Friday, January 1, 2016

Let's talk about 2015...

If you've been around for 2015 (or longer (thank you, I love you, you are awesome)), you know that 2015 was kind of a roller coaster ride that I wasn't expecting.  I expected 2014 to be my roller coaster year.  That said, I'm expecting 2016 to be equally roller-coaster-y and I'm totally ok with that.  Generally, I prefer the consistency of a calm life.  After this year, I don't believe that is true anymore.

I really struggled through the lows, but the highs from this year were worth every single struggle.  This is going to be a long post, you've been warned.  #myblogmyrules


~2015 started with me having JUST signed my employment offer with Company.
~Mr. Scrooge and I headed to CA for Russian Xmas and vacation.

~I got to ride in a sled pulled by ski patrol because I got stuck at the top of a black diamond mountain.
~There was some drama with Mr. Scrooge (that I didn't really tell you about) when I found photos of his ex (acceptable and unacceptable kinds) on his phone by accident.  The flowers I thought were for no reason were actually apology flowers, but he didn't say that. #hindsightis2020
~I made a trip to Fayettenam to meet Teh MD-AR, Teh MD-TR, and Teh Soccer Mom and Kid on their return from Disney World and to be there for Teh Sister trying on wedding dresses.

~I had my first (and subsequent) day(s) at Company.

~I got to open my birthday present early!


~It was my birfday!  AKA the best day of the entire year.

~I started getting obvious and more passive-aggressive about issues going on with Mr. Scrooge in Teh Blog.
~Put on my first Lowcountry Boil.

~Teh Sister, Teh Mom, and I went to a bridal show in Charleston.  Teh Sister won a crystal picture frame from Belk and we owned ALL FOUR photobooths.

~I joined the Show Us Your Books bandwagon linkup.
~Even more rage at Mr. Scrooge.
~The idea to run a Disney race took root.
~Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom came to visit.

Teh Dad and I, who came in 1st and 2nd (once each)


~Shut Up and Dance stormed into my life.. and never left.
~Meri's brother, Xero/Gizmo, came to stay with us for a month.

~Mr. Voices and Ms. Boomkin came to visit.

~We met another SHUG adopter and had a doggy play date.
~My VA disability claim got processed and I call it my "rape money" every month.
~Teh MD-AR came to visit and we ran the Bridge together.

~I woman-ed up and admitted to Mr. Scrooge that I had thought of leaving him.  This is a big deal because it's when I TOLD HIM things weren't going well for the 2nd time.


~I bought a motorcycle (Mike Wazowski)!
~I wrecked Mike Wazowksi.

~All the running.
~I met my first blogger friend in real life.

~I ran the Tarheel 10 Miler.

~Tasty Tuesday became official.
~I was still cleaning up poop from Xero almost every single night.
~I showed you my ID faces.
~We went to Greyhounds in Gettysburg.


~Serious shit went down between Mr. Scrooge and I so I vaguebooked about it, then started giving specifics later.
~I watched a LOT of Grey's Anatomy.

~I told you about the differences in civilian and military life.
~I formally introduced you to Phil and Meri.

~Teh Granny came to visit.


~I worked out.. a lot.
~I dogsat for Teh Sister.

~I cut off a lot of green tinted hair.

~I accidentally rear-ended someone, but it was NBD, praise Allah.
~I made panna cotta after talking about it for almost a year.

~I spend the month house hunting in secret after a conversation on June 3rd (a month after the serious shit went down in May).  I signed the lease then was forced into tell Mr. Scrooge because the property manager for the old house was a cunt.  I'd been listening to breakup songs since March and I was the only think keeping me in a relationship with Mr. Scrooge.
~Yurtle got new shoes and a check up from the doctor.


~I started moving into my new house.

~I started my first book challenge.
~Teh WJL came to help me move and we hung out all weekend unpacking, doing puzzle, and eating.
~I relocated a wall-mounted TV, and during the process killed my drill and vowed to never deal with wall mounts alone again.

~The Disney Race idea from February blossomed into LEGITIMATE RACE PLANS WITH MAGIC BANDS AND PINS AND DISNEY WORLDDDDDDD!  We're gonna be PRINCESSES!!
~I told you all about me.
~I started online dating.  I even told you my rules.
~That whole friends with the ex thing kinda came crashing down.
~I listened to my first audiobook.


~Mrs. Reflective came to visit me!

~I went on my first date with Teh German.

This was not that date.

~I took the axe to my FB friends list and I haven't regretted it once.
~I received the best compliment of my entire adult life: You are funny, brilliant, and vibrant.With much adoration, UnsweetTeaMan
~Teh German and I took it to the next level.
~Teh MD-AR and I did our first and last sprint triathlon.

