Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday #74


The mortgage lady sent me an email yesterday with an account to sign in and sign TWENTY-SEVEN documents related to mortgage stuff.  I was so overwhelmed that I (mostly) just ignored it.  I was also working and the website kept timing out and logging me out, but not the point.  That's just so many documents to sign.  I can't just check the box at the end either, I have to actually read all this crap so that way I understand what I'm signing...  Unlike that time at Verizon where I got a "free tablet" that ended up costing ME $35 to return.

I don't think I can return a house/mortgage loan like I did the "free" tablet.  Uggggh.

I seriously just want to print out all the papers and take them to the bank and tell them to hold my hand through the process.  Mostly, I don't want to sign something that says I've sold my body to a prostitution ring and not be aware of it.  Ok, maybe that's an extreme example, but you get it.

I've seen an estimated closing date of May 30, 2016 and I'm greatly displeased by this since we will be in Germany at that time and we were hoping to close by MID-May, which we were told was possible if we got everything taken care of before the end of November.  This really is going to be a massive lesson in do not listen to things anyone else says ever.

Also, if you do any rain dances in the next 6 months, let's not be friends, kthx.  Unless you're in CA, then I guess it's acceptable.  Or you should figure out a way to pump all this Charleston humidity to CA to make rain, or however it works.  I'm not a scientist.


Just call me Grace.

Monday at Crossfit, I accidentally did backbends/flips.  I told Crossfit Coworker about this and he showed me a video of scorpion fails (essentially when you try to do something and you land on your face), which is not what happened to me, thankfully.

Tuesday at Crossfit, I was doing handstands with my weak ass wrists and I collapsed and couldn't cartwheel out and ended up landing on my face.  #Scorpionfail  It was so bad that Teh German didn't even laugh even though he wanted to (because he could see the tears in my eyes and the look on my face) and the coaches gave me an ice pack for my forehead.

Wednesday at Crossfit, I slammed my chin with a loaded barbell.  It not only clanked my teeth pretty hard, but it also made my vision a little yellow tinged and I had to rack the bar and step away for a moment.

Thursday at Crossfit, I managed not to hurt myself at all, other than whipping myself with my jump rope.  I was impressed at my ability to break the streak, especially on a WOD as difficult as it was.

I did a Blursday WOD (aka a stupid hard workout).  Soooooo, I'm pretty much unstoppable.


We have a meeting tonight for the SwampBox competition we're volunteering for tomorrow at the Crossfit gym, then immediately after we're going to a tacky Christmas sweater party.  Before any of that, I need to acquire white elephant gifts for the party (hello lottery tickets and cheap liquor) and possibly come up with a snacky food to share, maybe.  #Bestboyfriendever almost lost some best boyfriend points when he told me about the gift thing at almost bedtime last night.  Siiiigh, I love him anyways.

Then on Saturday we will be at the gym all morning as judges for the competition.  I'm planning on going home after the competition and taking a nap.  Then in the evening is Company Holiday Party and a show after we get sloshed at the open bar.

Sunday we will not be staying in bed all morning (booo), but will get up and get going at a decent hour to get to the beach to get photos for the Christmas cards we want to send out.  He wants to have the dogs in the photos and I'm not sure he realizes what that means exactly, but it was his idea.  I'm just the photographer with a tripod and a remote.  I've tried to come up with other iconic Charleston places besides something with the Bridge in the background, but if it's not related to food, it's really not Charleston-esque, unless you count Rainbow Row, which if you've never heard anything about Charleston, none of these things matter (mostly the recipients in Germany).

He did say we weren't going to do crazy ridiculous like the 2013 photo (linked again for your viewing pleasure), but I'm hoping I can talk him into a photobooth type of selfie situation.  We'll see what I can get approved.


Sometimes I forget that A Softer World was a thing in my life and I miss them so much.

Erin sent me this because she knows me.  Then I sent it to Allison, because I know of her love for Hello.  I believe that Allison and I could have some epic Hello sing-alongs, just saying, that'd be a Google Hangout worth signing up for.  Ya know, if we could ever arrange such a thing, we should probably sell tickets.

Me and Teh German.

