Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I'm not gonna lie, part of me has wanted to do one of these fall questions things since the beginning of October when I first started seeing other bloggers do them, but then I was all like, stop being a bandwagon-er, Megan.  So then I decided if I was tagged, I'd do one.  I WAS TAGGED.  Thanks Kimmi.  :)

Lets get to all the things fall, shall we?  We shall.

favorite candle scent 

Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and Body Works.  I have 1 in my closet, 1 in my bedroom, 1 in the living room, and if it wasn't excessive I'd have one in each bathroom, the guest room, and probably the dining room/kitchen.  No I am not kidding.

coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Depends.  In the morning, tea in the evening, hot chocolate.  I will drink coffee if I go to Starbucks, but I really prefer beverages that don't taste like coffee.  Also, I prefer my hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows (heaps of them).. or frozen with PB.  I'm adventurous, what can I say.

Frozen PB hot chocolate

No that is not enough marshmallows.

what is the best fall memory you have

I'd actually have to say last weekend's motorcycle ride in the mountains with the leaves being at their peak is probably the best fall memory I have.  No other fall stands out particularly.  Fall means it's Renn Faire time but I didn't really appreciate fall until after being in GTMO then Bahrain and not having seasons for 2 years.

Oh you've seen that photo already?

best fragrance for fall

Uhh?  People change their fragrance for the seasons?  I wear the same perfume year round and I keep the same candles year round (because I love them so much I buy extra).  My favorite smells are always fall, soooo I think that Toasted Marshmallow from BBW and Autumn Wreath from Yankee Candle are the best not perfume smells.  Most cashmere smells also make me think of fall, so I have the Glade cashmere aerosol spray in my kitchen.

favorite Thanksgiving food

*It has to be from the turkey butt stuffing.  Not baked in a pan.  That is not the same.

most worn sweater

My NCSU hoodie I bought back in 2004 when I was a college orientation.
#2 is my Thing 2 hoodie I got for Halloween last year.

football games or jumping in leaf piles

Neither.  I'd rather just walk through all the crunchy leaves.

favorite type of pie

Lemon.  Then chocolate.  Then pumpkin.  Then sweet potato.

what is autumn weather like where you live

It's like normal people summer.  The temps are 50s-85ish.
During what is "winter" for everyone else, it is more like fall in Charleston.

which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged liner

Uhhh, neither?  I don't really wear makeup, but I guess if I did I'd want to rock some winged liner, but I don't really think I'm that cool.

what song really gets you into the fall spirit

There isn't one unless you count watching marching band videos on the internet.  Marching band in HS was during the fall and so those videos bring me back to HS and prepping for football games on Friday nights and band practice on Tuesday nights.

is pumpkin spice worth the hype

Meh.  Not in my opinion.  It's radioactive orange.  Something that color can't be good for you unless it came from the ground and PSLs don't.  Wait, I retract that statement.  Pumpkin spice is worth the hype IN PUMPKIN PIES.  Duh.

favorite fall TV show

Yeah, I don't watch TV.  I'm considering myself exempt from this question.

skinny jeans or leggings?

Leggings if I had to choose since bell bottoms aren't a choice.  That said, I don't wear leggings as pants unless I'm wearing a dress or a really long shirt that covers my butt.

combat boots or Uggs

Neither?  If I had to pick, I'd say combat boots because I already own those and I've never owned a pair of Uggs because no.

Now they are my riding boots.

Halloween: yay or nay

Yay.  Each year I say I'd like to hand out candy and rarely ever do I actually get to.  This year we are going to a Halloween party and I think we'll be adulting the party and by adulting I mean getting our drank on, not supervising.

fall mornings or evenings

All the things fall.  All the time fall.  I'm not picky.

what do you think about Black Friday?

It is an excuse people give themselves to spend extra money on crap that they usually don't need.  It's unbearably difficult on retailers to support and even harder on those people who have to be at work at midnight because someone needs to buy a tv that is $100 off, when they could wait until Super Bowl time and get it for cheaper.  Aka, I prefer to stay home and stay in bed.

one Fall 2015 trend you love

There are seasonal trends?  I'd have to look them up, but I have read other people say plaid is in for this season and I'll just be honest.. I don't own anything that is plaid.

I know I should tag other bloggers, but I feel like most of the bloggers that I follow were way ahead of the times and have already done this.  Soooo if you haven't done one of these for fall 2015, you're it.  If you have well, you can have a #bestbloggerever hashtag.

What is your favorite thing about fall?
PS.  Mine is everything about last weekend.


  1. Yes to all of the marshmallows!!

  2. How do you not own plaid? This disturbs me a LOT.

  3. So I have a pair of uggs that preston got from someones trash at Hound Ears and I would wear those suckers year round if i could... not even kidding. and no- i refuse to wear socks as that totally defeats the purpose.

    frozen hot chocolate makes no sense.

    I get a $5 candle from DG that smells just like sugar cookies and i loves it. Although mostly I don't buy it cause $5 is a lot! hehe

  4. Number one you're welcome for the tag. Number two yay crunchy leaves!
    Number three I am super in love with the mug!
    Number four I think I need that candle in my life like now!


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