~I finally started going to the Chiropractor and my life was instantly changed.
~Teh German kissed me at a red light and I was hopelessly smitten from that point on.  We also met each other's friends, he got me flowers for no reason, and he passed out and I caught him.


~Teh German and I went to Home, Home for Labor Day weekend and he met my immediate family and we rode motorcycles in the mountain and ruined riding in SC forever and we exchanged "I love yous."

~I did some positive journal-ing, after a very long time of only negative journal entries
~Teh German read Teh Blog from our first day to the present date (at the time) and decided not to read Teh Blog because it was weird to read about himself.
~The sky was falling in my living room (aka the ceiling fell), conveniently 2 days before my vacation to MD.

~I went to MD, ran the Navy-AF 1/2, and hung out with Teh MD-AR and my other MD peeps.

~#bahlalala became a thing (and it is actually engraved on the back of the watch Teh German got me for Christmas) and we became Facebook official.
~Attended a wedding.

~Rape-aversary was a thing this year.  Thanks Timehop.


~Teh German and I went to Universal for the Halloween Scary Nights thing and I had Butterbeer.

~I started Crossfit.
~We bought plane tickets to visit Germany in June 2016!
~I started learning German (via Duolingo, if you're interested).
~We went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival.
~I started the Endurance (running) Club at Crossfit.  That went hand in hand with hitting my running wall.
~I became an Elite '15 Yelper.
~Teh German and I made an impromptu trip to NC to ride the motorcycles and enjoy the last weekend of fall leaves and stayed with Teh WJL and it was absolutely perfect.

~We (bloggers) had a conversation about "Feminist" and it was good.
~Being the Jelly to Teh German's Peanut Butter for Halloween.


~Saw Trapt in concert.

~We (bloggers) talked more about women.
~Teh German officially moved in.
~Teh German and I started house hunting and had some some significant conversations about the future.
~Teh MD Adult Roomie came to visit!!!  We ran the Sweet Tea Half Marathon and we ate and hung out and did some Charleston touristy things and she advised us about House things and it was absolutely glorious and I want more.

~Teh German and I signed a contract to build a house.  A week later, we designed the inside.

~Thanksgiving was celebrated in Fayettenam with Teh Sister, Teh Utah Specialist, and Teh Mom made an appearance.

~I got a new phone and named it Dorothy.  #elitegoldengirls4ever


~There was that one time I made it Facebook official I was interested in a 1/2 marathon in Charleston... which just so happened to be on Teh Sister's wedding day. #neverlivingitdown
~Teh German left me unsupervised with Christmas presents and moving boxes in the house.
~Ugly Sweater/Christmas Party 1, 2, 3, and 4.

~Ran my first race with Teh German.

~Teh Ville migrated to Home, Home for Christmas.  This was Teh German's first American Christmas and it was successful.  #WIN

~We celebrated the end of 2015 by chatting with friends in Germany, meeting our new property manager, and we watched the ball drop with Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher.

What I learned from this exercise is that despite what felt like me being very "tell-all" on Teh Blog about problem I was having with Mr. Scrooge.. I wasn't actually.  I was very vague and it wasn't until the relationship was over that I gave details on things that had happened.  Summarized to say, apparently I am paranoid about what I put on the internet.  Not sorry.

That said, I've admitted it before, I'd live 2015 over again, in every single excruciating detail to find Teh German again.  There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not grateful that he's in my life.  He's definitely the one thing I would have never guessed would happen to me (meet someone and plan a life with them... via online dating??).

Here's to 2016, being even more awesome than the last 6 months of 2015!


  1. Such an awesome year for you! Yeah it was really tough to start with but you found so much happiness in the year as well! Also it was this year that I managed to get to know you more and become your friend! Huge deal for me as I have a really hard time making friends.

    I am so glad that you and Teh German found each other!

  2. Fisrt, whoa, this must've taken a lot of work to compile, and I am impressed!
    Second, "rape money" hurt me to the core when I read that...but as you said in finding your silver lining, I am glad the military acknowledges the pain that was inflicted on you.
    Third, as I was reading, I realized that I found you in July-ish. That means we are about to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. Ha!
    Fourth, I love all the things about your last several happy do you and Teh German look??

  3. Hooray for a 2015 ending better than it started! The ending to this is so sweet! Glad you found Teh German.

  4. Miss you here in Maryland and wish to visit in the not too distant future. So glad you found someone who treats you the way you want to be treated! Where is he from in Germany? I was born there and have been twice in the last couple of years. Love it-- looks like a postcard as you are driving along the autobahn. Happy New Year!!!

  5. Miss you here in Maryland and wish to visit in the not too distant future. So glad you found someone who treats you the way you want to be treated! Where is he from in Germany? I was born there and have been twice in the last couple of years. Love it-- looks like a postcard as you are driving along the autobahn. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Hope 2016 is a very happy year


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