Monday, November 16, 2015

Real Talk/Weekend Review {11/16}

I'm going to do some real talk here, Gentle Reader..  I'm overwhelmed.

The house process is consuming my entire being.  I wish that was an exaggeration, but it's not.  My house is a pig pen.  The kitchen counter has so many papers on it from various house builders and financial institutions and mail and random crap and it's pretty much the perfect visual of the state of my mind right now. 

I have so much guilt over not posting on Friday.  The worst part is the draft was halfway complete by Thursday and I just didn't have/take the time to finish it.  That said, Teh MD-AR came into town and my priority was her>blog.  Sorry, not sorry.  We took Friday to do some tourist-ing and it was spectacular. 

Walking through the Market downtown

Angel Oak

I taught her those photobomb skillz.

Crazy eye selfie!

Magnolia Plantation.
She was trying to keep the sun out of my eyes so I wouldn't make that face.
Didn't help.  :)

I couldn't stop squinting.
At least one of us looks good in this photo.

This is actually the same place where Teh German and I took our selfies at the wedding in Sept.

Spanish Moss.  Sooo much Spanish Moss.

We picked up our packets for the run and had to get photos with the "sweet tea."

From my draft:
10 Some things that made me happy this week:
  1. Conversations about the future with Teh German
  2. Jeans on Friday (technically I can wear jeans whenever I want to work, but I try to keep it to Fridays)
  3. Flex hours so I could get Friday off instead of Wednesday, which means spending the day with Teh MD-AR!
  4. "Thank you for your service" notes/comments from my homies.

Additionally, we ran a half marathon on Saturday morning and it was as cold as a witch's titty in Charleston, which made for a good run, but I was really whiny about it (no surprise).  By cold as a witch's titty, I mean it was 37 degrees when we started running.  The weekend before, I wore my "whore" shirt and short running shorts for my 6 miles and was worried about chafing.  I am no longer acclimated to the cold, Gentle Reader.  Also, all my pieces hurt after and I gave Teh German a stern look when he laughed at me because I was limping around and at one point could barely walk because my right hip wanted to give out AND so did my left knee so I was left with sitting as my only option for a while.  We had spent a solid 30 minutes rolling with the foam roller and soft ball and tennis ball after we got home, but my body was just not having it.  #halfmarathonwoes #alltheKTtape #Idoitforthemedals #itisaSWEETMedal  Let's just say my mobility issues definitely made for an interesting trip the USS Yorktown.

Sweet Tea medal.. SWEET medal?  Get it????

The Holy City (because all of the church steeples)

The Bridge - the one I'm always talking about running over aka my favorite bridge.

Smores dessert from Tavern and Table.

Raspberry cheesecake dessert.

Headed home.

I'm not even going to bother pretending there was a Sweaty Sunday post scheduled for yesterday because the only thing I did last week was run the half on Saturday.  I did ZERO crossfit last week and I didn't even get to go to my running club... why?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked, Gentle Reader.
Because HOUSE.

I know, I know.. it's a big decision, I should focus on it.  We need to make the best/right decisions.  Yeah well, I just want to get it over with already.  I'm over it.  Told ya, real talk.

I'm tired of being stressed about it, which really didn't set in until Sunday when we were supposed to sign a house contract, TWICE, and it didn't get signed either time because of bombs that were dropped on me.  It was strange to see Teh German and I switch places in term of stress.  He stressed all week about signing papers and I was fine.  Then on Sunday morning, our places were reversed.  Public recognition of Teh German for being the one to speak up and say we weren't signing and we were leaving both times I got upset on Sunday.  He reads me very well and knows when I'm about to lose my shit.  I almost came over her desk and throttled the builder's rep.  Also, if my Realtor doesn't stop talking over me, I'm going to lose my fucking mind.

Also, it's really not a good idea to say to me, "You're getting exactly what you wanted!" after you've already told me I can't have one of the biggest things I had planned on, mmkay?  Also, resale value?  I care about resale value about 5% of the overall caring about this situation that I can do.  I DO care about my privacy fence and toilet-closet and my jacuzzi tube and my screened in porch and the island in the kitchen.  I care less about what color the cabinets are and if there is a water hose hookup in the backyard. 

The Realtor did actually say, "I really like you, Megan.  You say exactly what you mean and you don't mess around.  You just get straight to the point."  Yes, because I don't have time to kiss your asses.  I'm paying you (a lot of) money to help me acquire a house.  That should be enough.  Also, don't try to sell me on the extended breakfast area that we do not want by talking about the resale value.  As if I'm going to want to sell this house ever after finally getting through this the first time?  Hellllll no.

Despite all these things we did get to see Ms. Fort Defiance at Middleton Place and we got to ride Mike and Suzy (yay for fleece lined tights!) on Sunday. 

Teh German does selfies "better" because he can get more background.
AKA, his arms are ridiculously long.

If our heads aren't side by side, my selfie game isn't as on point.

Not pictured: Teh German's ability to smile exactly the same in a series of photos while I make ridiculous faces because I can't figure out if I want to be silly or serious.  #Meganproblems
His exactly statement was, "You just made like 5 different faces before you took that one photo." 
Me: "Yeah, I know, I couldn't decide which face I wanted to use."

Ms. Fort Defiance photobombing me whipping cream in a very hand-job-esque/pumping movement.

Ms. Fort Defiance made an apple pie over a fire and it was ahhhmazing (and I was worried about getting a little drunk) and I made some super awesome whipped cream.  Look at those peaks!

So all these things to say, the schedule for Teh Blog will probably be intermittent while this house debacle is going on.  I hate to be that blogger, but sometimes real life kills my internet life. 

Also, I feel super sneaky that I was able to sneak in all those photos while barely telling you about my weekend and warning you that I'm going to be a horrible blogger in the coming weeks/months.  Please God, only let it be weeks, because an extended period of this mess might mean I need to start seeing a therapist.  Granted, you didn't get all the stories I normally tell you about the weekend, but we glossed over it just enough that you can see how awesome of a weekend it really was.

But really, I almost choked someone in public.  Thanks to Teh German for saving her life and me from going to prison.


  1. The home buying process can be a little stressful! I am a real estate nerd though and I love love love looking at houses and stuff. But the actual purchasing adult part is a little less fun. I wish you guys the best as you sort your way through it!

  2. Good luck with all of the house buying madness! Congrats on the run! Sorry that it hurt you ha. Yay for friend time! #ShittyBloggersUnite

  3. The faces you make in your pictures are amazing! No worries anything to deal with moving housebuilding life in general gets messy even when you don't wanted to be so take your time and tried to not drive yourself crazy in the process! Still super exciting about the house!

  4. Dude, definitely be clear about what you want and stick to it. Yes, some compromises are probably going to happen but you know the difference in what you can live with and what you can't. Sometimes Realtors don't really pick up on that.

  5. I've never been a homeowner. Nope. Never. Some may see this as a sort of failure. Here's the thing...your house...get what you want & can afford. That's what my lack-of-experience self thinks. Hang in there & keep taking selfies!


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