If you're a Trump supporter, please just press CTRL+ALT+DEL and hit enter several times until your screen goes black (or if you're on a Mac Control+Option+Command+Eject) right now, as I'm not sure we can be friends, even if just online.  I'm sorry.  If you're a reasonable individual, check out these hilarious Trump Tweets.

Meri's rescue in Spain often posts silly videos but this one where they found out who had been sneaking past the barrier and opening the kitchen cabinets really made me laugh.  GrannyPants (the dog's name) is a Podenco (like Meri) who is over 14 years old who was caught on the streets.  Never underestimate the Podenco is the lesson to take from this video!  Galgos Del Sol does amazing work and I'm so glad I was able to get my Meri-Meri from them.

Listen to this for an eargasm:


10 thing that made me happy this week:
  1. Teh German coming home from his business trip.
  2. Getting all the current presents wrapped.
  3. Cleaning
  4. Buy 1, Get 1 coupons from Cold Stone that enable me to get ice cream for the rest of the month to keep at work.
  5. Receiving our ratified contract from Dan Ryan (after I had to call our agent to get on their case).
  6. Teh German's excitement over receiving an Advent/Christmas package with cookies from his Mom and then his subsequently humming Christmas carols for the rest of the evening.
  7. Dogs in jammies.
  8. The smell of the Christmas tree when I go into the living room (even if it makes me sneeze).
  9. Giving nicknames to people and other people knowing and using those nicknames.
  10. Having a busy weekend planned.
Precious cargo.
1 bag was for a coworker, lest you think I'm the ultimate fatty (I am).

He's got the complete creeper dog going on with his sleepy eyes rolled back in his head.

If you find a cuter dog (you won't), let me know.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. I do not understand how anyone is SERIOUSLY supporting Trump. I just do not get it. I was having that conversation with my dad on the phone last night.

    YAY for tacky sweater parties & Teh German coming home!

  2. Hahhahaha that hello video is awesome! That girl knows how to put her heart in to the music :) Have a great weekend! Try not to face plant anymore, ok?

  3. I have been lame and not organized my Friday posts. Boo on me.
    The Hello video I sent you...thanks for linking it...because I just watched it 4 times in a row because it makes me smile so much.
    Warning: profanity filled comment - Trump is a fucking embarassment. He is a fucking idiot. Fuck him, fuck his hair, fuck his terrible spray tans, fuck his racism, fuck his supporters, fuck his bankruptcies, fuck The Apprentice, fuck the political climate that people are actually supporting him. I wish I could say I feel better for getting that out there, but he's still around, so I don't. Fuck.

  4. I am so terrified of all that paperwork for grown up stuff. I feel like a complete moron for not knowing stuff.

    I fucking hate Trump and totally agree with JK that he is worse than Voldemort. Horrible thing? My in laws LIKE him. Seriously I unfriended every single one after seeing their posts in him.

  5. Dog jammies are the cutest. Except jammies that fit my big boys are soooo expensive. And I love reading your crossfit updates. Mostly because you never gave up! Bad Ass! Have a good weekend!

  6. You know, thanks to you, I now know how to spell one to five in German. I could speak them but spelling, forget it. Lol fun fact of the day.

    Shit, you had a pretty accident prone week at cross fit. Lololol my hubby calls me grace too because I'm such a clumsy ass. The falling on your forehead didn't sound pleasant whatsoever. Hopefully you didn't bruise.

    We have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend to tonight after my last pet visit for the evening. Should be good times. My sweater is a tacky beige thing with fkn cardinals on it. I'll post pics next week. You should too. ;)

    Omg your dog Jammie's are THE BEST!! Your podenco really is a beauty. LOVE the ears.

    Have a fab weekend and good luck with the beach photos. Hope they turn out... Lol ;) Xo

  7. Girl do you have IG? I need to add you for your dog pics.

  8. Anytime you wanna do this 'Hello' Sing-A-Long, I'm IN. That little girl is my frickin' spirit animal.

    Those Trump tweets are amazing - I really cannot handle the fact that this person is running for PRESIDENT and that this isn't like, an SNL skit or a bad movie.

    Damn, now I want Cold Stone. They still have that Birthday Cake remix thing? If I ate that now I think I'd IMMEDIATELY gain 6 pounds.


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