Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend(s) Review 1/18 & 1/25

Wedding Weekend:

We arrived in the mountains of NC on Friday evening.

This photo was the first art I noticed in the venue/wedding house, so obviously since it was greyhound/sighthound related, it was meant to be.

Testing the photobooth app.

Drinking to start the party off right.

Wedding was Saturday.

Teh Fam the morning of.

Teh Sister getting her hairs did.

Teh Sister getting her face did.

Post getting my face did.
PS, someone else did this.  There's no way I could have made my make up look that good.
She even used words like contouring. 

Despite some debacle, they were wed.

Teh German and I of course looked dashing.

This was Teh Sister's toss bouquet.  She didn't do a toss, so much as she happened to turn around and aim at my face.  This sucker hit me directly on the forehead and cracked and hit the floor.  It was a good laugh for certain.

Earrings Teh Sister made for the other bridesmaid and I.

Post-wedding bonfire

Sunday was lazy/shopping day.

Teh Dad, Teh Aunt, Teh Uncle


Morning selfies.

Hat party at the Mast General Store in Waynesville, NC.

Hats and cousins.

Ok, so you need to look at this photo in big to get the full effect, but this was the store's sound system.

Of course, Phil and Meri got treats for when we got back home.

The boys stayed home to watch the game.. Some were watching better than others, but Judge obviously had the best seat in the house.

Sunday night selfies.

Last night bonfire.

Monday we hung out with Teh WJL.


We went and played some pool


Mountain folk selfies!

Tuesday we came back to CHS.

I missed my Philalicious.

Meri missed her humans for sure.  She's been extra cuddly since we've been back.

This past weekend:

Friday I had to work "late" (aka normal hours) because of the pre-construction meeting we went to on Thursday.  We were lazy in the evening and did zero things except snuggle puppies.

Saturday Teh German went into work and I spent most of the morning in bed until I was starving.  I self-guilted for HOURS about not running, but it was SNOWING in Charleston and I just couldn't put that on myself.  I NEED to run, but there was no amount of self-guilt that worked to get me out of bed.  It didn't help that Meri was laying on me while I was laying in bed reading and doing puzzles, because she obviously weighs a mabillionty pounds and I can't move her.  After I fed myself, I checked blogs and went back to bed for more puzzles and reading and when Teh German called me to say he was done working and heading to Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) with some coworkers since someone new had arrived from Germany, I opted to join them.  We had dinner at BWW, then we met with friends for a Stingrays hockey game (we lost by 1 point, ugh).  It was a fun evening, but I was excited to get home and get back in the bed.

Sunday morning we slept in some, eventually getting out of bed around 10 since we'd agreed with Teh SC German to go to brunch at 11.  We met up with our group at Triangle Char + Bar.  After a really long brunch, we headed back home.  I proved to Teh German that I did actually have cable TV (basic, because I'm a cheap bitch) so we could technically watch the Panthers game at home.  We ended up watching Corpse Bride because it was on (because I can't NOT watch the TV) and I spent the hour and a half reminding myself why I hate watching TV... commercials mostly... and my inability to focus on anything else. 

After the movie abruptly stopped (let's not call it ended as we didn't see the actual ending), Teh German went on a ride to test his new motovlogger capabilities (he's using insta.Tmoto on instagram and probably something related on YouTube once he gets going if you're interested, links to come once we get all that established).  He returned while I was chatting with Teh Dad and played back the video and audio.  It was really funny to hear him talk to himself.  It was too cold for me to run, so it was definitely too cold to ride.

Shortly after I got off the phone with Teh Dad, I started dinner because I had agreed to go to BWW (yes, again) to watch the Panthers game since he didn't want to invite people over since they were going to BWW to get out of the house.  Le sigh.  After dinner, we headed to a packed BWW and magically got a seat when some fans of the game prior to the Panthers game left.  It was slammed because Carolina Panthers (you get it?) and there was barely room for the waitresses to get from table to table.  That said, I don't really enjoy sports bars where you can smoke inside.  Blech. 

If you weren't aware/aren't a bandwagon fan/live under a rock, the Panthers obliterated the Cardinals (I just struggle with saying pounded.. because it's so dirty and everyone is saying it.  I like to be unique in my innuendos, tyvm).  It was fun to be an environment where everyone but 2 people are cheering for the same team.  The 2 guys that were Cardinals fans left early.  For shame.

Teh German owns a Panthers shirt and I don't.
Although I do have a Carolina Hurricanes shirt.. So there's that.

It was decided while we were there, that Teh German and I would host a Super Bowl party since we have the appropriate channels to watch it on the TV.  I agreed to this because anything is better than a smelly bar packed with too many people.  Now I have to price out wings or pizzas.  OCD party planner mode, GO!

We got home right at 10 and I still had to put away all the laundry that I left for myself on the bed (I can definitely be motivated to do things if I can't get IN the bed).  Then it was lights out.  We were sleepy peepies (sorry, I just wanted to rhyme).

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  1. I miss BWW & bonfires. I used to think that when I was in a wedding/when I got married I'd just do my own make-up because #cheap & #nofucksgiven but turns out fucks are given because I suck & look so much better when someone else does it

  2. Looks like you had a great time at the wedding and in NC!!!! Yay for superbowl parties!! I like to call it commercial viewing parties. hehe!

  3. Pizza and crock pot meatballs or mini hot dogs are probably easy and not too much $$.

  4. Pizza and crock pot meatballs or mini hot dogs are probably easy and not too much $$.

  5. I really like the green with the purple bolero. Looks nice and you two look snazzy. :) Love your faces girl. >:)

  6. ermagherdddd you looked so pretty at the wedding! look at you and Teh German in your coordinated outfits...ADORBZ.


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