Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Confessions {10/14}

-One of my new coworkers looks like Jake Gyllenhaal.  I'm not sure if I can tell him.  Also, can you imagine growing up with that last name?  Woah.  #Mynameisntdifficultbutpeoplestillcantspellitcorrectly

-I get an overwhelming feeling of success/accomplishment from cleaning my own house, even though I hate cleaning sooo much.  #WecouldcallthisOCD

Oh Tom... /swoon

-When I found more insulation behind my DVD shelves, I almost lost my freakin' mind because they did such a horrible job cleaning up the ceiling mess.  When I was complaining about it to Teh German he explained that the contractors hadn't cleaned up any of the mess other than the huge ceiling pieces they had to dispose of so they could do their work.  Teh German cleaned up the mess after the ceiling was fixed.  I thanked him profusely and told him that I wished he would have sent me photos so I could have complained to the property management company about the contractors not doing their job very well.  #atleastthisisntmyhouse #whydoesthelowestbidderalwayssuck

-I submitted 4 service tickets on Monday for 4 different issues.  3 hours later, all 4 tickets were closed.  Later that day, a ticket was opened with all 4 issues in one ticket.  If they had been resolved the first time with one ticket, I would have submitted them that way.  Kthx.  #goodtalk #renterwoes #mypropertymanagementcompanysucks
Update: it was a assigned to a vendor and then closed out before the contractor even contacted me to come and fix the issues.  #IhateyouCPMC

-38 of my friends like the photo I posted of myself and Phil on his birthday.  35 of my friends liked our relationship announcement (which is still only at 99 likes).  Does this mean that my friends like my dog better than my boyfriend?  #yesIcounted #thisoneisakeeper #Werealizeweareridiculous

-I'm always impressed at how well my brain handles the switch from the MacBook to my Windows laptop... until I try to close out a window on the top left instead of the top right.  #MacvsPC

-Berries are delicious, but their seeds make me sad.  Lookin' at you blackberries and strawberries and blueberries.  #seedssuck #freshfruitisdelicious

-Yesterday was the Navy's birthday and my memory was jogged via FB.  I was never more excited to have forgot something.  Then it remained in my FB Trending section all day, ughhh.  Please tell me that FB Trending is specifically tailored to individual users and not everyone had to see that it was the Navy's birthday?  #hooyah #NavyFree

-When I went to the chiropractor on Monday my face was such a grease bucket that I had "oiled" the paper where my face was.  #OMGNASTY #Ineedadermatologist #nevergotpastpuberty

-When I told Teh German it was officially "girl week" he responded with, "YAY!  I mean, boo, but YAY!"  He totally gets me.  #yaynobabies

-I signed up for the endurance club (the running thing at the Crossfit gym) and I'm excited and scared about it at the same time.  My poor pieces are going to hurt so bad.  #GSCtraininginprogress

-I have all the guilt when I don't respond to no-reply bloggers.  Seriously.  #CatholicGuiltIsReal
If you are on this list, I am unable to reply to you via email, which is why you probably think I'm an asshole who never responds to comments:
NY Foodie Blogger
Teh World Wide Jesus Lover (and I know you probably don't know how to fix it, but I'll send you directions)
Morgan @ The Rad Wife
Kristen @ Why Girls Are Weird
Sanch @ Living My Imperfect Life
Kimberly @ My Hope Whispers

I made a suggestion to fix it on Monday's post, if you're interested.  If not, please leave your email so I can respond to you!!! Pleeeeeeeaassseeeeeeeee.  #WhyCantWeBeFriends

-When I obviously injure myself and no one asks if I'm ok (this time at work), I want to punch bitches in the face.  Have a little compassion, assholes.  I'm not just having outbursts and then limping around because it's how I am.  That said, I bashed the shit out of my ankle on my chair at work trying to stretch my tight hips and I wanted to cry but didn't.  #alittlekindnessgoesalongway

My ankle and my soul

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  1. Berry seeds are literally the reason I can't have smoothies. I love strawberries, blackberries, raspberries... but their seeds make smoothies all grainy and gross and I just can't get over it. #firstworldproblems so hard.

  2. Endurance + Crossfit? Good luck girly. I really need something to challenge me, but right now my issue is getting to the gym in the first place!

  3. "My ankle and my soul"- haha! I feel the same way! Also with overwhelming feelings of accomplishment when done cleaning my apt. Even though I live by myself and it's all my mess.

    I have Kristen's email addy if you want it!

  4. Coworker that looks like Jake Gylenhaal? (not bothering to correct that spelling) #IsHeSingle?!

    Also, my mom sends me GEMS via text message - a few months ago the first text of the day, with no context behind it, said "Is Jake Gylenhaal gay?" Eh?

    I laughed about your oily skin comment. That is me, whenever I get a massage at the nail place (don't judge) and am pressed against that white deli paper...I get up and the oil is VERY visible. So. Gross.

  5. I feel Jake on the spelling now that my last name is a nightmare. #shouldhavekeptmyown I kinda love that the dog post got more likes....just sayin'. After all Phil is adorable.

    -My OCD is so bad that my child now has it. Kyra lines up all her toys, crayons, and chairs in straight perfect lines

    - I love raspberries but the seeds make me rage

    -I feel you on the oil. But I have a combo face so that means my nose is an oil slick and my cheeks are the desert. #nopartofmylifeistogether

  6. I don't mind berry seeds. #amiweird

    I have no ocd. I hate cleaning. There are few things I hate more than house-cleaning. Often, when I am asked what I miss the most about Texas, my answers are Tex-Mex and an affordable maid. Seriously. I had a woman who came to my house ever other week, cleaned it beautifully for only $35.

    I always feel guilty about the no-reply blogger thing too.

  7. I do my best to reply to no-reply bloggers by going to their page and forwarding to their email, but sometimes that's just too much work. Then I feel all the guilt too because usually they have great comments. The ones that leave a lame comment though I'm like meh, not worth feeling guilty about! What does annoy me though is when I take the time to find one of their emails, respond to their comment, let them know they are a no-reply blogger, send them a link for how to fix it and then.... get several more comments from them that are no-reply #allthatworkfornothing

  8. I always feel guilty about not replying to no-reply bloggers but in the end lazy wins out. If they don't take the time to fix their no reply status I don't take the time to reply. About half the time I'll go comment on their blog but I don't acknowledge their comment on mine. Sometimes I'll be all BTW you're a no reply blogger in my comment but rarely.

  9. Naw, in this day and age, people need to make it easy for people to respond to your comments. I don't have time to visit your blog and find a contact info! Oh, and sorry I responded to your comment by calling you "Teh". What does this mean, anywho? Sorry if I should know. #ImNewAroundHere

    Bahahaha @ the greasy face. How embarrassing!!! lololol
    Just watched Sister Act the other day, no joke!


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