Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Confessions {11/25}

-My body and I are in a constant struggle with each other.  I'm not sure why my body hates me, but it does.  I'm quite experienced in getting mouth/cold sores/upstairs herpaderp/whatever you want to call it.  What I'm NOT experienced in is getting the sores on my NOSE.  And by ON my nose, I mean at the end of my nostril/on the side of my nose/on the inside of my nostril.  But only on one side.  I took a photo to show Teh MD-AR and Teh Soccer Mom, but I'll spare you the grossness.  Let's just say, Teh German and I have had to switch up our kissing style because our normal arrangement has his facial hairs scratching my nose and it makes me want to cry a lot.  It hurts to touch it, so short pokey hairs are intolerable.  At least my body decided to wait until AFTER the stressful event to react... WHAT??  #thisiswhatstresslookslike

-If I were to ever want to meet an actor based on what they do in their real life, I'd want to meet Gary Sinise (aka LT Dan from Forrest Gump).  He is such a huge military supporter and does amazing work with wounded warriors.  #supportthetroops

-I know I told you about the awkward exchange with my manager on Friday, but don't take that the wrong way.  The guy is just misunderstood but he's got good intentions.. but sometimes, they just don't get accurately expressed... and sometimes he comes across as a creepy uncle.  But this is the same guy who said, WHEN you start working here, during my interview instead of IF you start working here.  Also, I know what it's like to be constantly misunderstood.  #kindredspirits #Imkindofacreepertoo

-I told Teh German that he should start putting German words in our conversations.  Instead of beer, we say Bier, or habe instead of have (that was actually an autocorrect, but it worked out).  #multilanguageconversations #Germglish

-TL;DR: I had series of 3-4 nightmares on Sunday night and Monday sucked ass.  There was no amount of trying to redirect my brain that worked to stop the nightmares.  I even tried snuggling close to Teh German.  Nothing worked and they continued all.night.longgggg(uh).

In one, I was trying to find a sex trafficking ring in the woods after finding a woman with her face completed messed up walking along the side of the road looking for help and then they started hunting me since it was in the middle of the night and I had no light and was all alone.

In another, I was in Bahrain looking for a terrorist cell who actually look me captive.  They went through my wallet and couldn't find anything and then they brought me in the same room and demanded I give them my CAC (military ID) so they could make fakes.  I explained to them that all I had was my contractor CAC, but they didn't care.  They also signed "John Wilkes Booth" on the backs of the copies they made like a check.  It was weird.  Then they released me and I decided I need to tell the princess that we needed to leave the country since it wasn't safe.  At which point, her security team instructed us not to leave the location we were at since it wasn't safe.  We were able to leave later in the day, and the next day I came back to talk to her and the same thing happened.  Except this time we were in a room with some children and the terrorist cell had found me again.  That was when I noticed that the fake IDs were signed John Wilkes Booth.  It was like they thought that meant John Doe.  It was confusing, especially since I woke up in the middle of the dreams and the 2nd part was like a prequel to the first dream.

The final dream, it was like I was one of my (male) cousins instead of myself.  I was leaving to go on business and my brother and his wife showed up to visit my wife/girlfriend/significant other.  At which point, my significant other slept with my brother.  When I came home, she felt guilty and admitted it to me.  Finally an alarm went off which meant it was time to wake up and for these horrible dreams to end.

I had another nightmare on Monday night and now I can't remember what it was.  #amI8again

-We ate out the entire weekend and I have all the guilt.  #betterfoodchoicesshouldbemade #butwedidntgotothegrocerystore

-I was glad my meal was comped on Sunday when we went to brunch, even though I didn't expect her to take it off the check since I ate it.  #SoHungryIdRiskFoodPoisoning

-I wish there was a way to stop receiving promotional emails after you purchased someone's product.  For instance, I signed up for the 2016 Bridge Run the day registration opened (of course).  At least once a month, I get an email reminding me to sign up for the Bridge Run before prices go up.  #Igaveyoumydollarsalready #leavemealone

-Sometimes, I wish I had more website creation/integration knowledge.  For instance, I am the blog coordinator for Phil's greyhound group in MD.  I am also an admin on the FB page.  I noticed that the website doesn't have Twitter or Facebook buttons on it!  #thehorror #theshame

-I totally "abused" my admin privileges and posted a long "USE SOCIAL MEDIA!" post with a photo of Phil.  #notsorry  #movember

