Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Training for Tuesday #6


Upcoming events:

18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
12 March 2016: Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Course in Mount Pleasant, SC
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

November Goals:

-Get serious about GSC training
-Keep on my Crossfit game, keep adding the weight.
-Roll/stretch more or possibly implement more yoga into my life.
-Avoid gluten products (bread/pasta) to lessen the joint popping/aching problems (yay for self-awareness).  Stuffing is an exception.
-Don't get hurt.
-Try out the trampoline place.  
-Total time of less than 2 hours for my 1/2 marathon. Probably not gonna happen, but it will be a goal until I accomplish it.


~I've been running on the weekends post 1/2 marathon, which is on the GSC schedule.  10 points for Gryffindor Megan.
~I took a Crossfit break the week before the half because Teh MD-AR was in town and because all the house things and to not hurt myself pre-race, and getting back into it has royally sucked.  Since I don't have any races on the close horizon, I'm hitting Crossfit hard because I need to have my complete sexy on by January for Teh Sister's wedding.  #gameon  Also, I missed half of the Endurance (running) Club meets because HOUSE.  I dislike this greatly since I paid $80 on top of the $130 I pay monthly.  #dollarswasted

~I didn't do yoga, but the coaches have been doing a lot more mobility during class time, which has been horrible and wonderful at the same time.  In addition to my extra rolling sessions at home, I'm pleased with how easy it is to move around and the Chiro could tell a difference when I didn't roll, so it looks like I'll be on a consistent rolling schedule for a while.

I'm on the right in my awesome bandanna and my Sparkle skirt!
Teh German is directly across from me.

~I didn't go out of my way to avoid gluten, but I didn't go out of my way to eat it either.  I consider this a neutral point.

~I survived another month with no crazy injuries.  The Chiro said that I pulled muscles in my inner thigh area during the 1/2, but I can't really feel it, so there's that.  The prescription is more rolling it out (which looks like I'm humping the floor since I'm rolling on a tennis ball (much to Meri's torture)).

~Trampoline place pushed to December.  Maybe they'll run a special?

~My half time was 2:16:54.  Not the 2 hours I was hoping for, but I'm not complaining since there was a significant lack of training going on pre-race.  Teh MD-AR and I didn't run it together since she was suffering from some serious shin splints and she swore she'd come in right around 3 hours, but at 2:30ish we crossed/recrossed the finish line (I hobbled/ran from where Teh German and I were waiting on her to around the the finish line (so I didn't mess up the timing chip thingy)).  See my review of the Sweet Tea Half Marathon here (I have no idea why someone would think that review was funny).  This was a great flat run if you're interested in something like that.  It's also capped at 800 people, which is nice so you don't feel like you're always in someone's way or you're going to get trampled over... andddd it makes for way better finish line photos since you're not crossing with 5 other people (who may or may not have that horrible grimace on their face).  I'd show you new photos, but the photographer STILL doesn't have the photos posted.  /facepalm

December Goals:

-Seriously, moar GSC training.

-Don't get hurt.  I could probably stop putting this on here, since it's a pretty consistent goal, but I'm afraid to jinx myself with less than 100 days till Princess Weekend and the influx of using a barbell/weights means the possibility of hurting myself is higher.  #justbeingrealisitic
-Try out the trampoline place.  
-Enjoy all the foods and holiday gatherings.  #noguilt #noshame #ALLTHENOMS #thisiswhyIworkout
-Stay under 150lbs.  If I managed to fall under 140 with all my eating, I'll be super impressed with myself (I'm planning on some serious Crossfitting between now and Jan 16th).  I'm not counting on it, but I'm liking being under 150... even if it means I have to wear a belt (which means it takes longer to pee).
-Get these pulled muscles in my thighs straightened out and not exasperate the issues. #rollinrollinrollinrawhide
? Bridge run?  We'll see how it fits into the schedule.

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  1. Looks like you hit a lot of your goals this past month! Go you!!! I laughed so hard at the 10 points Gryffindor :)

  2. Don't get hurt is my #1 goal right now too! I'm dealing with a pesky injury...really a recurring injury that popped up for no reason...so that has adjusted my perspective and my goals quite dramatically.
    And still no race photos?! DUDE.

  3. Nice job with that half marathon! I know it isn't the time you were going for and that can be frustrating but it's still a great showing. Also, count me in on the "don't get hurt" goal list! Thanks for linking up :)


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