Friday, November 20, 2015

Five on Friday #72


Next week is a short week and I'm supppppperrrrr pumped!!

We're headed to Fayettenam to hang out with Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist and Teh Nephdawgs (please don't rob us) for Thanksgiving.  Teh German didn't celebrate American Thanksgiving last year, so it's #gameon for this year and Teh Sister and I have already planned the menu (now if I could get this same motivation level for Christmas).  So much fooooodddd.  I've already told her that we'd bring plastic containers so we can bring food home with us.

Buuuttttttttt, before we leave for Fayettenam, we have an appointment at the home design center to pick out all our interior options for the new house!!  If you're super interested, we went with the Drayton floorplan from Dan Ryan Builders.

Also, I'm kinda glad the builder is paying the Realtor since I'm not really sure what he's done through the process other than get the sales girl kicked from our contract, but he gets 3% of our final cost.. and well.. that's more money than I make for sitting around not really doing much at work.


I'm really starting to feel some guilt at all the teleworking I've been doing.  It also doesn't help that one of the days was a legit day off that I switched up.  That said, I did inform my boss that I had a lot going on at home, which is why I'm not at my desk sometimes.  The conversation went something like this:

Me upon catching him at the door to our office about to go up to the cafe with a manila folder in my hand: Hey, do you have a second?  I wanted to talk with you about some stuff.
Boss: Uhhh... I don't talk to people with manila envelopes.
Me: Well, this is my house stuff, so not really applicable, but kinda does lead me into what I wanted to tell you.
Boss: Uhh..
Me: So, I just wanted to let you know before hand that I may be teleworking more in the next few months.
Boss: Ok.
Me: We're buying a house and there will be meetings to attend.  As well as whatever repairs they decide to do to the current house, which I need to be at home for.  For instance, we have a meeting next Wednesday to pick out all the interior stuff in the new house.
Boss: Oh, you're building a house?  Congratulations!
Me: Thanks.  But yeah, I just wanted to let you know so you're aware of what is going on if I'm not at my desk.
Boss: Whew, ok thanks.

I told one of the recruiting ladies the story and she laughed at the manila envelope part just like I did.  It was so completely random.  I think he's got PTSD from people "talking to him" about things.. from quitting to pregnancy this week alone.  I feel house buying was kind of in the middle of that range, so that's a plus.  Also, that's kind of a reassurance for him that I'm not planning on going anywhere in the near future, so there's that.


In music news (and not just because a lot of my blogger besties have been doing music posts (what am I, a bandwagon-er? (yes, yes I am))):

If you have a Sirius radio in your car, Sirius is offering channels 13 and 18 for free, even if you aren't a subscriber.  13 and 18 are the holiday music channels this year.

I heard this on the way to work this morning and it totally helped eliminate the rage I was feeling towards the lady in front of me going 5 under the speed limit, talking on her cell phone (sorry for the crappy video, I couldn't find the official video):

Liz Phair - Why Can't I?


If more people practiced content over popularity, the internet would be a way better place... and Facebook wouldn't be such a source of eye rolling for me.

When it was awkward to be around parents...

Apparently Dad Jokes = corny jokes?  Whatevs.  These brought me lolzzz.

I completely support this movement and I'm pleased to see that it's happening in Charleston.  Female bodies are NOT a distraction just because of whatever clothing a girl/woman is wearing.  Part of me wonders if our "modern" (aka lack there of) clothing (for women) is a backlash to hundreds of years of having to be covered and not show skin. 


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1.  Solo Tasty Tuesday trips to Ye Old Fashioned Cafe where the egg salad sammich melted away the pain of house decisions and a hot fudge sundae with cherry ice cream and wet nuts just ensured that Tuesday continued to be good.
  2. Zero issues signing the contract for the house on Tuesday evening.
  3. Red heels
  4. Worksgiving
  5. My massage on Thursday
  6. Having a "lazy" weekend planned.  We actually have a dress-up party to attend on Saturday night and we could go to the chili cookoff last year that I went to with Teh SC House Finder, but we haven't locked in those plans.  Depending on the weather, we may ride the bikes up to the mud-pit, aka Future House.
  7. X Ambassadors - Unsteady.
  8. Seeing that there are direct flights from Seattle to Charleston, which means that the dream to take Teh Granny on a cruise to Alaska is becoming more and more of a real possibility.  Too bad all my dollars are going to Future House through the end of 2016.  Siiiigh, maybe 2017?
  9. Also in regards to flights, seeing that prices haven't dropped below what Teh German and I paid for our tickets to Germany.  #win
  10. Waking up and hearing it rain and being able to go back to sleep #Iloverainthemost #exceptforwhenthehousestartsgettingbuilt
  11. Oh yeah, and these people for tolerating all my shenanigans and making my life better this past week:

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL at the Manilla Envelopes! Poor guy! And yay for a relaxing weekend.

  2. I totally used to love the Liz Phair song!!! What a great throwback!

  3. Liz Phair!!! LOL!!!! Dad jokes are seriously the best! Anything corny is super funny to me. Or anything with a pun. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Your house is going to be so pretty! I love it! (Not so) fun fact about me: I used to sell building materials. I was a roofing specialist. I used to sell to builders. Yep, I sure did check out the website to see if I could find what roofing materials are being used on your house. I didn't find them, but I was going to give you my "expert" opinion. Ha!

    My guy is planning a Thanksgiving feast for me. He's awfully sweet sometimes ;)

  5. Happy Friday!!! :) cheers to your relaxing weekend homie! Enjoy preparing/making thanksgiving dinner ;)

  6. Meant to also say congrats on the house, that's awesome and fun :)

  7. You had me at Nephdawgs.. too funny! Congrats on the house! It's gotta be fun to pick out the inners. Have a fun lazy weekend- that's what I'll be doing. Absolutely nothing and it feels so good. :)

  8. 1)Can't wait to see the interior decisions!
    2)LOL to his reaction about the envelope
    3)I haven't heard that song in forever. I used to jam the hell out to that song.
    4)Corny jokes are underrated.
    5)Rain is the best. I love running around in it when it's warm. Being lazy & cuddling when it's rainy is equally awesome.


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