Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Confessions {11/18}

-Negotiating new insurance benefits makes me feel like an adult.  My company giving me money if I choose the high deductible plan really floats my boat though.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Company??  #Ilovemyjob  #Obamacare

-I think my eagerness for work really throws off my coworkers.  #overeager #sobored

-That said, I've been ok with the boredom lately because house stuffs would have been infinitely more difficult if I'd have been slammed with work while trying to do all the house stuff.  #multitasker

-Despite my good intentions, I still haven't gotten a chance to read everyone's Show Us Your Books linkups OR Confessions from last week.  Real life is seriously killing my internet life and it is bringing me all the woe.  #bloggerproblems

-My space heater is the reason that I'll be dehydrated this winter.  Not because of the heat, but because it's warmth means I never want to leave my desk.  #pleasedontletmydeskcatchonfire

-When I put on my red heels on Tuesday morning, Teh German made a comment that I was in my red shoes.  I explained to him that red heels meant serious business Megan was on high.  Really though, I look like I'm on Star Trek Next Generation in that outfit.  #anyexcusetowearredheels #sorryIforgottotakeaselfie #gettingshitdone #redismypowercolor #HeWasInterestedBecauseTheLastTimeIWoreThemWeWereNaughty #butwedidntgetcaught #bestteamever

-I was "sternly" spoken to at the Middleton Place event on Sunday by the director of the overall event because I ate the food that Ms. Fort Defiance had cooked in front of another guest (who I didn't actually see).  I didn't actually realize the food was only for the reenactors because there was nothing saying that.  I also felt like as someone that was on the VIP list per the cook (Ms. Fort Defiance), I do what I wawnt.  My favorite part was where Ms. Fort Defiance told the lady about how awesome of an employee I was and how I surprised her by being so awesome.  #maybethereshouldhavebeenasign #itwasdefinitelystresseating

-Teh MD-AR and I stayed up till 4am on Thursday night doing a puzzle. We're real party animals.  #4amiswaypastmybedtime #90yearoldlady

time of photo: 0341

-Kielbasa, rice, black beans, cilantro, and cheese is seriously my favorite dinner ever.  Not only is it easy peasy, but it's delicious.  #allthecilantro #nomnomnom

-I've been awake since 0400 this morning because my head is ready to make ALL THE DECISIONS! #whoneedssleep #itsgoingtobealongday #isitnaptime

-My head is ready to make ALL THE DECISIONS becauseeeeeee.....
We signed a contract to build a house last night!!!
#futurehomeowners #DoIMakeThisHardHatLookSexy #colorsandcabinetsandflooringOhMy #somanydecisions

-Hopefully the move next spring will be my last move for many years.  #Imovealot #soexpensive

-The first thing we did after we signed the contract?  Well, after Teh German caught me after I almost face planted on the sidewalk because I looking at him and not paying attention to the sidewalk ending, we went to our lot to take a selfie (in the dark).  #noshameinourgame

-There's currently a portapotty and a dumpster on our mud-pit, err lot.  I almost completely covered my beautiful red heel in red mud when I tried to step over the fence.  Thennnnn, a construction worker came out of the portapotty while we were standing there trying to figure out how to navigate through the mud, I almost had a fucking heart attack.  Unfortunately, he didn't speak English to be able to tell me if the ground was hard where he was walking.  We found hard ground, we got our selfie.

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  1. First of all, that kielbasa dinner looks amazing! Secondly, congrats on the house building! So exciting.

  2. ah oh no the red heels! That's the worst. That dinner looks amazing. The story about being reprimanded for eating that food just makes me think of something that could have happened in Gilmore Girls. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. That meal looks amazing! So delicious! I'm glad you are enjoying work and still have to get stuff done at home.

  4. That meal does sound good! Congrats on the contract!!!!! That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to get to pick out interior things and such??? That is always so much fun

  5. I've only recently discovered a love for puzzles and they are so addicting! I'm not sure I could ever be motivated enough to stay up that late to finish one though!

  6. As I read this, I'm sitting with my space heater blowing on me as well. Getting away from my desk means that I'll be cold & I don't want to be cold. Tee hee!


  8. Let's discuss American English vs. Australian English for a second. So. We've established that we both LOVE cilantro. Well, one of the early trips to the supermarket, I'm in produce looking for cilantro. I'm looking at the herbs, and there's one called "coriander" that looks like cilantro, smells like cilantro, yep...ripped off a leaf and it tastes like cilantro. WHY do we call things like this different names, yet we speak the same language?!?!

    Back to the big news on the house...congrats again to the both of you!!!

  9. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I hope that was enough of a yay to confer my enthusiasm. Congrats to both of you!

    I love red heels. I have a pair that always make me feel like I am the boss bitch.

    I am currently trying to catch up on blog posts and it's going to take forever because my internet is hella slow right now. #bloggerprobs

  10. since i started work, life has been ruined! my house is a mess and i can barely get a handle on blogging!!

    thanks for linking up! :D

  11. I have a chronic illness and am always at the doctor. We have to buy into the really expensive insurance! BOO! Also, lets talk cilantro. There was a time when I hated it. But now, I can't not have it one my tacos! lol
    P.S. Can you reply or not yet. I hope I fixed it! Fingerscrossed!


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