Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Review {12/7}


 On Thursday night, Teh German and I ran some errands to return some items I had purchased on Black Friday.  I had Target put 2 pairs of pants on hold since I had a 20% off coupon that couldn't be used until Friday.  After work on Friday, I headed to Target to pick up the items and back to Kohl's to see if there was anything I wanted to spend my Kohl's cash on (no, of course).  I also stopped by the dress place to pick up my MOH dress, which still wasn't ready.  She called and confirmed that it would be delivered by 1 on Saturday.  I told her I'd be there on Saturday to pick it up.

We walked to the food truck at lunch and discovered this.
We also saw lots of plasticy pieces of a car on the sidewalk, so definitely an oops?

My "prison" shirt I got on Black Friday..

I had planned on going to Crossfit, but Friday's class starts at 5 instead of 5:30 and I failed at proper timing.  I was leaving Kohl's at 4:30, the time I should have been leaving home if I wanted to get to class in time.  Fail.  Teh German texted saying he was still working, so he wasn't going to be able to make it either.  I headed home and did my German lessons while waiting on Teh German to come home.

I was just about to start dinner when Teh German came home.  Instead, we opted for Sesame for dinner (which didn't break my heart).  We didn't leave right away since we weren't super hungry.  I was telling Teh German about the dress situation (the on-going-never-ending saga) and he announced, "Well, I have something else to tell you that you're not gonna like."  Me: "Can't wait."  Turns out, he was informed on Friday that he needed to travel for work... on Sunday.  I wasn't pleased, but I was thinking something infinitely worse.  That's just kinda been where my head has been recently, the worst of the worst.

We headed to Sesame and since we didn't have to go by the dress place, we went to the Park Circle location so I could get the shaker and the cup with my adult milkshake.  #priorities  I texted Teh SC House Finder to see if they wanted to join us, but they had company in town.  We were able to get a table right away since it was just 2 of us, which was convenient.

Adult Milkshake... IN THE SHAKER.

Christmas lights on the way home. :)

After dinner, we headed back home and we got the Christmas stuff down from the attic.  The Christmas bug kinda bit me and I put up garland twisted with lights up in the kitchen and in the hallway and a Merry Christmas sign over the kitchen doorway.  Teh German was being a Scrooge (maybe I should call him the Grinch instead?) and not really helping.  He did finally admit that he had only ever really helped with the tree after asking, "Do we have to decorate the whole house?"  I gave him this face:

He stopped talking and said my lights/garland looked nice.  We obviously have excellent aptitude in communication.  Since there was no tree, that was really all the decorating I could do.  I pulled out Christmas cards for Teh German to look at, but he was more interested in his motovlogging video to look at the cards to see which ones he wanted to send to his family.  Then, it was time for bed.


Teh German had to work on Saturday morning and I had 8 miles on the schedule and I was all, "I'll do it Sunday evening."  Hahahahhahahahahah.  Oh I'm so funny.  Anyways, I kept my happy ass in bed until 10, at which point I called a groomer to see if they could get Meri in (yes), so I got up and got ready.  I had seen on the groomer's FB page that she had set up a GoFund me because she had lost her house and her kids were staying with a relative because DSS said it wasn't ok for the kids to be staying at the business with the mom and dad.  I brought Phil and Meri and had them both groomed.  Phil didn't really need anything except a bath and his nails done, which I could have done for free, but in the Christmas Spirit, I let her do it.

Snuggles with the fuzzy dog.

It's officially Christmas when Yurtle has her tree.

Since I was out, I figured I'd do a commissary run.  The freezer was running empty and I like to purchase my meats from the commissary since they are generally cheaper there.  Prices fluctuate with the market (of course) and apparently it's a "high" price time.  Normally chicken thighs are $1.89-2.00/lb, but this weekend they were $2.19.. booo..  Nonetheless, this happened:

Seriously, America, why can't we have Kinder chocolate?  We needssss it!!!  BTW, I actually paid $5 for that box of Happy Hippos and it was soooo worth it.  I feel like a WASP when I say that, but sooo good.  Side note: I'm grateful to be able to fill a buggy with hundreds of dollars of food and stock my freezer for several months.  There are people that aren't able to do this, which is constantly being thrown in my face from every direction because this is the "giving season," so yeah.  I'm grateful for my life.

