Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Review {11/2}


After solidifying #bestgirlfriendever status by delivering a smoothie to Teh German at work, I went to work for a few hours.  I am still fighting the boredom at work, so I decided to take a long lunch and attend the noon Crossfit class (not sure why I thought that was a good idea).  After class, I headed home and iced my calves while doing some work, then I showered and loaded up the dogs and headed back to work for the Halloween party.  Meri and Phil were on their best begging game. /facepalm 

Meri and Finn playing

The party started at 4 and Teh German had said he was leaving his work at 4.  Around 5, I finally messaged him lamenting the fact that my costume was super lame because he was the other half and not currently present.  Eventually he made an appearance.  There were a LOT of small children and they weren't as cute as the dogs.

Phil couldn't possibly look more shamed.
This year Meri didn't have a conniption over the Leia buns.  She actually wore them for several minute and didn't paw at her face once.
Yes these are our same costumes from last year.  #noshame

The work party was really kinda boring, but there was cake and candy and snacks, so that was a plus.  We eventually headed home.  I had realized earlier in the day that the party Teh SC House Finder invited us to was Friday night instead of Saturday night (which we already had plans for), so I told Teh German we should go to that party.  He said ok and since there was going to be a food truck there, we just waited to have dinner there.  We decided that we could take an Uber home, so we could both party.

Go home spider, you're drunk.

While waiting on Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect to arrive, we ate dinner at Munch 'n' Go.  We shared the gyro and philly cheesesteak and both were delicious.  Eventually we found Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect and we socialized and partied.  The party was a block party, essentially, and they closed down a section of the street for the party.  There was a tent with a dance area/DJ set up, a table with various "elixirs" and jello shots, beer in a kiddie swimming pool, and the food truck at the end of the setup.  All children were "put away" by 9pm.  There was a lip sync battle that was pretty awesome.  Teh German and I had an excellent time dancing and drinking the night away. 

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
The white sleeves are our slices of bread, apparently that was "difficult."
Teh German said mixed berry was his favorite jelly, so he picked a purple shirt over a red shirt for my jelly costume.

We ended up running into 1 of Teh German's coworkers and someone from Crossfit at the party towards the end of the night.  At some point, it was decided that several people were going to migrate to Voodoo (a bar).  It was a 5-10 minute walk away, so Teh German turned on his navigation and we walked.  By this point, we were both super drunk.  When we got to the bar, it was packed.  Teh German ordered a drink and I got water and I considered food, but didn't want to wait.  The smell of the fryer actually started making me sick, so I walked outside and hung out with the bouncer for a bit.  I have no idea how long I was out there before Teh German came outside looking for me.  The bouncer wouldn't let Teh German out the front door since he had a drink, so I went back inside.  We went and found a place to sit and found Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect and a few others from the party. 

We continued to drink for a bit and I suggested going out on the back patio for fresh air.  The smells were really getting to me.  While we were outside, 2 more guys that Teh German knows through work showed up.  Because the back patio was filled with smokers, we headed back inside.  Teh German went to the bar for more drinks and was gone for forever, so I went to track him down.  By this point, the bar was overly crowded and I literally shoved my way through people that were towering over me to find Teh German at the bar doing a shot of something, with another drink on the bar, and he was paying his tab.  There was a dispute over the bill, but he paid it and we headed back to the sitting area.

When Teh German started drunk dancing, I knew it was time to go.  Additionally, the bartender had fucked up my drink and given me gin and tonic rather than gin and ginger and well, no that just wasn't going to happen and I wasn't about to fight the bar crowd again.  I told Teh German to finish his drink and summoned an Uber driver who was about 4 minutes away.  That was enough time for me to gather Teh German and shove our way out the front door.  He was pulling up right as we emerged from the bar.  He was cool and even had a bowl of candy in the back seat! 