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-Someone told my coworker that he shouldn't adopt a greyhound because he has small children because greyhounds have "thin skin that tears easily."  SERIOUSLY?  I want to punch that person in the face.  There's never been a moment that I've been worried about my Hulk strength ripping Phil's skin.  Would I worry about a toddler ripping Phil's skin open?  No, never.  #fearmongers

-I totally went to Crossfit on Monday and Tuesday (where I did a running workout and the WOD) because I know I'm going to be a complete glutton this week/end. #thanksgiving #EATALLTHENOMS

-Today was another one of those days where I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep.  I laid in bed for an hour snuggling Teh German (so he'd stop spazzing in his sleep mostly) and kept thinking that I could be finishing this post.  #Igaveintothebloggingpressure #yourewelcome

-I share more clothes with Teh German than I have shared with anyone else.  Teh Sister doesn't count so much because we never really borrowed each other's clothes as much as passed clothes back and forth after we'd get tired of wearing them.  Mostly sweatshirts, but we've added warm/sleeping/cozy socks to that list recently.  #Idontknowifthatscuteornot

-I miss some of the clothes I wore in high school.  I wish I hadn't gotten rid of them.  Looking at you v-neck magenta shirt with the fray on the sleeves that I totally could pull off way better now.  #betterwithage

-There are a few neighborhood children who play on my street and they have those mini motorcycle bike things.  I want to 1- hit them with my car when they are careening down the street paying no mind whatsoever to their surroundings, 2- see them crash, 3- ask their parents why they believe that 5pm on a weekday is a good time to let their children play in the street.  #getoffmygrass

-Sleeping with the heating pad makes my Crossfit soreness and woes slightly better.  #Ijustneedtobeabletomovetomorrow

-I'm the worst at holiday themed blogging.  It's not like I didn't know that Thanksgiving was going to be this week and I could have made these confessions about how much I love stuffing and hate cranberry sauce (even though I put a little on my plate each year in hopes that something will have changed), but instead, Wednesday is my day to rant and that cannot be overridden by holiday joy/themes.  #ButtStuffingIsTheBestStuffing

-Today is the interior design appointment for New House.  Cabinets and flooring and granite, oh my.  #thisisprobablywhyIcantsleep

-I fell going up the stairs yesterday and 2 people saw me.  #CrossfitIsWhyIHaveNoPride #toomanylunges #ouchmyass

-Almost all of the times I'm fallen on the stairs, I've fallen UP.  I've fallen DOWN the stairs twice that I can recall and both of those were in MD.  The first time I ever fell up the stairs, I was giving Teh Sister a piggyback ride and tripped on concrete outside stairs and scratched up the side of my face very badly.  #thereishomevideoevidenceofthis  #thisiswhyImnotcalledGrace

-Meri's belly rumbles VERY loudly starting around 4am every morning.  It has actually woken me up before.  #goatdogproblems

-Sometimes my Wednesday Confessions Hashtags bleed into other posts.  #oops

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  1. i give out my spam email address when i buy shit online and only check it to get tracking updates. that's why when i go back in there, i have eleventy billion emails!!

    thanks for linking up!

  2. Aww, you have a greyhound!!! My sister adopted one a few years ago. The sweetest, gentlest dog ever! She just lies around all day, it's hilarious given her former career as a racing dog. Poor thing. She is so gentle with kids and really? Skin ripped apart by a kid? What kind of Chucky kid does this person have??

  3. I fall up stairs all the time.

    Yay house decisions! Good luck! Building a house seems really daunting lol.

    I use that Schmidt "Youths" quote ALL THE TIME. Because at mid 20s I already hate anyone younger than me.

  4. I hate those spammy emails too. I think most you can unsubscribe to at the bottom no? maybe take a look. It will probably be in the tini-tiny print at the bottom. Good work on the Cross Fit to make up for all the goods this week. I made it to the gym once. I'm calling it a success. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I had a girlfriend who believed that if she ever had too many nightmares, then she should watch more Disney movies...lots and lots of Disney movies. I fall up the stairs too. My toe catches and I fall forward. Yes, I know the solution is to lift my feet a little higher.

  6. I'm so sorry about all of the nightmares. I also totally took a picture of your first confession & sent it to my friend because yesterday she was telling me how her boyfriend had something on his nose & showed me a picture. He tried to claim poison ivy...I said cold sores. Thank you for making my point valid.


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