After the Commissary, I headed home to put away the groceries and play freezer tetris (as always, my game is at the master level).  Teh German had told me he wouldn't be home by noon when I was at the commissary, but when he wasn't home by 1, I was starting to get antsy.  We had agreed to ride out to Carmen Y Juan's for lunch, then ride up to the empty lot because HOUSE, then to the dress place to pick up my dress.  He still wasn't home when the groomer called to say Meri and Phil were done, so I went and picked them up.  Of course, while I was there, Teh German called asking where I was since he was at home.  I told him I'd be home shortly.  There was a momentary debacle when I had to walk to the gas station next door to grab cash from the ATM since she only accepts cash (which is annoying, but good for her).  I also had to fix some of Meri's spots and the lady had given her a faux hawk and it had to go.  Nope.  Sorry.  She had also missed some spots, so I just took the clippers and fixed it myself.  #Icandoitmyself  I also brought Phil back in to have his nails trimmed more.  She got the quick on one toe, which I blame myself since I had insisted the go shorter.  I think I taught her a trick about cutting them from a different angle to help take off some of the top thickness, but whatevs. 

Selfie fail.

With the dogs in tow, smelling like Patchouli, we headed home.  After I got home, I changed and Teh German and I set off on our adventure.  We stopped by his work to pick up the GPS for his trip then continued on to lunch.  When we arrived, there was a sign on the door that said they would reopen at 4:30.  It was 3:30 and having only eaten 2 Kinder Hippos and some corn for the entire day, disappointment does not accurately describe my feelings.  Additionally, I had taken us the wrong way trying to get there, so I was overwhelmingly frustrated.  Teh German kept asking me what I wanted to do for food and he didn't seem to understand that I was so freakin' hungry we were about to go to McDonald's.  I found a Vietnamese place on Yelp and we went there.  Of course, I missed the turn to get there and we had to do a u-turn, only further enraging me. 

We arrived and ordered.  I had asked if something that I didn't order on the menu was spicy and I think maybe the cook heard and misunderstood, thinking that I wanted spicy.  When my food arrived, it was very spicy colored.  I didn't recall having seen anything on the menu that inidicated it would be spicy, but I was also so unbearably hungry, it wouldn't have mattered.  I ate what I could and was unable to finish because my lips were burning and my mouth was on fire.  At several points, I actually put my lips into my cup so the ice water could "chill" them.  Teh German could tell I was miserable and suffering.  He finished his pho with no complaint, but something was still off.  I found out later when we got home and he pulled the nuts out of the cabinet that he was still hungry after he finished. 

I tried to mentally will myself into a better mood, but it just didn't work.  I tried listening to music and just telling myself that it could be worse, but it just wasn't working.  I had really been looking forward to Carmen Y Juan's for MONTHS.  Seriously.  It's what I've wanted since the last time we went there.  Then for my substitution to be barely edible?  I just couldn't.  Then when we got to the House lot, the sign still said available and, really, I know it doesn't matter, but it DOES.

Teh German and I agreed to go into the office and talk to whoever was there (even if it was the shitty agent that we started with) about the emails that we'd gotten on Friday.  I didn't recognize the car in front of the office, which was a blessing because that meant shitty agent wasn't there.  What it did mean was that the guy we had worked with before also wasn't there (because he had been promoted, which he had warned us about), so it was a new lady, who I immediately liked because she was talking to us and mentioned that she DID know who we were because the dude we worked with had told her about us and the shitty agent.  This was AFTER she had said something about talking to shitty agent about something and a look crossed my face and she immediately put everything together.  That said, I didn't mean to make a face, but I really hate the shitty agent, so it just happened.  Kudos to the new lady for reading me.  Teh German said that he was watching what happened he was confused at first. 