After he dropped us off at home, it was bedtime.  I had prepped the dog's breakfast before we had left because sober Megan is good at taking care of drunk Megan.  I put Teh German to bed and brushed my teeth and turned off the light and got in bed.  I was almost asleep when Teh German got out of bed to head to the bathroom.  While he was regurgitating too much liquor, beer, and dinner, I got the carpet cleaner out and cleaned the rug in the bedroom since he hadn't made it to the toilet in time...  When he came out of the bathroom, he stepped in a puddle I hadn't cleaned up yet and there was much distress over the situation.  I hadn't ever experienced drunk Teh German before, so I wasn't really sure how to handle the situation.  He did agree to brush his teeth, which we accomplished, then he used the bathroom again (door shut this time).  When he emerged again, I led him to the guest bed, which is directly across from the bathroom, and put a trash can beside the bed.  He promptly passed out while I put away the carpet cleaner and finished cleaning up the floor.  At 3am I finally collapsed into bed.

Theme of Friday/the weekend: #bestgirlfriendever


The dogs demanded breakfast a few hours into my slumber.  At 7, the got breakfast and let out and we were all back in the bed by 715.  I slept until about 1030, when I finally got up and started making breakfast since I knew Teh German was going to need to eat something.  Post-Drunk Megan is crazy productive.  Eggs, bacon, and tater tots were made for breakfast.  Around 11, I went to the guest room to see if Teh German was alive.  He made eye-contact with me and I asked if he was hungry.  He groaned in response and I just walked back to the kitchen.  I was hungry, so I wasn't going to wait on him.  As I was eating, zombie Teh German walked up to me at the dining room table and the first thing he did was apologize.  I reassured him it was ok and that he should eat something.  He had some bacon and a few tater tots.  Then we decided it was naptime.  Teh German always misses Teh Cloud when he doesn't sleep in the "good" bed, so he was looking forward to sleeps in Teh Cloud.  We napped from noon until 3ish.

I self-guilted all day long about not getting my 11 miles in, but my back had been hurting so bad that I was hobbling around and 11 miles seemed mostly impossible.  I had seen that 4-Eyes, a childhood friend and neighbor, was in Charleston because her family was setting off on a cruise on Sunday, so I had been messaging her and asked if she wanted to do dinner.  She said yes and we agreed to meet at Evo at 5:30.  The worst part was that meant that Teh German and I had to be productive adults.  I reminded Teh German that his car was still at the neighborhood where the party was and we needed to pick it up.  We got up and showered and picked up his car and headed back home to feed the dogs before we headed out to Evo. 

It was awesome getting to catch up with 4-Eyes.  We hadn't seen each other in almost 10 years and it was like we didn't even skip a beat.  Also, Evo was delicious, of course.  Teh German finally started to pep up during dinner (I assumed the grease and food was helping negate the hangover).  Our original Saturday Halloween plans were to go to a party Teh German's friends were having.  After dinner, we headed by the grocery store to pick up chips and beer and headed to their house. 

We snacked (despite having just ate) and drank (yay for rum!), hung out and played Cards Against Humanity.  I was ON POINT.  I had won 6 rounds and I was in the lead, which was weird since I didn't really know many of the people there very well.  I had to explain that I always lose CAH and no one believed me.  We kinda all got tired of playing around the same time and just stopped playing when people started getting up for snacks and to go outside and check the fire and for pee breaks. 

Jelly hanging out by the fire pit.

I had been told there was a fire pit, so I brought my super awesome retractable marshmallow roastin' stick Teh SC House Finder got me for Christmas last year.  I toasted marshmallows and distributed them as requested.  I started to get tired and to combat the sleepiness, I did my German lessons.  After I got my needed exp for the day, I quit playing and just sat in front of the fire quietly, unsuccessfully trying not to doze off.  Eventually, when Teh German asked if I was ready to go home, I told him whenever he was ready.  I was pleased when Teh German finally said it was time to go home.  I was also glad that that events had panned out as they did since originally we had considered staying at his friend's house, but they already had guests staying, so we had decided to go back home on Saturday night and since Teh German had partied too much on Friday night, he wanted to take it easy on Saturday. 

When we got home, I realized I had left my wallet at Friend's house (Teh German had my debit card and ID in his wallet from Friday night, so it wasn't a big deal), prepped dog breakfasts and brushed my teeth and crashed in bed.  I didn't actually remember telling Teh German sweet dreams/I love yous, but he reminded me that I did.  Whew.


