Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Review {1/4}


Both Teh German and I had short days at work on Thursday, which was delightful.  We got home and skyped with Teh German's friends in Germany since it was close to midnight for them.  While we were skyping, the new property manager arrived to do an "inspection" of sorts.  Really we spent an hour discussing the house situation and stuff that needed to be repaired.  He had googled me, so he knew all about me... which only served to freak me out because I often google myself to make sure I'm on lock down.

Apparently, my Linked In profile was COMPLETELY public for the last year.  Good talk, Linked In... I fucking hate you.  After almost having to do brain surgery, I locked that bitch down unless you're signed in, in which case I can do nothing.  FML.

After the PM assessed the house situation and loved on the dogs and finally left, Teh German and I took a nap, because it was the only way I was going to make it until midnight.  We had planned to do dinner and hang out with Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher, watching the ball drop.  We arrived for dinner at 8.  After dinner, we decided to play Phase 10 the board game, which was way more difficult than the card game, but fun nonetheless.

Eventually, it was midnight, we watched the ball drop in Times Square and everyone else played Guitar Hero while I did a puzzle on Teh Flamin' Kindle.  At some point after 230, I was tired and it was decided that it was bedtime.  We spent the night at their house so we didn't have to worry about the who was driving situation or all the cops we knew would be out waiting.


When I woke up at 730, it was time to go.  Phil and Meri were impatiently waiting at home in their crates for breakfast and I was already feeling enough guilt for not being home with them for any possible fireworks situations.  They were fine when we got home.  Breakfast was had, business was done, and we all went back to bed.

Around noon, we finally decided to get up and do things.  Since it was rainy, we cancelled our planned motorcycle ride.  We chose to do Mex 1 for lunch, then head to the outlets to get my watch sized and sent off for engraving.  We also stopped by Starbucks and a perfume place for Teh German to pick up more smelly-goody stuffs.  Then we stopped in the Oakley store for me to look for new sunglasses since I scratched my lens the first day we were supposed to sign papers for House.  I was unsuccessful at finding new glasses, but the lady helping me (who actually was the person who sold me the pair I currently have on Black Friday 2014) gave me the number to customer service and told me to call and ask about replacement lenses or a new pair.

After, we left and headed to the movie theater to watch the new Star Wars.

I have to tell you something, Gentle Readers...  This may change our relationship.
I've never seen all the Star Wars movies.  I have seen Episode 4 about 4 million times because that was one of the movies Teh Sister watched over and over and over and over x a mabillionty.  Let's just say I definitely got the trash compactor reference.  I did see Episode 1 when it came out, and that might have been my first date with a boy, but he was awkward and I was even more awkward (surprise) and I didn't really know what was happened because I'd only ever seen Episode 4 before that and I'd tried to block it out.  I also saw The Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3?).  The one where Darth Vader becomes Darth Vader and Natalie Portman was in it.  I also saw the one with the Ewoks because I had been told I had Ewok feet and I didn't even know what an Ewok was. 

But really, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. 

The most important part of going to the theater for me was 1- seeing the new Warcraft movie poster, 2- the previews for all the other awesome Disney movies coming out in the future.  But #1 was most important.  So yeah, I might not be a Star Wars nerd, but you better believe I'm going to watch the Horde and Alliance battle it out this summer.

After the movie, we headed home to feed the beasts and be lazy for the rest of the evening, reading, doing puzzles, and eventually I did make dinner.  We went to bed super late, which is only bad because I really like to keep my sleep schedule consistent and when I change it up by going to bed late several nights in a row, it is difficult to get back on track.


We had planned to ride on Saturday, but it didn't happen.  Instead we were productive, then completely lazy.  We slept in and eventually got up and started taking care of de-Christmasing the house.  I hadn't really taken the spider web on the tree seriously until Teh German handed me the tree skirt so I could put it in the box and it had baby spiders ALL OVER IT!!!  KTHXNOPE.  Time to burn down the house.

Of course, the day of taking down the tree, Meri eats an ornament before we're even out of bed.
The first and only one all Christmas!

Actually, after helping Teh German move the tree outside, I took the skirt outside and shook it off and folded it up and put it in the Christmas box.  Sometimes, I just like to be dramatic, but I did definitely scream when I saw all these teeny tiny spiders crawling all over something in my hands.