New Agent is talking.  Says Shitty Agent's name.
Megan makes a face.
New Agent makes a face like "Oh shit, I offended her!"
Megan laughs.
New Agent has realization face and laughs.
Teh German is confused but everyone is laughing so it's ok.

That said, New Agent has been doing this for a while, although not with Dan Ryan, and she had us initial a copy of the specifications they were asking for since we were there.  She was HELPING.  It was good.  While she was working with us, I helped myself to a hot chocolate from the Kurig, which was almost a disaster because the cups were smaller than the button I'd selected (oops), so I had to do a quick swap when it wasn't stopping.  THEN I noticed mints on the counter and figured that the best hot chocolate is actually peppermint hot chocolate, so my mood was getting better drastically, despite scalding the everliving shit out of my tongue.

When we left, we headed home and I called Teh Dad back since I had accidentally rejected his call on the way to the lot because I have no idea how to use my headset on my helmet.  We swapped out the bikes for Yurtle so we could pick up a Christmas tree while we were out to pick up my dress and left after feeding the beasts.  When we got to the dress shop, the owner wasn't there, but her senile mother was.  Which was completely useless.  I tried on the dress and it was wrong.  The shoulders were still too big and it was a millionty yards too long because they hadn't fixed it like I wanted.  The old lady just kept telling me how pretty the dress was.  Thank you, but it doesn't fit properly and where is your handler?  I felt so horrible even thinking that, but when I saw a teenage boy behind the counter eating, I finally asked where the owner was and if she was coming back tonight (which I had tried to ask the old lady, but she just babbled about yes, later).  He said she was coming in to close.  Again, not helpful at this moment, so I just left the dress and said I'd return the next day when she was there.

Teh German asked me why the sign was there.

Less than 5 minutes to pick out a tree.  WIN.

Teh German could tell I was struggling with... life, and he suggested Sesame for dinner.  I don't turn down Sesame, even if it's the same place 2 nights in a row.  We got the same appetizer (sweet potato fries with blue cheese crumbles and a red white reduction) and it was sooo much better at the Citadel Mall location.  I ordered the special which was essentially a chicken sandwich with an egg, tomato, and the bread was soaked in pumpkin spice egg nog, oh yeah and it had bacon and was topped with a blueberry syrup.  It sounded overwhelming or delicious and I wasn't sure it wasn't both.

After Sesame, we headed home.  We got the tree inside and set up and it was bedtime.


The morning agenda included sleeping in and snuggling since Teh German was headed out of town later in the afternoon.  It was a success, even though Meri joined us on the bed for a while.  That's how I know she's cold.  She wants to snuggle.  It's good that she's a cute little #Goatdog.

We finally got up and got moving around 11.  I made some epic fried eggs (not hard, seriously) and some undercooked bacon (oops) for breakfast while Teh German packed.  We headed out the door right at 1230 and were at the airport by 1235.  There will be thing about Shitty House that I will miss, like it's proximity to everything important (Sesame, Teh German's Company, shopping, Target, Cookout, the airport (which reminded me of that one time involving Ginger Beard, which gave me the lolz)). 

See!  There should be NO runny whites.  Period.  EVER.

After Teh German was dropped off, I headed to the dress shop and dealt with that monster.  Fortunately, the owner was there and I showed her the shoulders were still too big and that the dress was too long because the seamstress hadn't done the changes that I had asked for.  I tried to keep my sanity because I could feel my voice getting higher and higher pitched while trying to explain that the way it was wouldn't work.  If they did it my way, we'd eliminate the need to hem the dress and it'd look how I want it to. The lady said she'd talk to the seamstress and asked if it was possible for me to come in on Monday to try it on for the seamstress and I said YES, I'd make the time.

