Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Confessions {11/11}

-The day we Confessers have long awaited has arrived.  Kathy is back in the game!  Can we all just send up a "praise Jesus?"  Also, I support the choice of Mr. Wickham as our new button hunk.  #2005prideandprejudiceFTW

More Coffee Less Talky

-I snuck in a weekend review post on Tuesday morning AFTER the book link up, but I back dated it for prosperity.  It talks all about house hunting if you missed it (aka, if you don't use a feed reader).  #myblogmyrules

-Within 5 minutes of receiving the Cards Against Humanity (CAH) Hanukkah gifts announcement email, I was signed up and paid for.  I even watch the entire video because I didn't realize I could scroll to the bottom of the page to skip it.  #CAHaddict #YesIhaveALLtheexpansions

-I am CRUSHED that this is the last year CAH are doing the holiday gifts.  #firstworldproblem

-I loathe when people try to recall emails.  No, just send out a correction so I have 1 less email in my inbox from you.  #getbetterattechnology #thisis2015

-Moving outside of the 526 beltway means finding a new Crossfit gym.  From a quick search, it looks like the gym we currently go to has the highest prices in the area.... and there's not even a water fountain/dispenser.  #movingwoes #whatamIpayingfor

-I haven't read my new StoryPeople book yet and it arrived on Monday evening.  #failure

-Seeing that the Senate passed a bill to prohibit detainees from coming into the US from GTMO kinda gave me a chuckle.  Not that I was overly concerned, but the irony of them possibly being relocated to Charleston was maybe a bit too soon for this girl.  #politicsarestupid

-I give ZERO fucks about what color my cup is at Starbucks and/or what is on it and I'm annoyed that people are making such a big deal out of it, even the backlashers.  #IDGAF #stahp

-I rarely respond to emails after I leave work unless I get on my laptop at home because I dislike composing any text whatsoever on Suzy (my phone).  #Ihatevirtualkeyboards #technologywoes #commentreponsedelay

-I'm working from home today and I'm stupid excited about it because that means I get to crop ALL THE IMAGES!!!  This sounds ridiculous, but Word 2016 for Mac doesn't include a crop feature for images, but Word 2016 for Windows does.  It's stupid, but true.  My documents are going to lose baggage today!  #techwriterproblems

-Do you remember 4 years ago when everyone was getting married because it was 11/11/11?  Same for 11/12/13 and 12/13/14?  #Iwantedtobethatcool #sogladImissedthatboat

-Teh German and I have been having some serious life discussions recently.  Not just about the house, but about kids.. and not just like, yeah let's have kids one day, but "My IUD runs out in March 2017 which we've decided is too soon, but definitely within 5 years from now" kind of conversations.  I even told Teh German it was difficult for me to think about no longer being on the 10 year plan (10 years, no babies (so essentially when I turned 18, then 20, no kids for 10 years (check))) and maybe we needed to have a mourning party for all those unfertilized eggs.  #10yearplan #grieving #adulting

-I unintentionally (after I realized I was going to be late) skipped my running class last night to look at houses with Teh German after work.  We stopped by one house about 15 minutes before the agent was supposed to leave, so she gave us the key and told us to take our time looking at the house and drop the key in the box when we were done (if she wasn't there).  #wechristenedsomeoneshouseandtheywillneverknow #adultingdoneright #Weshouldntbeleftunsupervised

-We think we have narrowed down our search to 2 builders but now we are facing a decision dilemma.  One house is in a very convenient location but we're afraid might be too small in a few years with dogs and kids.  The other house feels slightly too large (right now) and isn't in the most convenient location.  They are similarly priced, so today my goal is to finish all my image cropping and communicate with agents about pricing so we can see which is the better deal for what we want and to discuss lots and details.  #somanydecisions #somanychoices

-TEH MD-AR IS ON HER WAY TO CHARLESTON RIGHT NOW AND I'M SO UNBEARABLY EXCITED THAT I ALMOST CAN'T STAND MYSELF.  She's bringing Olive-Walive and Zoey and we're gonna run for a medal and tour Charleston and eat and discuss house buying and hang out with Teh German (they've met via Skype when I was in MD in Sept) and ALL THE THINGS!!!

-Finally, it's Veteran's Day and while the free food is cool, it's about honoring those who took the oath and put on a uniform.  I never understood these random "America" holidays until after joining the Navy.  They used to just be days that we weren't in school #hellyeah.  I get it now.  Also, Veteran's Day is different from Memorial Day.  Veteran's Day is about everyone who ever served.  Memorial Day is about those who died while serving.  #lessonoftheday #freedomisntfree

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  1. oh you naughty thing you. I love that confession!

  2. Found you through the link-up! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. I went to school for a year at St. Mary's College! AWESOMEEEEE.
    And. That's so freaking awesome about the realtor and the house hahahaha.

  3. Hahahaha tisk tisk! How long do you plan on living in the house?? When we bought our house, we planned to keep it for 5-10 years and upgrade. So I could live with a few things I was on the fence about. But if you are unsure about your longevity...never buy anything that is potentially too small!!!

  4. It is pretty awesome you are discussing the scary things. It is better to discuss them even when they are scary than to have one sneak up on you and then you are forced into the discussion.

    I totally didn't understand the push to get married on those days....I'm not really into sharing my day with anyone though. I was a little sad that a friend of mine from high school (who didn't hang out with me after 1 year of college) got married the same day. Had no idea we were sharing a day until people were having to choose....

    I can't even with the red cup nonsense. Stupid.

  5. You are my newest favorite blog. You are hilarious!! And your gifs!!! LMAO!

    You naught girl you (; Sounds like my kind of house hunt!! lol

  6. it makes me giddy as fuck that everyone has missed my old linkup!! thanks for your support and linking up :D

  7. Haha I love that you christened the house!

  8. House hunting is hard- we chose the bigger house in the slightly less convenient location...but that kind of works for us b/c it's a less crowded area and we are almost claustrophobic after both growing up in the boonies. We haven't really used 2 out of the 3 bedrooms, but now with the baby coming I'm SO glad we have a nursery already and a guest room (b/c grandparents may start coming to visit...). On the other hand, we have friends who are trying to sell and move into a smaller house b/c after having a baby the mom now wants to SAH. really just depends and is super hard and yeah, good luck with it.

    Veteran's Day v. Memorial Day is the hardest thing for me. Usually Veteran's is slightly easier, but when people are texting my husband "Happy Memorial Day" I'm like "great, now I get to deal with the emotional roller coaster of 'yay dead friends.'" #NotCool #YesImABitchyMilSpouse #BecauseYoureDumb #SeriouslyShowSomeREALRespect


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