Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Training for Tuesday #5


Upcoming events:

14 November 2015: Sweet Tea Half in Summerville, SC
18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
12 March 2016: Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Course in Mount Pleasant, SC
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

October Goals:

-Keep training for my Sweet Tea 1/2.
-Get my pace down.
-Try out Crossfit.
-Don't get hurt.


~I only crossed out half of the Sweet Tea 1/2 training goal because I have kinda not but kinda have been training.  I haven't been running as much-ish, but I added cross-training through Crossfit and well, it's working out.  I can tell my lack of running effects my long runs, but there's nothing about me that is capable of running after doing WODs (yet).  Granted, I could run in the AM or make time other than on the weekend, but snuggles in the AM are my priority.  #notsorry

That said, Endurance Club did start, which means I am doing some running work.  The coach threatened something about running barefoot and I'm a good sport, buttttt if it's the week before my 1/2 it's not happening.  I'm not going to break myself before 13.1 miles, even if it's a shitty 13 miles.  I can't do it at all if I'm hurt.  AAANNNDDD The MD-AR is coming down to SC to run it with me.  She might actually disown me if I was hurt and couldn't run it.  Although it would mean that I'd be at the finish line waiting for her.

~Endurance club is going to help me with my pace.  Our first class was last Tuesday and we were definitely running faster than my 9-10m/m.  Prob more like 8:15-8:45.  I could.not.breathe.  It was tough.  I survived.  Moar please.

~I actually started Crossfit the day after the last Training for Tuesday post, but it didn't meet the cutoff, so I got to carry it over.  #win #IdowhatIwawnt

Honestly, I'm enjoying it.  I didn't want to because it's ridiculously expensive.  Additionally, Teh German has been on a Crossfit break because his shoulder which means I've been going solo.  This is good and bad.  Good because I don't feel like I need to impress him (yes I know I'm ridiculous) but bad because it means I'd rather stay home and have a relaxing evening (which are few and far between).  There are days I go home after Crossfit and feel like I could do more workout, but I also know that I'm going to be sore enough the next day without adding miles to the WOD I've already completed.  Finally, Chiro would probably lose his mind if I went back to 10ish miles during the week + Crossfit + weekend runs.  He might actually give up on me and all my broke parts.

~I did kinda hurt my shoulder trying to do a mabillionty (25+15) Burpees, but since then, I've modified my positioning and taken it slow.  This has helped more than anything.  Chiro says I just need to strengthen the muscles.  I say we'll see.  This popping has been going on since bootcamp-ish.  Even when I was doing good push-ups for a few months it was popping and I was ignoring it.  I probably did this to myself.

~I got a wild hair and signed up for a "mud run" with Teh German... and by with Teh German, I mean I found it and signed us up as he'd barely nodded ok because he's been talking about wanting to do an obstacle run since our first date.  It's only the 5k one, which is probably why I signed up.  There's no way I'd do obstacles during a 1/2 marathon.  It's already an obstacle to make sure I pick up my feet enough for 13 miles not to trip over myself.. and sometimes I'm not always successful at that.  Yes, it has a medal.  That may or may not have been most of my motivation.

~Teh German and I went on a Bridge Run with Friend 1 Wife a few weeks ago and it was glorious.  It wasn't a goal for October, but I RAN THE ENTIRE BRIDGE, which is definitely an accomplishment.  #patselfonback

November Goals:

-Get serious about GSC training
-Keep on my Crossfit game, keep adding the weight.
-Roll/stretch more or possibly implement more yoga into my life.
-Avoid gluten products (bread/pasta) to lessen the joint popping/aching problems (yay for self-awareness).  Stuffing is an exception.
-Don't get hurt.
-Try out the trampoline place.  
-Total time of less than 2 hours for my 1/2 marathon. Probably not gonna happen, but it will be a goal until I accomplish it.

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  1. So jealous of all the running. You will be my inspiration post-baby. Glad you are enjoying Crossfit!

  2. What is a bridge run? Sounds cool!

  3. I feel like I need to add a bridge run to my list of races. "Don't get hurt" is always my goal as well. Mostly. Sometimes I change it to, "don't get hurt BAD".

  4. You have so many races lined up! I'm jealous. I'm starting to really think about some post-marathon goals but pulling no triggers just yet. Going to live vicariously through all your fun runs coming up! Good luck on November 14!

  5. Look at all those races!!! I love that you guys signed up for a mud run and did the bridge run, how fun!!! damn gluten. Why do all the good things gotta be so bad?

  6. Being from Charleston, I'm just going to go ahead and assume I am correctly understanding what Bridge Run means ;) Speaking of (kind of?), I think my next tentative goal is the Charleston half in January (and to PR the shit out of it).
    It is so awesome that you are getting so much out of Crossfit! I've always been interested in trying it (because who doesn't want to be crazy strong?!) but I feel like my running and triathloning would have to take a huge hit and I am just not prepared to give those up. But if for some reason some day I start to feel meh about those things, Crossfit is something to consider!


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