I could have run again on Sunday morning, but I hadn't gotten my snuggles on Saturday morning, so instead I went back to bed for snuggles with Teh German.  Additionally, the soreness from Saturday had migrated to the sides of my hips, so I really didn't want to aggravate that anymore that it already was.  Teh German woke up a bit later and arranged for us to go to Five Loaves with his friends for brunch, before we met up with some folks to go on a motorcycle ride.  Friends delivered my wallet, which was great.  The food was ok.  I was disappointed at the lack of cilantro on my huevos rancheros, but whatevs.  The check situation took a while, but was eventually sorted out.  Teh German and I headed off early to meet up with the other riders at 1130.

Only one other rider ended up showing up, which was fine.  He said someone else was supposed to be coming.  We waited around for about 20 minutes and finally decided to not wait anymore.  We headed towards the Battery downtown.  We waited on the other rider for another 10 minutes before deciding to just head on to Mount Pleasant.  Teh German and I split ways with the other dude in Mount Pleasant since he was going shopping.  I chatted with Teh Dad while we rode from the Battery towards home.  When Teh Dad and I finished chatting, I connected with Teh German's headset and we didn't really want to stop riding so we agreed to go to go Cookout to share a shake to get in a little more ride time.

We tried the chocolate cobbler and I was unimpressed.  It was my choice, which Teh German reminded me when I told him I was sad at my choice.  I then explained that I don't really like chocolate flavored stuff, and he just looked at me and said, but you picked it!  Sometimes he points out the life choices I make that make zero sense.. for instance, picking out a chocolate shake when I don't like the taste of fake chocolate.  He won that one.  I giggled for the rest of the day at that. 

After we finished the shake, we headed home and took a nap.  I woke up before Teh German and had to make the decision to stay in bed and snuggle or get up and be productive.  So I chose to stay in bed and be productive by reading and snuggling.  Eventually, Teh German woke up and I reminded him that we still needed to go grocery shopping and there were some chores that I wanted to accomplish before the day ended.  We agreed to take care of the chores and then go to the grocery store then come home and make dinner.  It didn't really work out that way since Teh German took apart my vacuum cleaner to see why it wasn't working, so I made dinner while he was troubleshooting.  Sadly, I didn't take a photo of dinner, but I made lamb steaks and roasted brussel sprouts and it was muy delicioso.  After dinner, we headed to the grocery store to pick up items for the week.

When we got back home, it was time to wind down for the evening.  Teh German suggested a movie, but it was already 8 and I don't start movies after 7pm.  Nope, I'm too old for that shit.  Instead, we went and laid in bed.  He watched his motovlogger videos and perused FB while I did my German lessons and continued reading AJ Fikry.


Overall, it was a very adulting weekend.  I now know how Teh German gets when he's obnoxiously intoxicated.  #lessonlearned

We got to get some riding in and we got to hang out with friends.  We had delicious noms and got to sleep sooooo much (it was needed). 

This week includes the Trapt concert on Tuesday night and seriously, I need to get in some miles this week.  The 1/2 marathon is on the 14th and well.. I feel extremely unprepared.

Teh MD AR arrives in 9 days!!! 
Teh Dad keeps threatening that he and Teh Stepmom might visit next week as well, and I'm really hoping they come before the 11th.  I'm just not sure that Teh Ville can handle 5 adults and 3 large dogs, 2 of them being crazy. 

YAY adventures!!

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  1. 1. I laughed a ridiculously long time at the drunk spider. Like....a ridiculous amount of time.

    2. I love the couples costume of peanut butter and jelly. Also kinda loving that you were the jelly. Jelly is the best part!

    3. Sober Kimmi takes really good care of Drunk Kimmi as well! She always remembers the water and chores!

    4. Also super productive post drinking. However I didn't drink at all this weekend...even after making about 11 billion jello shots!

  2. An uber driver with candy is a winner in my book. And my motto is that you never really know someone until you see them drunk. Hehehe.

  3. That's such a cute costume idea! You definitely win girlfriend of the year #TrophyAwarded

  4. These two statements are foreign to me: "sober Megan is good at taking care of drunk Megan" and "Post-Drunk Megan is crazy productive." I am NOT good at taking care of drunk Erin and post-drunk Erin is NOT productive at all. Phil has given up hope while in his costume. He looks exhausted! haha! You look cute in a purple bow. #justsayin


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