Before I went home, I stopped by JCPenny to find a belt because I've been having a belt crisis where I tossed mine because I bought one on Black Friday, except it was too big so I returned it and I didn't have a belt at all, which is a problem when your pants aren't staying put.  When I finally headed home, I was seriously fighting the urge to get a milkshake, but I restrained myself.  I had made a cleaning list while Teh German was packing and it was clean, run 8 miles, or... take a nap.  Obviously I needed to pregame whatever choice I eventually made, so I took a nap.  It was crappy.

Eventually, I got up and started cleaning.  I knew I should run, but seriously, I'm just not feeling it.  I want to be feeling it, but when I see EIGHT miles on the schedule I'm like, ehhhh not interested.  Maybe if it had said 3-6.  But 8 miles is over an hour of running and I had things that I could be doing that weren't listening to an audiobook for an hour running circles around my neighborhood.

Smores cookies had to be tested.

The blender cut me because it's a Ninja (brand and sneaky).

Proof that I cleaned.  This was just from the dog corner where the crates are.
Meri is pretty much like living with Pigpen and Phil is always having a blowout.

My cleaning was ADD, but most of it got done.  In addition to some stuff that hadn't been on the list, like rearrange the dog crates/area and rearrange the closet.  Wrapping Christmas presents was on my list as well, and I definitely got side-tracked doing that.  #notsorry  I have this thing that I really go overboard on presents for my significant other, in all the way, but especially regarding presentation.  I debated just normally wrapping the different items and leaving them under the tree.. but when the reality of box in box in box in box in box was presented, I made it happen.  That said, I told Teh German that it was his own fault for the wrapping situation because he left me at home unsupervised for too long.  I didn't the part about "with moving boxes" because then he'd know what I'd done and I wanted it to be a surprise for when he gets back on Tuesday evening.  I'm sure his reaction is going to be spectacular. 

Seriously though, it took me an hour and a half to wrap just the box in box part.  That doesn't include the actual wrapping of the items.  The dogs were super impressed at my skills.

(On top) Bringing it back to the start:
Our online dating user names.

Phil was impressed at the final product, obviously.
But seriously, that box is full of win.

After I finished wrapping, I called Teh German who had finally arrived at his hotel and was getting ready for bed.  We chatted for a few minutes before finally heading to bed.  It was rough sleeps, but it was kinda nice on my original side of the bed.  I can't even wait until we're in New House and we can get out of the bed on either side!

That said, the weekend happened, and despite Teh German having to go out of town on a whim, it wasn't a bad weekend.  We did get a new House lady who was actually making a TO DO list, which included putting the sold sign on our lot, so maybe a new selfie in the future?  YAY!

Also, some of the house got cleaned and decorated and Teh German's present got wrapped, which was a big deal so I didn't have to do it while he was at work or at home or when he could come home and catch me in the act.  Presents are serious business.  Hopefully, the size will throw him off my trail a bit, but we'll have to see on that. 

We didn't do so hot at not eating out and the budget things (mostly me and my Commissary/shopping problems and getting the dogs groomed), but it happens.  I told Teh German that we weren't going to stop going out entirely because it's one of the things we do and there is money in the budget for fun things, we just can't eat out every.single.meal for every.single.weekend.  It's not cost effective, or healthy... so yeah.  I'd say next week we'll do better, but with holiday parties coming, we probably won't, but hopefully it won't cost US as much money.  See, perspective, I haz it.

Christmas is coming!!!!!!  Hopefully I'll have some decorated tree photos next week.  I'm just pleased to even HAVE a tree after not having one last year.  That means my Disney World ornament gets to go up!!!  WOOT!! 

Happy It's Getting Closer to Christmas Week, Gentle Readers.


  1. So I started reading this, got to all things Christmas, stopped reading to do my Christmas cards, & then came back to finish. Thanks for giving me a virtual kick in the ass ha.

  2. I need to get in the Christmas mood. It has been so hot here that I am just over the weather and I want winter!!! It has made me cranky this week when I just want the Christmas magic!!

    I cant tell you how many times I have sliced my fingers/hands on the Ninja!!!


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