Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Review {1/11}

Uhhh, how are we already halfway through January?  No one told me when I turned 29.5 that life would start to fly by at warp speed.  What is happening???


So, if you're also a blogger, you might get it when I say, I did some blogger accountability on Friday.  As in, I drug my ass to the doctor because my feet were really hurting and my headache was coming back and just uuugghhh..  $168 later, the doc told me I had plantar fascia and tension headaches and she wrote 4 prescriptions.  Plus $70 at the pharmacy... let's just say there's a reason I don't often go to the doctor.

After leaving the doc, I headed to CVS to get the prescriptions refilled and stopped by the grocery store while I was waiting.  While I was checking out at the grocery store, CVS's automated system called me to tell my scripts were ready, hello perfect timing.  After picking up my scripts, I headed home.  I considered going to crossfit, but the workout was a mabillionty sprints and I knew I would be running on Saturday morning, so I didn't go.  Instead, I started playing with my spiralizer (which is way more difficult than it looks, kinda) and started dinner: sweet potato fries (with the spiralizer didn't work because the sweet potato didn't come off in long strings, so I had to dice them) and burgers wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mozzarella cheese and cilantro pesto.  Yes, it was as intense as it sounds.

Next time, I'd put the cilantro pesto on after they were cooked, and I'd also follow the recipe completely and put in all the ingredients.. oops.

After dinner, it was lazy time for the rest of the evening with puppies and Teh German.


Teh German went into work on Saturday morning, which was extra good for me because that meant motivation to get out of the bed and go run..  And then, Meri jumped up on the bed, body slammed me (as is her tendency to do when she snuggles), and laid her head over my hip and we fell back asleep.  #notsorry

I rolled over and she caressed my face with her cold paw.

Eventually, I did get up and go run.  Princess Weekend is coming and really, these hips need to be prepared for the 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon runs.. on consecutive days.

If a car would have hit me while I was running, the driver would have obviously been blind and didn't need to be licensed.
Also, don't take fashion advice from me ever.

After 4.24 miles, it was time to shower and eat lunch.  I wasn't super hungry, despite the run, so I had squash soup (from the container because I'm lazy) and snuggled on the couch with Meri while Phil manned the loveseat.  Teh German had to work later than anticipated, but it was fine since we had nothing to do in the afternoon.

By the time he got home, I was over being cold.  I'd been in contact with the landlord since Wednesday and he'd told me that space heaters were supposed to arrive on Friday, per the owner.  There were no space heaters on Friday or on Saturday, so when Teh German got home, I suggested we go to Target and pick up a space heater and some electric blankets for the dogs.  Teh German was also tired of being cold, so he agreed...  I think he was also lured by the fact that he could get Starbucks when we went to Target.

Phil was definitely pleased with my choice.

We had leftovers for dinner and we enjoyed the WARMTH of the space heater for the rest of the evening.  We even watched a movie, gasp!  We watched Earth to Echo which I felt was a modern day ripoff of Stand By Me.  After the movie, it was puzzles and bedtime.

Meri always needs a headrest.


We had planned to have brunch with the friends we had went to Universal with, but before, I wanted to get in another run and Teh German agreed to go with me!  6.8 miles later, (sorry no sweaty selfie) we showered, and headed towards the Westendorff on the bikes.  It was a glorious day for a ride!  I did dump Mike trying to pull out of the Westendorff because I almost hit a curb, but neither Mike or I was hurt and the ride continued relatively smoothly after I later stalled out in the middle of an intersection because I tried to take off in 2nd gear...

French toast and chicken tatia in the background.

We also rode up to the lot to see if we had a sold sign yet.. Nope.  So no pictures.  I did get my earnest deposit money's worth when I had to use one of the porta-potties on the site, so that was nice.  After no changes at the lot, we decided to head home and be lazy.  I started to feel some guilt about the laziness, but I know that next weekend we're going to be go-go-go since it's wedding weekend so I calmed my tits.

When we got home, it was pajama pants and laziness.  I did take a puzzle break to make dinner.

This time it was Teh German's turn to be Meri's headrest.

After dinner, it was back to puzzles, then eventually finishing up the laundry and the dishes for Teh German.   While we had been at brunch, the landlord had dropped off another space heater since the ones the owner purchased hadn't arrived.  Now we have one in the living room and the bedroom.  I'm a bit worried about the power bill, but I also told Teh German that we're not heating rooms we're not in.  Fortunately, the living room and the bedroom both have doors, so we can close off the spaces and run the space heater and it doesn't have to run too long to heat the space.

Meri was pleased with her electric blankie.

Another HVAC company is coming out today to do an estimate.  If the owner doesn't pick one of the 2 companies to fix the HVAC unit by the end of today, he's going to have a VERY pissed off Megan and even more pissed of German on his hands.  I have a feeling the heat isn't going to be fixed before the weekend, which really means the dog sitter has to deal with the space heater life.

5/6 months, 5/6 months...

The blog schedule might get a bit wonky next week since we'll be out of town for Teh Sister's wedding, but there will definitely be confessions on Wednesday!  Also, tomorrow is Book DAYYYYY!!!!!

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  1. I can never get up if my dog is laying on me haha! I just love that snuggle time!!

  2. I have the kiddo and the dog that like to snuggle up against me in the mornings which makes it EXTRA hard to get up! Also our heat isn't working and our landlord hasn't returned our calls in two weeks. I'm pissed. We have a space heater but when it is only about 11 degrees out it doesn't do all that much. So yeah lots of clothes and layers of blankets here!

    So excited for the wedding weekend updates!

  3. Those burgers though... I want one!

    I'm sorry you're struggling with the heat issue still...thank God for space heaters.

  4. The dogs looks like they're enjoying the blankets. Meri's paw on your face is just precious. :)
    Have a good week love xo


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