After the boxes were put back up in the attic, I vacuumed while Teh German cleaned his bathroom and my toilet.  After the vaccumming was done, I set about the task of dealing with my moldy dresser. 

On Wednesday night, I discovered that the back of my dresser was COVERED in mold.  Fortunately, not black mold, but mold nonetheless.  It was also on the curtain and on some of the shoes in/on my closet.  Since the new PM was coming on Thursday, I saved that bomb for when he was face-to-face with me. 

Instead of cleaning off the mold, I just decided to remove the back piece since it was screwed on and it was just a piece of cardboard/particle board.  When I went to clean off the wood frame, I noticed the bottom had even MORE mold on it than the back had.  I almost cried.  I considered just tossing the entire dresser.  But that is silly because I can't replace the dresser since the company went out of business.  Teh German and I carried the dresser outside so he/we could kick out/remove the bottom piece, which was more complicated than the back since it was stapled in.

The drama started then.  Teh German was removing staples with pliers and hit me in the shin with the handle when he pulled out a staple.  Then he did it a second time!  I wasn't really angry at him, but it definitely hurt like a MFer and when he was apologizing (since I immediately started crying), I had to tell him to stop talking, which of course, pissed him off enough to go inside and not talk to me for a while, which was fine with me.  That was probably the maddest we've ever gotten at each other and I wasn't really mad, just frustrated at the entire situation and he hit me directly on the shin and I couldn't control it anymore, there were tears and I just needed to deal with myself and his apologies weren't helping.  After my solid crying session, I sprayed the dresser with clorox spray and wiped it off and I'm hoping for the best that it killed all the mold.  I left it outside for a while to air out. 

After the cleaning was complete, laziness consumed us.  More puzzles and reading.  I realized that it was after January 1st, which meant that I could start my book challenge (join us here)!  So I started on The Book Thief which has been absolutely glorious.  The biggest problem with ebooks/Teh Flamin' Kindle is that I have no idea how long books actually are.  I've read in several places that The Book Thief is a long book, but it sure hasn't seemed like it to me.

 Meri and her human playing and window peepin'.

I created a monster when I showed Teh German the puzzle app and now he's addicted.  For dinner, Teh German suggested we go Mellow Mushroom rather than cook, so I went with it.  About that not going out as much and saving monies... Oops.  At least Teh German isn't paying rent at a place where he's not staying anymore?

Service at Mellow Mushroom was slow as usual, but the pizza was delicious and we had enough leftover for breakfast the next morning.  When we got home, we snuggled with the dogs some more and read/did puzzles.  Teh Ville is a real riot on weekends.

At least I don't have to share.  ~Phil

I am NOT beggin', Mama.  I'm just being extra adorable.  ~Meri


We had a Skype date with Teh German's Dad and Stepmom at 11, so we got up and got ready so after Skype we could eat then head out on a bike ride.  Teh German mainly Skyped with his parents and I joined in at the end. 

In the same way I'm embarrassed to speak German, I think his family and friends are embarrassed to speak English.  Everyone except Teh German is bad at the other language.  I am even embarrassed to say things in German in front of Teh German.  It's irrational, but it's just a shyness of being uncertain and know the other person will inevitably correct you.  PS.  All my pronunciations in German are wonky.  Every.single.word.  I'll say something in German and Teh German will say it correctly and I'll respond with, "That's what I said."  He just laughs at me.  All that to say, that when he told his parents to speak in English, they opted to not, which meant that I didn't really understand anything they said.  I recognize words I'm supposed to know, but I don't often understand until the conversation has moved on.

After Skype, instead of getting on our riding clothes, we sat on the couch trying to figure out why Paypal was trying to charge Teh German to transfer money to me.  It took us an hour to figure out why and it was only when I accidentally tapped "change payment method" did I understand the problem.  They were charging him a fee for trying to use his debit card rather than his bank account to transfer me money.  We were thinking it was an international fee since his email address is for his German email account. 

