for bathtime (which Mr. Scrooge did execute).  I didn't care because I was ragey at all the things.  #blindingrageisreal

-I cleaned the bedroom carpet last night at midnight and again at almost 5am.  I felt totally validated for being an asshole at bedtime.  Both times were because one of the asshole dogs shit in the floor.  The first time was driblets.. the 2nd time was 2 big piles and a little pile.  Mr. Scrooge offered to clean it the 2nd time, which meant I had to teach him how to use the carpet cleaner at 5am.  He did pretty good except for the part where he lifted the entire machine and instead of locking the bottom piece to be at a 90 degree angle of the handle, he just let it flop and shit water went all over everything.  There wasn't any cuteness that could be determined at that moment to save him.  I just sat and looked at him in horror.  I still can't actually believe he did it.  Soon after that, I took over the 5am session. #poopsplosions #ilovecleaningthecarpet #saidnooneever

-Meeting another blogger in real life and not getting murdered was every bit as awesome as I wanted it to be.  Thanks Lara!  #NotEveryoneIsASerialKiller  #paranoid

-When my friends and I comment almost the same thing on a mutual FB friend's status, I just wanna be like great minds think alike high five!  #ilovehighfives

-After I post this, I'm vowing to be in a better mood.  Nothing like a cleansing confessions session to get things off my mind and give me the power to move on.  #mindovermatter

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloMaking Melissa


  1. Hahaha I'm the same as you for comments - they already have 50? Ha, not worth my time! I mean I'd rather give love to us smaller blogs anyways. Glad your pups are feeling better and I hope you have fun at GIG!!!

  2. Man - the comments - I mean, I can't even fathom 50 comments. I am also a tiny but mighty blogger.

  3. Great confessions, hope you are in a better mood now. I always feel better after confessing.

  4. - I don't comment if posts have tons of comments either. After 18-20, just nope.

    -Hubby was/still somewhat is terrified when I met internet people IRL. But I've lived so far.


  5. I basically just love that you call your shower concert time! haha!!! I comment on blogs that I read daily regardless of how many comments they get because chances are I have been following them before they got "bigger." If I stumble upon a new to me blog that has a shit ton of comments? I am less likely to comment because I assume they wont respond back to me.

  6. Shower concerts sound awesome! I take mine in silence because that is usually Kyra's sleepy time and waking her means shorter shower times. I am the same way with blog comments, if someone has a million I usually skip out. However if I ever got twenty comments I might just die from happiness. I live for comments even if I forget to respond to them immediately!


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