Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Confessions {11/4}

-I see all these people posting recipes on FB and I want to beg them to post something that looks delicious that doesn't contain cheese or bread or cream cheese.  Something moderately healthy, PLEASE!?!  #WhohaveIbecome #wherearethevegetables

-Sometimes, I have to pop my back before doing certain activities.  #90yearold
-Sometimes, when doing certain activities, my back pops.  #90yearold

-When Meri lays with me on the couch, she almost always has a paw touching me.  I find it completely endearing.  That said, when she lays with me on the bed, she practically flops her 30 pound body onto mine and it often knocks the breath out of me.  #MeriMeriQuiteContrary #goatdog

-I almost called in sick on Tuesday because my head hurt so bad from pressure front/weather.  Instead, I opted to work from home.  The fact that I need all the PTO I can get for Germany next June was seriously my only reason for working.  #priorities

-Tuesday, when Meri wasn't roached out beside me (roached = sleeping on her back with her legs in the air), she spent her remaining time on the back of the loveseat watching it rain and waiting for the feral neighborhood cats to meander onto our driveway.  At which point she would go freakin' crazy whining and barking at the cat and running back and forth between the loveseat and the back door.  #huntingdogs

-When people put spaces after slashes (/) my inner grammar nazi starts screaming.  It is not this / that.  It is: this/that.  Always.  Forever.  NO SPACES WITH SLASHES!!!  #grammarnazi

-Despite the headaches that the rain has been presenting to me, naps/sleeps while it rains are epic.  #Ilovetherainthemost

-Teh German said that he didn't really get excited about Christmas last year until the 20th of December because that's when he left for Germany... all because it wasn't cold here.  #preachintothechoir

-2 months after Phil's dental, I'm still super pumped that he had teeth pulled and that his breath is SOOOOOO much better.  That said, I'm also doing better about brushing both dog's teeth.  #win  #myfacenolongermeltsoff

-I haven't made any moves on the house-front since Teh German and I discussed it.  I did possibly find a realtor who I would trust (he's friends with Teh SC House Finder and he helped them find their house), so that's a step in the right direction.  When discussing the situation with him, he agreed that my first step should be to go to the bank and see what I can afford.  Hopefully being completely debt free will help.  #procrastination #debtfree #untilIbuyahouse #firstworldproblems #howmuchdoesahutcost

-I felt slightly guilty Tuesday.  I worked from home all day because of a 2 day headache that wouldn't go away (thanks Barometer Head), but in the afternoon it stopped raining, so I was better.  Since I had no headache, Teh German and I carried on with our plans for 1/2 Price Burger Night @ Moe's, then headed to Music Farm to see Trapt.  #Iwasntfaking #Iswear

-I failed to bring earplugs and the music was too loud.  #getoffmygrass

-I was glad we only paid $15 to see Trapt.  I couldn't tell if the acoustics at the venue were crappy (which I had been told was an issue) or I'm just overly sensitive to loudiness (which is a possibility).  For the first band, Area 51 or something related, we couldn't understand 90% of the words the guy was singing.  The bands got progressively better, which was good, not to mean the first band was bad, but they reminded the audience at least twice that this was their 4th ever live performance and they didn't even have merchandise for purchase (oops).  We also heard Atvian? and Process One?*  It was after my bedtime and I can't remember the names.  The set changes took forever.  Trapt didn't even go on stage until 11 and the concert technically started at 8.  The intro bands played 30-45 minutes + set changes. 

Also, I hate encores.  No.  Just play all the songs you know people want to hear.  That said, if you gained most of your followers off the album you released in 2003 and no one really knows anything from your new albums, just stick with the 2003 songs that made you good.  Trapt "finished" their set with Headstrong and "walked off stage" but then the crowd starts chanting, one more song (as Teh German and I have started to leave) and the band comes back out and does 2 more of the popular songs from the 2003 album.

That said, the final song was Stand Up and if These Walls, Headstrong, Hollowman, and Echo hadn't brought me back to my senior year of high school already, Stand Up would have immediately transported me back to 2003, in Teh Silver Streak (as Teh Dad called it), blasting that song to try and sing through the pain and anger of whatever Teh Mom had done that time.

*The intro bands were: First Decree, Adakain, Wicked Love, Vault 51

-I hate that I like the smell of vape "exhaust."  #itisstillsmoking #smokinglawsapply

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  1. Sleeping while it's raining is the BEST. And I'm totally with you on all the food posts. Everything looks sooooo goooood but soooo bad for me. I wish there were some healthy/tasty options being thrown out there!

  2. Ugh yes, vape smoke is awful! I hate walking through a huge plume of strawberry flavored whatever. I always give people nasty stares when I catch them on the metro. It's totally still illegal to smoke on the train!

  3. - the Inglorious Bastard Hitler gif is forever my favorite. That may make me a terrible person, but it's wonderful.

    -Naps while it's raining is mandatory.

  4. arrrrgh, another (shitty) reason we're blogging soul mates: I get horrible headaches/migraines in bad weather / barometric pressure. THE. WORST.

    haha and i hate encores, too! just do your thing in one set and let me leave.

  5. There is rain coming in late tonight/tomorrow & it is killing me. I had the world's worst migraine today at work. Luckily most of my kids were really good about it & way better behaved than normal. One girl even wrote "be quiet her head hurts" on my board lol. I let my last 3 classes work with the lights off.

    I still love Trapt's 2003 album. I also agree about encores. They tick me off to no end. It's one thing if they really did play all the songs they intended & get called back for one or 2. But I've also seen set lists that bands have on stage where they plan the encore & it specifically says "encore songs" #GetOverYourself

  6. what if little debbies were made of veggies?
    We went to a concert once. Don't remember if there was an encore.
    I hate headaches... period.
    I caught Iya sleeping on top of steve in the play room this week.
    I miss the good old rock music with pretty voices (stained, creed, etc) of high school.
    I know somewhere it gets cold WAY before the 20th of December... just saying

  7. My tailbone is the one that gives me issues, not my back. It still makes me feel ancient though! My dogs are all about murdering the squirrels that tease them through the big window facing the back yard. #ratswithcuteroutfits

  8. I have had a headache/grogginess for days because of this crappy weather! I am just ready for it to clear up and be cooler. Please and thanks! I am putting my Christmas tree up this weekend so that it feels more like the holiday season is coming for the same reason your German didn't feel Christmas until five days before! And damn these people and their cookie recipes!!! DAMN THEM ALL! lol


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