We figured it out right as Coworker and Son arrived at Teh Haus.  We were carpooling to the hockey game to save on parking fees.  Son was extremely excited about Meri and Phil.  After celebrating our Paypal victory, putting shoes on, and getting the dogs put away, we headed to the coliseum to wait on another Coworker, who had actually purchased the tickets.  She was running late, as normal.  After she and her family arrived, she grabbed our tickets from Will Call and we headed inside.  Our first stop was for food and beer, then to our seats.  I got some delightful tater tots and smothered them in ketchup.  In fact, after eating about half of them, we passed more ketchup on the way to find our seats, so I got MORE ketchup.. this is relevant because within 2 minutes, I wear wearing all that ketchup.  Nope, not kidding. 

When we found our section, the usher was looking for our row/seats and she walked forward, and I thought she was going to keep going, but she didn't.. so I backed up suddenly and the tator tots that had been sitting on 2 pizzas that I was holding for Coworker ended up sliding off the box towards me and in my attempt to save them, I jerked the boxes and the tator tots ended up all over me and the floor.  I didn't even get mad.  I was slightly annoyed, but I just handed the boxes to Teh German and went to the bathroom and wiped/washed off all the ketchup I could, then went and found the group who had finally gotten to our seats.

I smelled like ketchup for the entire game, but we definitely had fun.  Teh German and I would randomly start dancing at the same time to the songs that were being played.  If I had been with anyone else, or had went on my own.. I definitely would have been the only one dancing.  Sometimes, it's crazy just how similar we are.

Sadly, the Stingrays didn't win, but we had fun nonetheless, and Teh German said he wanted to go back.  After the game, we offered to watch Son while Coworker ran to Sam's Club to pick up some items.  Son was truly awesome.  He was pretty much showing Teh German how to do a puzzle on the iPad, which was impressive.  He also gave us this gem: to Teh German, "Are you Chinese, because you talk funny."  So much lolz.  Something else he said that made me laugh was when I was running with him from the ticket booth to the entrance door and he giggled extra hard and said, "I gassed."  I cracked up.  Kids, man.

These are not the Zamboni you are looking for.

After Coworker and Son left, Teh German and I debated the dinner situation.  I went to the kitchen and realized that all the meats that I had put in the fridge to thaw a few days prior were still frozen.  Teh German suggested Sesame for dinner.. and I said ok because I have no will power.  That said, the special burger of the week was the same burger than I had turned down the Monday prior because I was afraid it was going to be spicy, but it had cilantro pesto on it.. so I told them to hold the spicy ingredients.  WORTH IT.  OMG SO GOOOOODDD.  That said, I need to learn to make cilantro pesto so I can put it on EVERYTHING.  I didn't take a photo, but I did look for a photo on their FB/website, but nothing.  Sorry, just know, FOODGASM.

After dinner, we headed home to do, you guessed it, MORE puzzles and more reading.  We're real adventurers.  Eventually, it was time for bed because all the holiday long weekends were over and the work week was upon us.  Booooo.


It was definitely a much needed lazy weekend after the Christmas weekend.  Taking the dogs back and forth wore me out more than it should have.  Additionally, the drive to Home, Home isn't a walk in the park (and yay for getting to do a similar drive for Teh Sister's wedding mid-January).  I was only slightly disappointed we didn't get to ride this weekend, but it did also get cold, so it might not have been super enjoyable.

Hopefully this week, everything gets back on schedule.  Back to crossfit, back to running. 
So far on the schedule we have Yurtle's doctor appointment, me finding shoes for my MOH dress, probably more wedding stuff, a new dog sitter coming to meet Phil and Meri, and this weekend we're baby sitting while Coworker and Wife go to FIG since she's about to pop with twins.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! We had a super lazy and sick weekend around these parts.

    I am totally the one that dances around randomly to songs. It doesn't matter where I am I'm dancing around. I cannot help it.

    That is an epic amount of ketchup. Just judging by the amount that ended up on your shirt!

    I would have DIED if I found baby spiders on my tree skirt. I probably would have actually burned it down....ICK.

  2. Hell to the no on the spiders! I saw my first cockroach in my new apartment on Monday night, which was my first night being back in my apartment since like the middle of December. I went to buy roach spray because apparently I don't have anymore, then this morning when I woke up I saw one & sprayed the fucker til it died. Now I just don't want to be at my apartment even more...


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