Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Confessions {1/27}

-The guilt of not running last weekend almost made me get my ass out of the bed when it was under 40 degrees to go run.  ALMOST.  Instead, on Saturday, while Teh German was working, I slept in, woke up and did puzzles until I was starving (mostly because Meri was laying on me and I, of course, couldn't disturb the princess), made lunch, sat on the couch and caught up on blog reading, opted against writing blogs for reading, and eventually went back to bed to read/do puzzles.  Soon after I got back in bed, Teh German called and asked if I wanted to come be social.  I only agreed since it was an indoor activity.  #puzzleandread #lazyass #unmotivated #Saturday

-I tried every self-guilt I could possibly think of to get motivated to go running.  Nothing worked.  I didn't run.  I told Teh MD-AR that she could tell me it was my own fault when I whine while we're at Disney.  #whatsatrainingplan

-In other not motivated news, I gave you a bare outline of the wedding, but at least you got photos!  It was an interesting wedding, the goal was achieved, and the bride and groom were pleased, so I am pleased.  There was a music debacle and I got pelted in the face with the toss bouquet (no jk) and everyone got a bit hangry (I did make sure Teh Sister ate breakfast and had a granola bar before the ceremony) and Teh Dad definitely "winged" his speech....  #hitched

This is the best photo of us since Teh Dad had a mohawk...
And we're all SMILING.

-Despite the fact that the watch Teh German got me for Christmas doesn't have any way for me to see the time in the dark, I still love it.  When I showed someone the engraving, they didn't understand it, and we loved it.  #bahlalala #bestteam4ever   (the engraving is: #bahlalala)

-There are people that actually believe stuff from TV commercials and that blows my mind.  Why do people believe everything they hear/see?  #beskeptical

-On Tuesdays, several of us in the office go out to lunch for Tasty Tuesday.  We car pool.  Sometimes adventures and mischief take place.  You already saw this if you follow me on instagram.  #adulting

Nipple rings, dirty car seat, and Minnie got a makeover with items we found in the backseat.

-Charleston has taught me to not judge a book by its cover for sure.  The place went to for lunch on Tuesday was inside an Asian market.  Not only did we get delicious pho (at least in my opinion), I was also able to pick up some delicious Asian type noms: mochi (peanut flavored), hi-chews, and flavored pretzel sticks (which you can sometimes find at the Target Dollar Spot).  Many places that I've been to in Charleston (and DC actually) are often small, ghetto looking buildings (and sometimes IN the ghetto) with very delicious food.  #EATALLTHETHINGS

-Whyyyyyy did FB decide that I needed a "trending" section on my news feed?  If I wanted to read sensationalized news, I'd just turn on the... news.  Just like with TV, the worst part is that people actually DO care about the things listed in the trending section and they also just read the headlines and believe it.  #peoplearestupid #NoNewsIsGoodNews

-Part of me is strongly considering walking away from blogging for the time being.  I know I wouldn't stay away for long.  I'd have stories to share that I wouldn't want to put on FB and this is MY space that people come to, to hear MY stories.  But at the same time.. it just feels like so much extra effort these days.  #onthefence #quitter

-MagicBands on my kitchen counter make me happy every time I look at them!  #Disneymakesmehappy #GlassSlipperChallenge2016

-I haven't done my taxes yet.  This is strange for me because I'm usually the person that does them on the first day that W2s are released.  #dolladollabillyall

-I'm now 42% "fluent" in German and doing them on the computer is way more helpful than on my phone since I don't have autocorrect/suggestions.  I've also figured out that doing them in the AM is better for me than in the PM.  #Germenglish

-I'm learning Linux at work.  The lessons I'm taking aren't lining up with the virtual box that I'm using, so some of the commands aren't working, which is mildly infuriating.  #nerdtalk #learningnewthings

-I have several options of what to eat for lunch today and they are all so delicious I'm struggling to decide.  Yes already at 8am.  #fatweek #notsorry #firstworldproblem

-We're hosting a super bowl party and I'm kind of excited.  Yes, about foosball.  It's weird, especially to me.  Carolina Panthers have never been this good, that I'm aware of, so this is kind of a big deal.  Yes, I'm totally a bandwagon fan.  Also, idgaf about Cam Newton.  We just need the wins.  #notsorry

-February is birthday month!  Unfortunately Feb is also Valentines, which also happens to be the mid-way point between Teh German's birthday and my birthday.  Plus my going to Disney towards the end of the month means we'll end up celebrating early in the month..  I tried to get reservations at Husk since we've not been there before, but they are booked for the 13th and I really don't want to go to fancy dinner after work because of stupid reasons (like the dogs being in their crates all day, getting home late, not getting to go to crossfit, dealing with the happy hour scene, dealing with traffic/parking downtown, blahblahblah).  #treatyoself

-I made a birthday reservation at Charleston Grill on Feb 12th.  #GoodEnoughForGovernmentWork

-I only feel mildly guilty for no gifs, so here you go:

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  1. Oh wait, are people doing taxes already? Haha Don't worry you're not alone. Also, people who always take facebook news seriously kill me. ALWAYS be skeptical.

  2. I usually do my taxes right away but I have been a slacker this year so far! i'm also not a fan of the trending thing on my newsfeed. I hate the Kardashians and it just keeps coming!!

  3. so many things my head is spinning... i have no affection for football but love to host a good party. I predict that by the end of the night/especially the next morning you will be regretting your hosting decision! <3

  4. I have my W2s, but hubby hasn't even checked's kinda driving me crazy.

    Totally get the blogging thing...I'm in the same place.

  5. I would miss you so if you went on a blogging hiatus. However, I've done it more than once in my blogging "career" so I can't really say much.

    I'm going crazy not having my W2s yet. The one from my old school district won't get mailed out to me until Friday & I still don't know if my new district does electronic or mail out. Regardless, it'll be like mid next week before I can do them. I've always had them done by now in the past. #GimmeMyMoney

    Hooray for birthday & SuperBowl celebrations. I don't know what I'm doing right now but I want to do something mostly because food.

  6. 1- I did my first Wednesday Confessions post today - I'm very excited. 2- I never know what to comment on when a post has this much stuff cause my comment will end up being 900 paragraphs long so I will just say this:

    -I know the feeling of wanting to quit blogging sometimes (last week I posted NOTHING and thought I totally lost my writing mojo) but, you can't! It's hard but too many people would miss you!

  7. 8 positions LOL!!! Your watch is super pretty!!! There is a pho place that opened up a few months back near my office and I have been meaning to go try it, so thanks for that reminder! My husband talks about Linux a lot. He is a freaking IT genius and can basically use all programs. It amazes me all the different lingo that goes with it that I am clueless about. Good luck with that! And dont leave, I would miss you!

  8. I laughed especially hard at a comment that you probably weren't even trying to be that funny...about not being able to see your watch in the dark. We don't stock Citizen, but we are a repair agent for them. I've had a "talk" to the rep before about why do all guy's watches have so many options to see the watch in the dark, but the women's watches (like yours) may...MAY...only have a tiny little spec of luminious paint on the hands (like yours)?!? He admitted to never even noticing that feature was lacking in ladies' watches. Watch companies are sexist. That's it.

    Don't leave the blogging world. Just blog when you want, and step away when you want. YOUR rules.

  9. my mom is a marketing company's wet dream -- she believes EVERYTHING!

  10. I'm with you on the needing a break from blogging too. Sometimes it's just so much work, especially being a peg leg now and all.. haha kidding, sort of. I love the carpool ride debauchery!


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