Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday #48


Shin splints and headaches and uncomfortable shoes and not running are making me nervous.  I'd really like to do well on the 10-miler on the 18th, but I feel like I've gotten setback in my training schedule (which I had intended to follow since 9+ miles is particularly hard on me) and I'm not happy about it.

Granted, I'm sure headaches were yet another way of my body telling me NOT to run to only make my shin splints worse (among other things, hello girl time, bleh) and my way of being able to predict the weather.  I had planned on running yesterday after work, but I came home early with the same headache that was the cause of me going home early on Wednesday.  Lucky for me, I can work from home so I didn't have to make the decision to be miserable at work or take sick time, because I would have just been miserable at work.

I'm planning on a run this evening no matter what.  I NEED to do at least 7 miles.  Then next week I'm hoping to have a few "short" (3-5 miles) runs and a 8-9 mile long run.  Then I'm planning on taking it easy the week of the 10 miler.  Just one or two "short" runs early in the week, then the 10 miler on Saturday.

I noticed when we were running the bridge at the 11 min/mile pace, my shins weren't hurting as bad as they did when I ran on Monday at my 10-10:30 min/mile pace.  I'm not sure if it's the shoes or if I need inserts or wtf is going on, but feeling pain with each step I make is absolutely unbearable.

Another reason I'd like to get back into the running game is because those pounds that the scale told me were gone.. are back...  Partially because it was fat week and partially because I was running so I had been previously burning those calories.  Additionally, running makes me want to eat healthier to fuel my body better.  I can tell a difference when I eat fried, fatty foods vs when I eat veggies and lean meats.


I have a not secret obsession with 3/4 sleeve shirts.  Additionally, buying clearance clothes from and having them shipped to my house is kinda like that StitchFix thing.. except cheaper (ish) with just shirts, without having to pay someone to tell me things that would look good on me..  All the shirts didn't look good on me, but that means dollas saved when I return them to the store!  Oddly enough, I ended up liking more of the shirts than I thought I would, so I'm not sure if that's a win (for me) or lose (for my dollas).  Fortunately, everything was on clearance, so I don't feel AS guilty.

The guilt comes in when I add the $$ I spent at Loft with Teh MD Adult Roomie...  Oops.  YAY ALL THE SHIRTS!!!


The Bridge Run photos were finally posted!  I didn't go out of my way to photobomb anyone this time, it was just too cold.  Also, as someone who has a minimal level of skill in photography, why in the hell are they charging $15 for a digital print.  No.  Just no.  I'll just screenshot that bad boy girl and deal with the watermark.  You can charge me under $5 and I will probably buy the photo, but it's obvious that you're trying to make a profit off a $15 digital print that you didn't have to really show any skill to take the photo other than a super fast shutter finger to get all the people.  There were over 35,000 runners.  Even if only 100 of those runners bought a single print, you still overly paid for all the photographers you had to hire for the event.  Let's be generous and say they started shooting at 6, but probably not since it was dark.  Let's say the event ended at noon, since there was still activities going on in the park.  Additionally, there was a children's run the day before and people love photos of their kids, so lets just add another 100 photos from those parents buying those photos.  That's $3,000 right there.  I don't know how many photographers were hired to shoot for the event, but let's say 15 for the start line (they were standing on scaffolding over the start line and I was running and couldn't count and they were mixed in with the local media who were airing the start waves), 2 for the finish line photos (who we saw), plus 13 other randoms to wander around.

That's about $100 per person for 6 hours or almost $17 an hour.  I KNOW for certain that more than 200 people are going to buy photographs.  There was also an option to pay $60 and get copies of every photo you were tagged in.  Uhh, no.  There was 1 photograph out of 25 that was actually a decent photo of Teh MD Roomie and I that I would have considered paying for.  I didn't even appear in half of the photos that I was tagged in.

On to the photos!


I finally recieved my PostSecret book this week in the mail and I'm pretty sure Mr. Scrooge is addicted.  But he likes to discuss them and have a reaction to each one as he read them, which is cool if I'm not reading them too.  I like to have quiet, introspective time when I read PS.  He likes to comment about how horrible or fucked up things are.  I've threatened to make him read a different PS book as me if he is going to be so verbal, lol.  I do appreciate the fact that Mr. Scrooge likes reading PS.  Teh Bear never "got it" and he would tell me he didn't understand why I would read them.  /rolleyes

Now if I could just get Mr. Scrooge to tell me secrets, I'd be golden.  I don't think he was a fan of the secret I told him last night.  I almost stopped myself, but then finished it: I've considered walking away several times because of our significant differences in "they way we deal with things." 


We ALLLLLMOST subscribed to Netflix last night.  ALMOST.  Then Mr. Scrooge got to the part where you put in your credit card info and he was like, what about my free month?  I explained they charge after the free month.  At which point he decided that his wallet was too far away and went back to Amazon Prime, then eventually back to the TV, where we started watching The Lego Movie, which I really want to finish, because I thought the first 20 minutes was hilarious, but I was tired.

*If you're a photographer and want to put me in my place, feel free.  I still hold that $15 for a digital print is ridiculous and yes I know how wide spread they can go.  Plop a watermark on it somewhere, charge me $5, and call it a day.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. #2 made me laugh. I love Target, & 3/4 length shirts, & I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to get behind the stitch fix thing.

  2. I would TOTALLY run the Tar Heel 10 miler wit you but I am NO where near 10 mile running shape. It would be me crying and walking for 2+ hours. lol. I was actually registered for it 2 ears ago and had to drop out because of my stupid butt.back injury. I should redeem myself and actually run it one day.

  3. My husband doesnt get PS either.
    The Lego Movie is hilarious!

  4. PS is amazing and I love husband doesn't really get it but he will make comments if I read them aloud. Also I would die without Netflix. PS The Lego Movie----EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!! (I will sing that song for a week now)


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